Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 164

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I was taken aback by the sudden words. But the moment I looked at Ricdorian’s face, I couldn’t speak any more.
Because he had an angry face. The spoon was placed on the plate.
“…as if I’m giving you everything.”
He lowered his head and rubbed his face.
“Don’t confuse me again.”
I didn’t know why he was doing this. Didn’t we seem to have a good conversation?
It was a moment, but I observed it quickly.
He had mixed feelings about me, and it was like a manic depression, boiling fire and water.
I didn’t think it was going to go away.
However, no time was given to take a serious look at him. For Ricdorian got up and went to the door.
Meal… He was about to say something, then bit his lip and turned his head away.
That was the last thing. Because he opened the door and walked out.
Left alone, I took a look at the door and the food left behind.
The food is steaming. It hadn’t cooled down.
“I thought I knew him well. I don’t know about this.”
A small cat appeared in front of me as if in response to my murmuring. Pudding wags its tail and rubs its head against my leg.
– Humans are difficult, Nyang.
It was a rather serious tone that did not match the voice of a child.
– But the successor. This body seems to know how it feels, Nyang.
“How does it feel?”
Oh, this three-year-old guardian deity knows such complex emotions? I admired a little.
Pudding stared at me with sulleneyes.
– Human, it feels like when you let me go, Nyang!
Nya, nyaa, nyaaang, nyaaaang, waaaonggg!
In response to the fierce and long cries and nagging, I politely threw out just one word.
“Should I let you go again?”
– N, no, Nyang!
Pudding shook its head and dug into my arms. Haha, I burst out laughing.
“I can’t be mistaken.”
Pudding’s eyes, staring at me with hate, were exactly like Ricdorian’s.
“Because it’s the same.”
I tapped Pudding’s pale pink nose.
“It’s not it?”
– What do you mean, Nyang?
At this moment, my love for my 3-year-old guardian deity, who was originally lovely, springs up even more.
Ricdorian, maybe it’s because of you. My lips went up.
“It’s just that I can’t hate it… ”
I laughed out loud. Suddenly, I thought that it was the feeling of laughing after a long time.
A few days passed. Ricdorian stayed in the room at least once a day.
One difference from before was that he didn’t say anything anymore. However, in the beginning, he said a few necessary words.
In recent times, really nothing. He didn’t say a single word
It seemed to show his will that he’s not going to say anything like this.
Me? I didn’t really care. Actually, as long as Ricdorian is healthy and does not get sick and eat well, it was enough for me.
It’s not that I’m indifferent, it’s that I didn’t want anything as much as I was sorry.
His heart and mental side didn’t seem right. The funny thing is that, despite all this, he always listens to what I want.
For example, two days ago. When asked if there’s anything I want.
&#lt;I want to wear the prison uniform.&#gt;
.. He just frowned at my absurd request, and he obeyed it.
Of course, he sometimes made strange faces.
It was not a prison uniform, but I was satisfied that I was able to wear comfortable clothes similar to a prison uniform.
It was so soft that it was as good as the top-quality pajama skirt I wore at Domulit’s mansion.
The one I wore there, I had to be careful about whether it would blow off or rip if caught, but this was good because it didn’t happen.
&#lt;I just had it made.&#gt;
Because I heard the answer that it was just made.
Four days have already passed, but the relationship with Ricdorian has been so sluggish.
In other words, we’re like chicken and a cow, not caring for each other. Of course not me, but Ricdorian.
At first, I was conscious, but then I started doing this and that without caring for Ricdorian.
At first, I just stared blankly at the sky. It was a familiar action. Next, I toured the room.
-Human, it’s amazing, Nyang! There are no bars in the windows, Nyang!
‘There was a place that was not even the Domulit mansion.’
– That, human, wasn’t it your room?
‘…. Is that so?’
The window without the bars was strange.
Maybe I have seen it too many times? Familiar things disappeared like air, and the changed environment was amazing.
&#lt;It’s wide and spacious.&#gt;
Looking at the room, it was pleasant. It’s not luxurious, but it’s a different feeling from Domulit’s room, which was filled with only splendor.
Because it was like a prison cell of luxury or ‘gold’.
Then I changed clothes, and then I sat on the sofa and read a book.
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Strangely, I didn’t want to go out and run around. Maybe I’m used to it
At the same time, I felt the need to go back to Domulit. It was a thought that came to me regardless of my will or mood.
As if I should be.
‘I’m not even surprised.’
But these thoughts did not overcome my laid-back annoyance.
The pursuit of a comfortable life where all I need to do is warm my back and fill my stomach is similar here.
Ah. Let’s live comfortably in this complex world. I liked the great environment in which my creed was put to full exercise.
And today, someone opened the door and a stranger appeared.
“Hello, Miss.”
The character I thought was unfamiliar until the appearance was a familiar face.
It was Jaire.
He was wearing a long robe. It’s also not unfamiliar.
Because Marshmel was wearing something like that too. It’s just a little cuter, cuddly, and black. Our little warlock.
“Long time no see.”
I nodded my head to Jaire, erasing the little wizard I was fond of.
“Now, should I call you Lady Domulit?”
“It doesn’t matter…”
I shifted my gaze. Ricdorian came in behind Jaire. Ricdorian, as always, did not say anything and just leaned back. He crossed his arms.
“…just call me what you call me. I like it when it’s comfortable and convenient.”
If that’s what you want, Jaire said, he laughed playfully and clasped his waist.
The movements were quite elegant, but at the same time, there was a sense of humor as a clown would to the audience.
“I didn’t know we’d meet like this. I thought that would be the last time.”
“You still talk a lot.”
“Aren’t we pretty close?”
“You are still making up words that didn’t exist.”
“I’m sad.”
The period he spoke of would probably refer to four years ago in prison. He didn’t care, even though I said it carelessly.
“I should formally introduce myself. I’m Jaire, the sorcerer and counselor of Grand Duke Hernim.”
“I’m Iana.”
“Hahaha, you’re still the same too.”
The hem of his long robe flapped as he waved his hand.
As in the original story, this one seems to have taken the place as the male protagonist’s most faithful subordinate and capable wizard.
As Ricdorian’s right arm, it was a good thing.
“You don’t know how surprised I was when I heard it.”
I stopped looking at Ricdorian, who just had his arms crossed behind, and tried to focus on him.
“You mean?”
It wasn’t easy, but I forcibly looked at Jaire because I thought it was not polite.
“Yes? Don’t you already know?”
That was the moment. Behind Jaire, Ricdorian, who was leaning on his back, abruptly stood up.
However, Jaire, who could not see behind him, was faster.
“I heard that the lady is the successor of the blue rose?”
I just stopped. I wasn’t interested in Jaire’s words, even the fingers he held and stretched out indifferently.
It seemed as if time had stopped for a moment.
‘How does Jaire know this?”
That’s weird.
‘Iana’ is the blue rose. I thought this would be very secretive.
I wasn’t stupid, so I was able to come to a conclusion quickly.
“You can’t see the shadows under the lamp, don’t you?”
Jaire, who smiled as I said it was dark under the lamp, did not catch my eye.
“I was really surprised.”
He slowly raised his head and rolled his eyes. You know where my gaze is going.
… What Jaire knew, there was no way that Ricdorian would not know.
At that moment, Ricdorian’s eyes met mine in the air.
‘Ah… Did you bring me here for this?”
His eyes looking at me slightly shook. It was the first time it happened.
At the moment I was thinking of this, I wondered why he did that. That’s right, I think you’ll think that way
“Miss, Miss?”
I wondered how he or Jair knew it, but the truth is, maybe it was something everyone knew except me.
Isn’t it?
‘Iana’ was originally a dead person at this point. Either in book or in real life.
It might have been revealed after she died. The reason I guess is because it’s a scene that didn’t appear in the book.
“Are you okay?”
When I turned my gaze, there was Jaire with a worried expression on his face.
“…Yes, what.”
DId I misunderstand?
No. On the night of the banquet, Ricdorian’s face was sincere. I’m not stupid enough not to notice this. However, I wondered if he had any other reason besides resenting me for not keeping my promise.
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If that’s the case, I think he’d be a little upset. Me too.
“Are you offended by the blue rose question? If it was rude….”
I lowered my gaze and whispered softly.
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