Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 158

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… I was able to bet ten months of Pudding’s snacks on the fact that this necklace was the dog collar I threw away.
What is this crazy man talking about now?
“What are you doing?”
But Chaser slipped his lips into my palm.
I couldn’t stand the strangely curved eyes and opened my mouth.
However, it did not end here.
Lenag, who had been watching silently, suddenly intervened. He still had his hair loosely tied with a cold, sharp face today.
“Miss Iana.”
Hesitation crossed his face.
“…can I bark too?”
“Are you insane?”
Lenag flinched for a moment, then slowly lowered his head.
“Because it seems like the Duke is doing…”
“My brother is the one who’s weird.”
“That’s too mean, Iana.”
You stay still.
“I’m well aware of Miss Iana’s tastes.”
Even now, four years later, this man had a huge misunderstanding.
But I couldn’t say anything, because it was ridiculous. The next moment, the man flapped his lips.
“I just…”
It was a spectacular sight to see a man who was much taller than me looking gloomy.
Because he was handsome from this side too.
“…I think Miss Iana likes barkers.”
When I looked again, wondering if I had heard it wrong, I had no choice but to stop.
This gloomy man was sincere.
I was speechless.
I didn’t know what to say to the man who put his hand on his chest and stared at me seriously.
… How on earth should I respond to someone who says something seriously absurd?
In fact, it had been a long time since I had seen Lenag.
There has been a weak bond between me and him since 3 years ago when he offered to run away.
It didn’t deepen.
It was because Lenag was busy during this time, and also because Chaser prevented him from seeing me by any means.
Of course, he couldn’t completely stop it, so Lenag saw my face like this often.
He’s been very busy lately, so I guess he made time to come to a banquet like this.
I know that a noble like Lenag does not have to attend the debutante.
‘Is it because of me?’
Raising my head, this man gently avoided my gaze. He gently covered his face with the back of his hand.
I saw the red cheeks that could not be covered under his large hand.
He can’t even hide it anymore
If anything has changed over the past three years, these are the things. That he no longer hides these actions from me.
He was like a lonely wasteland, sharp like a snake navigating the land, and when he showed this appearance, even though time had passed, I still felt a little strange.
When I did not respond, Lenag’s question flowed naturally. Soon after, from Chaser…
The question came back as to which one to choose.
“Who are you going with?”
I tilted my head.
‘I wonder if this is something I have to choose….’
“I like either way…”
I glanced at Lenag. His long eyes trembled.
“Isn’t it better to go with your fiance if possible?”
In the eyes of others.
Although he didn’t say a word, a red color flashed on Lenag’s face. From this point of view, unlike his appearance, he responded immediately.
Chaser paused for a moment, then smiled softly.
“Not necessarily.”
He was smiling, but it was a smile that made the other person feel nervous. And this was his specialty.
Look at those eyes, he’s going to cause trouble.
-Human, will you choose, Nyang?
If I spoke wrong it seemed that word would spread that Valtaize and Domulit had a big fight today.
In the end, I compromised dramatically.
Then let’s do this, the two men silently listened to me. Distracted humans were no different from gentle sheep for this moment.
Ten minutes later, I was walking down the hallway with Lenag.
We had reached the agreement that Lenag and I walked down the hallway together, and at the entrance I would join Chaser.
….I wondered what kind of agreement this was. I stared at the floor indifferently.
“It’s a nice day.”
However, my gaze did not stay on the floor for long.
“Do you like summer?”
I was automatically pulled up by this man’s calm voice.
Four years after being released from prison, many things have changed. Ricdorian has grown, and Chaser reveals his true heart. I think that what hasn’t changed was myself, but in the eyes of others, I may have changed too.
So this man has changed.
But he was also the most consistent of those around me. That was amazing.
In the prison, there was a bit of a misunderstanding, and even if I knew that he was good at calculating…
Now I know he’s sincere. Also, he was always sincere….
“Summer is a strange season, for me.”
In the previous world, both the beginning and the end of a year were winter. On a cold day, we spend the year blowing steam and start the new year with the sound of a bell.
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However, here everyone ends the year elegantly and gracefully in the warm weather that is a little hot, and welcomes the start of the new year with the hot sun.
“So if you ask me if I like it… I don’t think so.”
Summer has always been a season when a lot of things happen to me.
Meeting Ricdorian, finding out that I am Chaser’s younger sister, letting the female lead escape….
And I don’t keep my promise. If you count an understanding, it’s close to bad.
“But I don’t think it means much.”
It was like that now. I muttered a little, but I felt a stinging gaze.
“That’s not true.”
When I raised my eyes, there was a still but deep gaze there. Yes, he was always a
serious-faced guy.
“It means something to me.”
The man who spoke his words softly stretched out his hand. I was puzzled for a moment and took his hand.
Come to think of it, I was being escorted, but I didn’t even hold his hand.
What came to mind was because I’m not bright in this area. Even if I learn the theory, how do I know when I am locked up in a mansion?
However, Lenag will be different.
He laughed as if he had sensed the meaning of my gaze.
“I was so nervous, I forgot to put my hand out. I apologize for the rudeness.”
I pretended not to notice the sweat on his trembling fingertips and palms.
There was always something I wanted to ask Lenag. He must have seen Pudding disappear. He didn’t say anything.
Of course, it’s not that he doesn’t know about Pudding as much as he’s seen it for three years, but he never asked first.
As if he wouldn’t ask if I didn’t want it.
“I have a question for you.”
Instead of mentioning his deep consideration, I brought up another story.
“Does Lenag have a guardian deity?”
He nodded.
I guess so. Because he was a ‘rose’ too.
It was a question I hadn’t asked before.
I didn’t ask him as much as he didn’t ask me. It was not a consideration.
“Are you curious about my guardian deity?”
Before I could answer, he reached out. It was the hand that wasn’t holding me.
Soon after, the sleeve of his hand slowly moved like something crawling.
It was a ‘snake’ that raised its head.
“Yellow Rose, the guardian deity of Valtaize is a snake. The name is Azur.”
I had already guessed it by seeing it on the stone slab once, but I only thought of it and finally saw the pure white snake in front of my eyes was different from that.
“It’s not yellow.”
It was pure white. However, as far as the eyes are, they are the same golden color as Lenag.
The snake looked at me as if to say hello and quickly stuck out its tongue.
The speed seemed to be twice as fast.
‘It’s very small.’
It was smaller than I thought. When I found out that the guardian deity of the yellow rose was a snake, I thought it was the size of a house. Something like an anaconda.
However, this one was so small and cute that I thought it was a baby snake. It’s head was pointed, but its eyes were round.
It didn’t feel right with this man with a sharp impression in many ways.
If I exaggerated, someone who didn’t know would have thought it was a snake-shaped bracelet.
“It’s okay to touch it.”
“Ah, because it seems like you’re looking at it.”
By the way, Pudding shouted ‘‘Don’t touch the head! Nyang Nyang Nyang!’. I guess it’s jealous too.
However, I ignored it and touched the white snake.
As I gently touched its, Azur closed its eyes and moved softly. I looked at Lenag, not knowing what it meant.
“It feels good.”
Ah. It felt good.
“By the way, the snake, no, Azur looks small, is it still young?”
“No. It’s an adult.”
It meant that it awakened. So, is it intentionally in a small form?
Aquala, who would become a giant eagle if she could, would take the form of a canary if she was bored.
“I prefer the smaller form, as it’s an efficient form to infuse venom.”
… Yes?
“It’s also effective for inducing carelessness.”
Aha…. such a terrifying meaning.
I nodded with a frown on my face and slowly removed my hand.
A poison beast that I thought was a baby snake. I was scared.
Then Lenag rolled up his hand and smiled slightly. It was a smile that disappeared without a trace as soon as it appeared.
“Don’t worry, Miss Iana will never be bitten.”
No, but still. You never know.
Accidents always happen when you think it is the safest, and when you are careless.
As if I had seen this far, Lenag took my hand tightly.
It’s a weak force, but it clearly shows its presence.
“…I’m a little saddened. There’s no way I’ll put you in danger.”
With a fairly sincere face, I only knew then that I must have been rude.
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“I’m sorry.”
“Ah… No. I didn’t mean for you to apologize.”
Lenag hurriedly shook his head.
“I just want you to know that I’m not dangerous…”
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