Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 159

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While holding the other hand, it was after the long snake wrapped around his hand had come and disappeared without a trace.
I smiled more awkwardly at his troubled face.
“No. I was scared for a moment.”
I hesitated and spoke frankly.
“Then… I’m sorry Lenag, but we don’t know when we’ll be enemies either.”
Chaser was increasing his number of enemies day by day. It could be said that he was getting stronger that much, but I didn’t know if the shadows darkening was a good thing.
Of course, I remember what Lenag did for me. I have no intention of forgetting. But I never thought that he would always be by my side.
“Lenag, you know my situation, right?”
It’s not that I don’t trust him, it’s that I consider the possibility that his relationship with me could be disrupted by Chaser’s involvement.
“You never know when that will change.”
I talked about this possibility frankly. He has already given and done a lot to hide and smile.
“Maybe one day we won’t be engaged.”
I pointed out Chaser’s dangers.
He’s a smart man and he won’t not know what I’m talking about.
Saying that, I tried to get my hands off him. However, the hand did not fall.
“If you say so, do you feel uncomfortable?”
“…I didn’t mean to hurt you. That one day you and I could break up for unintended reasons.”
“I’m not going to.”
I didn’t mean it so seriously. There is just such a possibility, I just wanted to talk about it. I knew I had gone too far and tried to apologize.
But the next moment he stopped me.
“I like you, Iana.”
Under the moonlight, under the glasses, with a crying expression.
I already knew it, but never mentioned it.
What kind of change of heart that had happened. I didn’t know how to react.
Not knowing what to do, the warm fingertips moved.
“I’m not looking for an answer.”
Said the man with hot cheeks and a crying expression under the cold blue moon.
I hesitated and answered.
“Don’t cry.”
I felt like I needed something to comfort him. I think so… There were no words that came to mind.
“…Your glasses got wet.”
At the very least, this is the consolation that came out. I thought it was the worst.
-… Human, you are not good at comforting, Nyang.
Even the three-year-old guardian deity, who is much younger than me, did not hide it.
However, despite this poor comfort, he smiled a little.
“I already know you don’t feel the same way as me.”
He quietly admitted. And said again,
“I like you.”
With the hand not holding me, he took off his glasses and tucked them into his chest pocket.
“…I’m sharp enough to wear glasses that don’t fit right away with the word ‘scary’.”
Without being surprised by the contents, the man bowed his head and remained blushing.
“I love you.”
It was bitter because it was a sweeter confession. Enough to suffocate in this sweetness of the air…
“I can’t learn how to speak… I don’t know how to express it.”
He hesitated with a puzzled face. A smile as if drawn on a sharp face was shown. It was awkward as if it had been forced, but his face was tinged with red.
“I’m not wasting it even if I give you everything.”
Just looking at this man’s face, which was close to raw, evoked coldness and cruelty.
“I don’t care if you make fun of me and play with me.”
However, the sadness in his long eyes was enough to be felt even by me who was indifferent.
“…just let me stay by your side.”
After hesitating for a while, I finally spoke.
“…I can’t be that bad of a person.”
I have no intention of playing with him. It’s just that I just don’t have a heart.
How to make you understand what I said, a pure smile bloomed in the sharp face.
“Yes. Iana.”
It was a small smile that reminded me of a small and delicate forsythia flower that was not suitable for this size.
“I will protect you.”
So our conversation ended here.
“Duke Chaser Louve Domulit and the Duke’s sister Iana Rose Domulit is entering!”
It was like seeing a scene from somewhere when announcing the distinguished guest loudly through a loud megaphone.
Where did I see it? I must have seen it somewhere in the book.
A huge door opened.
There was no tension towards the new place. Because it was a place that I would come out soon anyway.
“You don’t look good.”
Chaser, who was looking at me from the side, shed a word. When he said that, I stopped looking at people and the hall.
“What’s going on?”
“…it’s not like that. No.”
Even after saying that, Chaser’s gaze did not fall from me. I walked for a while until we stopped.
The Emperor has not yet appeared.
Perhaps after coming all the way with Chaser, I wondered if he would show up soon.
Chaser asked the wrong thing in the meantime.
“What did Marquis Valtaize say about the eyes and hair under the mask?”
“Uh… He didn’t say anything.”
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In fact, Lenag didn’t comment on my hair and eye color being the same color as Chaser.
“It’s just that there are words that can’t be mentioned that are obvious.”
In reality, rather than that, it seemed that Lenag was a character that didn’t ask well in the first place, but I didn’t answer like that.
It was better than trying to pretend to be casual for nothing.
Chaser groaned and rolled his eyes dizzilyy, but didn’t say any more.
That was the moment.
“Grand Duke Ricdorian von Hernim is entering!”
The sound of the loudspeaker, which seemed a bit tacky, echoed through the hall once again.
The door opened and someone walked in.
It was a very bold step.
The people who were in full swing approaching us stopped walking and bowed their heads.
It was a Ricdorian with a pure white formal dress. The epaulettes on his shoulders reflected the splendor of gold. Without realizing it, I hid my hand behind my back and squeezed it tightly.
Ricdorian, who turned his head, came out briefly and met my eyes. His head turns indifferently, as if it was an illusion or a coincidence.
Since then, people have flocked to me, so I have had little time to think.
Those who approached showed up with either curiosity or a visible smile, and as I had been taught, I said my name and left only greetings.
“I’m sorry, but my sister isn’t feeling well today.”
It’s really easy, if I just say hello like this, Chaser will take care of me.
‘I wish the Emperor would come sooner.’
So I can step back, right?
It was time to greet the person who had just appeared.
Thump, thump.
Someone walked past the person. No, even if you get through it at first, people will find out soon enough and paved the way
“It’s been a while, Duke.”
Ricdorian was in front of me.
He was wearing a white mask as if he was following the rules of the day, but it was very thin and small.
Like that of similar shape to Chaser’s, except with a mesh attached.
“Hmmm, what is this?”
Chaser swung the glass he was holding.
“How dare I, the Grand Duke to find me.”
Champagne swirled around in the glass.
A whirlwind is hitting. Both in the glass and in my mind.
“I don’t think it’s been that long since Schirmela?”
Even though Chaser had deliberately mentioned Schirmela, Ricdorian didn’t blink.
“Preferably, Duke, I want to forget your face quickly. For the sake of the mood.”
“It must not be a face you can easily forget. That’s a relief.”
Chaser took the word with a self-congratulatory compliment. Ricdorian’s blue eyes frowned slightly.
“I heard that the most precious person in Domulit had made a special visit. I came to see it in person.”
Ricdorian immediately raised his lips. It was close to a cold laugh.
It was not like the face of the Ricdorian I remember.
“You’ll have to try hard not to lose it like me. Don’t you think so?”
“You mean like your father?”
Ricdorian’s smile grew colder.
Ricdorian smiled slowly and turned to me. I took a small breath. My mouth was dry.
I had to say a greeting.
In the midst of people’s gossip, I opened my lips relatively calmly.
“Greetings, Grand Duke.”
I have to say the greetings as I learned….
“…I am Duke Domulit’s younger sister.”
“This is the first time I’ve seen such disrespect.”
Ricdorian pointed out my attitude right away.
“Duke, your sister is just as rude as you are.”
Ricdorian lowered his head with piercing eyes.
“To greet without contact. Is this how you do introductions?”
Chaser’s hand rested on my shoulder.
“It’s up to my sister. Will you understand? You’re higher than the head of Domulit.”
“You’ll be in trouble if she disappears?”
Ricdorian took turns looking at Chaser and me.
“It’s really nice to have two of the same color as you.”
Chaser grinned.
“The Grand Duke doesn’t think it’s rude to come here and argue, is it?”
“Ah, yes. I’m just here to confirm the person who is a topic of discussion.”
Ricdorian’s eyes turned to me. It was close to an expressionless expression without warmth.
Soon he turned around indifferently.
There seemed to be no regret at all in his return.
Why do I feel sorry? No, I was sad. Because we didn’t recognize each other.
‘I’m sorry.’
I bowed my head and smiled.
The next moment the Emperor entered. It was the real beginning of the party.
“I’m tired, I want to rest.”
It was about an hour after the party started that I said these words.
Chaser took his eyes off the servant who had just approached. He had little worries in his face.
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“Do you want to come with me?”
“No, you go alone.”
The servant who came to Chaser was a servant directly under the Emperor. The Emperor called Chaser. I think this was probably a sign to bring me along.
“I don’t want to be nervous anymore.”
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