Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 160

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Even though I wasn’t nervous all the time, I calmly told lies. Either way, Chaser will be paying attention.
It was true that I was tired.
It was the same as in the past and now that I do not fit well with a place with a lot of people. In the city in the previous world, I couldn’t stand it for long.
“Alright, then I’ll be back. In the meantime…”
I grabbed Chaser’s clothes who was about to call Lenag and shook my head.
I didn’t want to see Lenag now. No, I don’t want to face him with this tired mind.
&#lt;Please feel free to answer any time.&#gt;
No matter how it is, reuniting with the person who confessed on the same day was burdensome.
“…Is there anyone else?”
Chaser made a strange expression for a moment, then recalled a smile. It was a very happy expression.
There was also a gaze that seemed to measure the situation.
“Alright, I’ll call Marshmel.”
Marshmel is a person I’m comfortable with. I have no worries there. Chaser’s hand reached over my cheek.
“I have something to tell you when I get back.”
He hesitated for a moment.
“It’s something I couldn’t tell you. I hope you listen.”
I’ll be right back. He whispered a little and walked away. I didn’t keep my eyes on him for long.
The hesitant Chaser’s face I had seen in the mansion flashed past. It was the first time I had seen it, so it was stuck in my memory.
….if he’s going to talk, it’s probably talking about a story that was passed through without being able to get resolved when he handed over ‘Iana”s things.
Will I hear about the blue rose? Iana’s identity is engulfed in a veil.
This was not the only question. Former ‘Iana’ loved Chaser. Chaser, on the other hand, buys ‘Iana’.
He didn’t love her… This didn’t match up.
I remembered the red eyes that looked at me. It seemed that this matter should not be taken lightly. Is this because of his hesitant face?
After a while, I exhaled at the secluded balcony.
Next to me was Marshmel, who had been called by Chaser’s subordinates.
Marshmel was wearing a long cloak, and I don’t know if he knew he was dragging it at his toes.
“Why are you sighing like that?”
I laughed a little at the less blunt words from Marshmel. It’s… it wasn’t work-like.
I scratched my cheek. Then I said, leaving out the things that bothered me the most.
“I’ve been confessed.”
A squeaking noise was heard next to him.
“…wh, who? Is it alive?”
Hearing my words, Marshmel said ‘ah’ in a voice that seemed to have realized. Then he frowns.
“What, lady? You already know that.”
I already realized it and knew it. It was a little different from what I noticed, but he nodded.
“Lady already knows, right? It’s unnecessary.”
Marshmel pressed his fist against my cheek and then released it.
“The heart of the master.”
At that moment, a strong wind blew, and I couldn’t respond right away.
As I was about to speak, the balcony door opened. I turned around and saw a strange man standing there.
“Are… are you alone, Lady? I’ve been looking for you for a while.”
This ordinary-looking man spoke to me while hesitating as if he had gathered some courage.
“I have a party.”
“Do, do you still have it now?”
This is difficult.
Normally, I would have just refused and left the place, but somehow it doesn’t seem like he’ll just let me go back.
I didn’t even want to leave. I was just so tired.
That was then.
Tsk, Marshmel clicked his tongue.
“Lady, are you related to this loach too? It’s annoying.”
At the same time, the man shouted, ‘Uhuh’. The man’s body is pulled back and thrown inward. The door slammed shut on its own. Hwak, the curtains went down and I couldn’t see the inside anymore. It was an instant thing.
Bang bang.
Only one sound could not be hidden.
Marshmel murmured that this isn’t’ enough and pressed his little finger to his forehead.
“Lady, be sure to repay this kindness. Get it?”
A black light seemed to flow from Marshmel, and then a large man was standing there.
I easily recognized that it was Marshmel with the same hair color.
“Wow, that’s great.”
The long earrings that flowed from his ears fluttered. He looked at me and took off his earring.
Soon it became a long wand, and he shook it.
The door that had been knocked on soon became quiet.
I applauded briefly.
“Is that you Marshmel?”
No wonder. The figure I knew in the book was obviously an adult. I thought it was weird.
“Could you be an adult?”
“I can’t stay long.”
He spoke briefly. It was a tone that suited the nervous and indifferent face very well. Handsome.
“You were handsome.”
“Huh, nothing comes out even if you flatter me, Lady.”
However, the tone of voice is not at all different from when he was a child. I laughed out loud.
Meanwhile, the curtain was pulled.
“This will make it less troublesome.”
“What kind of troublesome thing is it? A person who talks with me and disappears without even a mouse or a bird knows?”
“You know it well.”
Even so, what? I didn’t deny it.
His dark blue hair was a color that matched the moonlit sky very well.
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“More than that.”
Marshmel looked at me more than ever.
“Is that the face of a confessed person?”
“…the Lady knows but you don’t know.”
“Ah, in that sense, can you do one favor from someone who knows but doesn’t know?”
“Can you bring me a drink while in that shape?”
Marshmel clicked his tongue. I thought it would suit him well with such a handsome man with a sensitive appearance.
“I’m so thirsty. It seems like my brother’s business is going to be long, but if I go out, it’s going to cause trouble.”
That was true. People were running at me here as soon as Chaser disappeared.
Marshmel sweeps his hair, and he muttered.
“I’ll come soon. Wait a minute.”
A soft black light flashed around me. It was a castle, Marshmel’s magic.
So Marshmel came out. Waiting for him to come, I frowned as I looked out the glass door.
Oh damn.
The man who flew away a while ago was approaching. And with several young people like him.
… He doesn’t know to give up
Their direction was clear, and it was clear that it would be annoying if we bumped into each other like this.
My worries didn’t last long. Better than coming all the way here to see blood. I risked a bit of annoyance and left the terrace.
‘Anyway, thanks to the magic, Marshmel knows where I am.’
The thick darkness in the hallway completely obscured me. He didn’t seem to notice when I was standing there.
I wanted to go anywhere, but it was the end of the hallway. A small pavilion was seen. It was a garden that would have been bright during the day.
“There are roses in bloom too.”
When I went into the garden and saw the roses, I had gone quite deep.
It was when I slowly straightened my upper body hoping that Marshmel would come to me soon.
A strong wind blew, and the black hair flew wildly. I struggled to grab my hair and pull it down, and in front of me was a shadow.
“We meet again.”
It was Ricdorian.
He speaks to me calmly. I unknowingly saw my hair still dyed black. I bowed my head. It was a necessity to bow down like this and go back.
“Wait a moment.”
If he hadn’t called.
“Excuse me.”
Ricdorian, who spoke suddenly, approached.
“Do you know where the fountain is?”
The image of him approaching and asking is the same as the cold and stern look in front of Chaser.
The attitude was indifferent.
“…I do not know.”
….It’s my first time here too. How do I know?
I staggered back with my feet. I hoped he wouldn’t come any further. However, he stopped with the wind.
“Then do you have any thoughts of looking for it with me?”
“Then you’ll take me.”
“…no, I don’t want to.”
Ricdorian paused. It didn’t look like he was upset. He looked at me and rubbed his chin.
“The younger sister of the Domulit head who didn’t even tell me her name.”
I flinched.
“How come you’re only refusing so much. However, the politeness you show in your attitude is different from that of your brother.”
What can be known from such a short answer. I didn’t know if this was sarcastic or not.
“I wonder, does the face under the mask resemble your brother?”
“…can’t you tell when you see the color.”
I frowned and looked around. Strangely, there was no sign of Marshmel appearing.
It wasn’t just that.
….the surroundings were strangely quiet.
Even though I felt strange, there was nothing I could do right away. I pretended not to be flustered by what I was about to say, naturally.
“The Grand Duke is a wise man, so you can judge by this.”
“I don’t think you look alike.”
The eyes turned to Ricdorian. Before long, Ricdorian was taking off his mask.
“Isn’t it?”
He spoke in a polite tone, and at the same time, I felt a cold and twisted gaze. No. Deeper than that.
It was sinking.
“Because it’s not your hair color.”
He stretched out his hand. My mask falls off at his hand.
“Isn’t that right, Iana?”
The wind ruffled my pinkish hair.
“Should I say it again?”
At the last moment, you were clearly crying. To make my heart bleed.
But why are you smiling now?
“Hello, Iana.”
On the day we met again, Ricdorian smiled with a completely different face.
It was a very dark night sky. Under the dark silver moon, like his silver hair. He whispered softly.
“I’m going to kidnap you from now on.”
A streak of a smile crossed his cheek. The eyes of love and hatred.
“You didn’t see me.”
I didn’t know if he wanted to be angry or if he was smiling happily.
“I should at least hate you.”
The image of him crying desperately in my memory disappears. The wind blew, and Ricdorian in front of me said with a smile.
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“Don’t you think so?”
The beast’s eyes flashed in the darkness.

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