Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 161

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I flapped my lips.
I have a lot to say, but I don’t know if there really is much. It felt like the tank in my heart was full of water, but when I looked into it, it felt as if there was nothing.
My untidy hair was swaying in the wind.
I felt a glimmer of light from Ricdorian. From the moment I saw him, it continued to turn softly.
Red light.
It was the light that removed the magic from me. It was also the power of the rose he had.
Marshmel has already said it.
The power of magic and roses is like water and oil, they will repel it.
Thinking about it, it seems that the reason why Jair cast a spell on Ricdorian 4 years ago was aimed at repulsing the magic and Ricdorian’s power in an attempt to stabilize the power.
In fact, after the magic, didn’t he suffer side effects all the way back and forth as a young man?
Thinking about it now, I wonder if this is also a way for a person who thought of Ricdorian to do it. The reason why so many thoughts came to me in such a brief moment was because the Ricdorian I had seen had something deep and unrecognizable altogether.
I never thought this man would have such dark, wet eyes.
Rather, I thought that even though he would be hurt, he would just be shining.
Because you were that kind of person.
“Are you calling me now?”
I thought that even the cruel chains of the prison would not be able to bind his splendor and nobility in the future.
My mouth clenched.
But I realized it was already too late. The blue magic circle that spread under my feet was revealing its existence.
I’ve already seen it once.
‘What Chaser wrote…?’
It had a similar shape. The detailed shape looks a little different, but in the context of a certain function.
Before I could say anything, a strong wind blew.
Instinctively, I closed my eyes and raised my hand. The last thing I saw was Ricdorian’s white and blue cloak flying wildly.
When I opened my eyes and lowered the back of my hand that covered my face, I was in a completely different space.
It was a room I had never seen before.
It was very tiring. Huff huff. Only breathing was heard.
I slowly raised my head.
A subtle yet low voice called out to me.
“Welcome to my castle.”
It was in a quiet room, but as if the window was open, the air was shaking.
I knew the identity of this room by his voice, but there were no words to say.
“I… kidnapped you.”
A voice full of love.
His eyes seemed to be asking, ‘What are you thinking now?’.
Darkened eyes, swaying silver hair.
What can I say to you?
To this man who seems to have become completely different.
The wind blew constantly.
I feel sorry and sad at the same time. I came to regret rejecting Ricdorian’s hand.
But I knew.
Even if I went back to that situation, I would have acted like that.
It seemed meaningless to say that I acted that way for you.
Nevertheless, at this moment, I spoke frankly.
I glanced at his hand holding me. Ironically, the way he held me was the same as four years ago.
If I touch it, will it fly away?
If I hold it, will it break?
His hands are so careful.
While his face was as cold as a tree branch in the middle of winter.
I slowly opened my mouth.
“It doesn’t matter.”
This may not be the answer Ricdorian wanted. Unsurprisingly, his cold expression faded.
“If I could go back to that moment.”
My words didn’t stop.
“I will do the same over and over again.”
I will not go to see you, I will shake off your hand.
“For you.”
I didn’t expect much because I did it regardless of whether he will believe it or not.
However, I expected that there would not be a good response.
Unsurprisingly, his face was terribly contorted.
“For me?”
It wasn’t enough that the face was getting fiercer, the voice got even lower.
Now, as if a quiet sound was buzzing in a cave, the voice that had become more hoarse continued.
“Don’t be ridiculous.”
He talked as if he was going to devour me.
“If you really thought of me, you knew the best way.”
Even at this moment, shining in the moonlight, the beautiful blue eyes darkening was so enchanting.
“Why, I don’t know.”
He muttered as if to himself. With a cold laugh.
“That mean and handsome duke’s only sister.”
He twisted his lips.
“Yes, you’re clever, aren’t you?”
Like that guy, he whispered softly.
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“There’s no way you didn’t know my heart.”
The ice-pick-like voice accurately penetrated the target.
“I’ve always wondered. Why didn’t you come out that day?”
For a moment, strength entered his hands. It didn’t hurt, but I felt it instead. Even if I try to back away, there’s no place to back away.
“Are you sick or was it a situation? You didn’t forget me, did you? What if you had forgotten? No way you….. Like me, like father?
I flinched.
Ricdorian himself had no idea what his father’s story was telling me.
“The foolish boy thought about it for three years. His trust was abandoned like torn promises and his heart turned away to hatred.”
He smiled. For some reason, it was a smile that cut through my heart.
“Was it that easy and simple for you?”
The promise you and I made was so light, so did you break it?
‘Maybe it was at first.’
I shook my head slightly. I thought that I had to answer. “No.”
One calm answer seemed to be the catalyst that stimulated him even more.
“Lies, you said it with your mouth. Shameless and selfish.”
Obviously I said so.
“Nevertheless, I wanted to get down on my knees.”
The blurry eyes instantly regained their light.
“The moment I saw you again, I forgot to think about it. I reached out my hand desperately and desperately.”
Reflecting on what happened in Schirmela, what he showed was a deeper and more raw emotion.
It was then that the restless Pudding’s voice was heard. I clasped my hand as if it was okay and opened it.
‘It’s okay, don’t worry.’
Perhaps Pudding felt an unusual energy from Ricdorian. Because it felt the same to me.
“By the way, you’re the princess of Domulit. You’re that man’s only sister.”
It’s time to go back. I lowered my eyes, closed them and opened them.
“Why, no answer? Am I wrong?”
There was a slight hint of nervousness that passed by the cold voice.
“No. That’s right.”
What has already been revealed cannot be reversed. It was a fact that would all be revealed at the banquet anyway.
A high-ranking noble who had just debuted had to introduce themself at least once in front of the emperor or in front of the public.
I used a trick to avoid this, but now what’s the use?
“I’m Iana Rose Domulit, as you said, I am from Domulit.”
Iana’s identity cannot be ignored. The four years I experienced there were like nothing else.
Ricdorian seemed even more annoyed by my calm introduction.
“Ha, so you deceived me in the first place?”
Now, he felt like a ferocious beast that was on the verge of starvation for a few days.
“From the day we met in the prison, who you are, did you approach you while hiding your identity?”
I shook my head. it wasn’t so. I do not want to allow misunderstandings to pile up even when I’m criticized. I grabbed his finger in urgency.
“The day I met you, I didn’t even know who I was.”
“You want me to believe that?”
His fingers twitched as I grabbed his hand.
“I lost my memory.”
It was the most honest thing I could say. Even if it is revealed gradually that it is a different soul or different body.
“I am different before I enter the prison and after I enter the prison.”
For now, I wanted to start with what he could believe and what he could understand.
“If you had researched me, you would know, didn’t you hear that I had a heart attack and my heart stopped and then started beating again?”
Ricdorian did not answer.
“Ricdorian, I’ve been…”
Biting my lip and continuing my words, a knock sounded as if interrupting this moment.
Knock, knock.
It was a restrained and heavy sound that could not be ignored. “Duke, are you here?”
When a voice as serious as the knock followed one after another, Ricdorian’s face, which had never changed, responded. I felt my eyebrows go up.
“The ‘plan’ has gone awry.”
Are you back? It’s urgent. Ricdorian’s eyes roll slowly at the words left by the heavy voice.
Soon his lips opened. Open the door. With those words, the door opened.
It was so dark between the gaps in the door that it was impossible to see who was standing.
“…Iana, you better not run away.”
As if to listen to the rest of the story next time, I could feel him trying to turn around. Without realizing it, I grabbed the hem of his clothes.
I thought he would shake it off, but he stopped. For a moment, he looked at my hands with sullen eyes.
It was surprising.
“…don’t you want to tie me up?”
I quickly told the business. It looked urgent, so I had to say just what I had to say.
“Aren’t you going to tie me up?”
Ricdorian’s expression was strange.
No, it was weird.
“I’m a hostage.”
“Then shouldn’t you tie me up?”
Like that guy, I was casual.
“If you’re going to tie me up, the ankles are better.”
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It was convenient to think that only the place where I was confined had changed.
At that moment, Ricdorian’s face shattered horribly.
He was like a man who heard things he couldn’t hear.
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