Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 157

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The maids of Domulit’s mansion couldn’t completely hide their curiosity when they first saw me, but I didn’t see anything like that here.
Is it because they’re professionals?
“In addition, the east and west end spaces are only for the most valuable VIPs, so we will do our best to alleviate other concerns about convenience and security.”
East and west ends? I asked without hesitation.
“Who stays at the west end?”
The maid shrugged her eyes for some reason, and then she quickly looked down. She seemed a little hesitant, but she continued.
“… Grand Duke Hernim uses it.”
I paused. My gaze turned to the window.
“Have he arrived?”
“Yes, he has arrived.”
The Imperial Palace, close to the shape of a crescent moon, here, we could see the west end from the window at the east end.
But it was so big that it seemed so far away.
‘Not as much as cities to cities.’
You can be indifferent when you are away from one city and the other.
I closed my eyes tightly and opened it.
“Thank you for the guidance.”
Ricdorian, how much did you know about me by now?
The Domulit that Chaser called Iana.
Thinking that far, I moved on. Then I knocked on the door in front of Chaser’s room.
As soon as I entered the room, he appeared. He did not hide his unexpected expression.
He soon smiled sweetly.
“It’s an honor that you came to me. My sister.”
“I have something to talk about.”
I clenched my fists, opened them, and exhaled a little.
…I wonder if I even need to do this.
“Brother and I are siblings, but we don’t look alike at all.”
He had a somewhat startled face, but soon nodded his head.
“There is no similarity in hair color, eye color, facial features.”
It was. Chaser and Iana didn’t look too alike to be siblings. Appearance and subtlety.
It was deceptive to say that we were brothers and sisters. Knowing this, I was silent.
Chaser’s face tilted as if it was funny.
“So, my sister, what do you want to say?”
Rather, he emphasized by saying ‘my sister’ in a sweet voice that seemed to melt.
“I wish I had the same hair color as you.”
I remembered the banquet specifications I heard from Marshmel.
“At least let people believe we’re siblings.”
It was the ‘Masked Ball’.
“Change the eyes too.”
“It’s not difficult.”
He crossed his arms and stretched out his long legs. His toes wiggled playfully.
“Then you’re only showing this to me?”
As if he was about to change his clothes, he was loosely unbuttoned.
His hair was also swaying softly near his forehead.
It wasn’t the usual ascetic duke, he looked like the prodigal youngest son of a wealthy family.
“I don’t know why, but I think it’s good for me too, so I’ll cooperate, Iana.”
This started in the sense that all debutants are equal, and it ends by taking off the mask.
It does not matter. I can leave before I take off my mask.
I realized. I don’t want to see Ricdorian again.
I don’t want to see him face the truth. Whether suffering or looking at me with hatred.
Even if I’m sad, I don’t think I want to see you. I was afraid to face you. It was an honest feeling.
“I don’t want to be caught in anyone else’s eyes….”
“You can come back anytime, Iana.”
The rose and the main character in the book. And again, roses. It was this man’s thick scent that deeply penetrated through the shattered and mixed thoughts in my head.
On the day of the imperial banquet.
Dinner came quickly. After all, the only thing I did all day was to lay around in my room, so the time passed really fast.
But if there was any time to be free, there wasn’t.
It was because I was busy preparing with the maids who have been busy since morning.
The maids who came together from Domulit were active, not hiding their excitement unlike usual.
‘These people have been overwhelmed by Chaser….’
I just felt sad for no reason.
“Lady, do you like it?”
In the eight-hour long stretch, I felt like I was going to faint, but instead of making it obvious, I smiled.
“Yes. I like it.”
It wasn’t that it’s not pretty. I was quite surprised to see myself in the mirror.
Damn, is this really me? I wanted to say it, but I didn’t.
“It’s a comfortable garment that the lady wanted. It is said that it was made with maximum convenience in mind.”
The finished dress looks like the red Juliet dress from the movie &#lt;Romeo and Juliet&#gt; and
was similar. Still, the white fabric looked elegant.
“It is said that the chemise form was mixed with other clothing forms.”
“Yes, I like it.”
I gave a smile to the one who explained and those who looked at me. Eventually, while looking proudly at the happy expression on their faces.
The maids left a scarf made of muslin and then disappeared. Marshmel came in as if crossing them.
The cloaked little warlock couldn’t keep his mouth shut.
“Wow, clothes are wings.”
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“Thank you. It’s nice because it’s comfortable.”
“It’s not comfortable, like a lady.”
Marshmel toddled towards me. Soon after, as he heard from Chaser, he immediately cast a spell on me.
“Where do you want the magic to go?”
Casting the magic is not the end, you have to choose a medium to hold the magic on. I looked at the accessories and chose one indifferently.
It was a mask.
“…Aren’t you going to take your mask off at the banquet?”
“I’ll go before that.”
Marshmel gave a bizarre look, but then he agreed, saying, well, it doesn’t matter.
“If it happens again, tell the master not to use the power of the rose.”
“Is it going to go away?”
Is there anything in the Imperial Palace Banquet to fight for? I nodded indifferently.
“If you come later, I’ll be there too. Don’t worry.”
“Oh, Marshmel, will you be there too? That’s great.”
Marshmel cast a spell and went back. When it was time to attend, someone knocked on the door.
I wondered if it was the royal servant, but an unexpected person greeted me.
“Miss Iana.”
It was Lenag.
Chaser was also next to him.
I didn’t even have time to be happy with the face I haven’t seen in a long time. It was crazy to look at Lenag, who politely said hello, and Chaser, who leaned against the door.
….seeing the villains in the book all at once makes me feel very strange.
I hugged Pudding in my arms tightly. Then I turned around.
-Human, but why? Nyang. You want this body to come in?
‘Now that you’re three years old’, I whispered to Pudding, who became aware.
‘Yes, come in for a second.”
I forgot to say iy, but after contracting with Pudding, I learned two things.
One was that Pudding’s appearance can become translucent, and it was able to go back and forth with having a real body. It made itself invisible and was able to pursue me.
I found out shortly after signing the contract.
Another one… It said it found a mark on my body.
‘It was on the inside of the left thigh, maybe?’
It’s a good place to not be seen in the eyes of others, but it’s a strange feeling. It’s a mark on my thigh.
It is also a red rose like that of Ricdorian’s.
I shook my head, grasping all the cloudy feelings.
However, the atmosphere in front of me was not so serious.
Come to think of it, wasn’t Lenag my fiancée?
From what I heard, it sounds like there was some kind of deal with Chaser, but the fiance was right.
I thought of this because I remembered the nature of this ball.
‘Ah…. I forgot for a moment that it was a party that needed a partner.’
From what I’ve heard, it sounds like they’re talking about something similar.
“Miss Iana needs a partner.”
“Who said that?”
“The duke doesn’t seem to feel the need. Isn’t it?”
“No way.”
My eyes moved back and forth between the two men talking like ping-pong.
“I’m here to do my part. Duke.”
“You seem to forget your title sometimes. Marquis.”
“A higher position does not necessarily bring glory. If you hold your hand, how many nasty men, no, Lords will appear?”
“What can I do when I’m good at this? And I’ll be by her side.”
I think I heard it wrong for a moment, but it seems like there was a lot of swearing.
Chaser folded his arms and tilted his head.
“I’m going to be by her side without ever leaving.”
Before I knew it, I put on the mask and watched their fight in earnest.
I had long lost interest.
‘…why are they fighting?’
Perhaps I was the only one who thought this way, an innocent voice echoed in my head.
-Human, why are those humans fighting? Nyang.
‘I do not know. I guess they like to fight.”
Let’s leave them alone.
“So, who will be with my sister?”
Finally sparks flew at me.
I blinked my eyes bewildered.
“Your partner.”
Partner…. They say that they only stay together when they enter, and when they go in, then go separately. Marshmel wanted to say this, but I couldn’t do it because of the two persistent gazes from both sides.
Soon, I opened my mouth reluctantly.
“Anyone is fine.”
Seriously, it didn’t matter who it was. Disappointment flashed across Lenag’s face then.
Chaser gave a deep smile.
Gently holding my hand, with a smiley voice.
“You have to choose me here.”
His thumb gently stroked the palm of my hand. He tickled me and whispered softly into my ear.
“I’m sad, huh? Do I have to bark so you’ll choose me?”
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“Bark, what?”
Chaser took my hand and placed it on his cravat.
“I can wear the necklace right now.”
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