Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 165

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“It does not matter.”
Ricdorian stopped his lips that was about to say no.
“For whatever reason you brought me here.”
He had to say no. He thinks she misunderstood something.
It’s a misunderstanding, it’s not true, and it’s not at all.
“In this situation, I don’t think you need to listen to it very much.”
Long eyelashes fell down on Iana’s purple eyes. It is a calm face that is not different from usual.
“Isn’t it?”
It was dull and indifferent on a white and pale face. They drove him crazy.
She won’t know. How she truly drives Ricdorian crazy.
Ricdorian bit his lips. His senses were never wrong.
So, as soon as she heard Jaire, Iana must have misunderstood something.
Did he bring her as the Blue Rose?
Ha, it’s ridiculous.
Even if Iana was a slave in the slums of Ropel Street, the lowest point of the Empire, filled with polluted water. Even if she was in the Asqar Coal Mine, the worst slave colony where she could never get freedom once she entered. Even if she was in the worst crime city of Cantala.
He would have searched the world and found her. Whether she is noble or in the lowest position. Ricdorian, no matter what, would have brought her. He already didn’t care who Iana was.
When she is just her.
She was meaningful just because she was her.
“Hmm, I must have been quite a meaningful being.”
The one who finally stopped what they were trying to say is not Ricdorian.
“That’s interesting.”
Because that seemingly indifferent face looked like it doesn’t seem to matter.
He wanted to be in those eyes that seemed to see everything from afar. He always tried.
&#lt;You know where I am.&#gt;
4 years ago or 3 years ago. And not long ago in Schirmela.
However, the result was always the same.
An indifferent face.
&#lt;I told you, Grand Duke.&#gt;
Eyes that don’t care about anything.
&#lt;I had no intention of keeping my promise to you.&#gt;
Until the hand that finally pushed him away.
Ricdorian clenched his fist. He wanted to do bad things. No, he wanted to be bad for her.
Even so, if she would see him, he’d rather be the worst human being to her.
…If he can’t get her by begging in the end.
Why? Rattle. He was scared. Can this be done? Because he said he hated her because he was resentful. To her, to that kind of person.
Is it worth it? If he really hates her. His hand grabbed his face.
Countless thoughts swirled in Ricdorian. Unpredictable things overflow like waves.
&#lt;You useless bastard.&#gt;
Ricdorian’s shoulders twitched like a seizure.
A dark room, frantically twinkling stars pass by his sight. It wasn’t a star in the sky. That star….
Because she didn’t make him suffer.
It was the time when his father was alive, he didn’t even know that pain was pain.
Ricdorian just stopped walking.
“Well then, miss. Get a good rest. I’ll serve you without lack.”
Jaire had already finished explaining everything. Even about Hernim had been looking for the Blue Rose for a long time.
Ricdorian did not stop.
He just concentrated on Iana’s still, unchanging, calm face.
In the end, looking at the casual face, he clenched and opened his fist once more.
As he walked down the hallway, Jaire kept his eyes on him. As someone who has been with him for a long time, he was sensitive to the changes in Ricdorian.
Ricdorian sneered inwardly.
Like this, even though he pretends to be visible, why can’t she see him?
“Well, Your Excellency. Are you in too much of a hurry?”
Ricdorian did not answer.
The whereabouts of the Blue Rose have long been famous. It wasn’t famous because it existed somewhere, but it was famous because it didn’t exist.
A rose that has disappeared from this world.
But what the ‘roses’ knew was different.
The moment one becomes the head of the rose family, one learns something. It was also something that Ricdorian also came to know when he qualified for his ranks and ascended to the rank of Grand Duke.
The fact that only the Black Rose knew the whereabouts of the ‘Blue Rose’.
Perhaps the current Marquis of Valtaize and the fleeing White Rose, the head of Rosenia.
And that man, the Duke of Domulit, must have known of course.
‘No, he already had it.”
Through long research, Hernim found out that the Blue Rose’s dynasty was maintained and that it was strictly protected.
But no more was known. One thing he found out after much hard work and effort.
The former Duke of Domulit had only one son, and nonetheless had a daughter.
Could it be the Blue Rose?
It didn’t take long from the careful reasoning to the groundbreaking investigation.
“Your Excellency.”
Someone quietly called Ricdorian.
Before Ricdorian’s eyes, there was a man with dark green hair.
It was Shero, a subordinate in charge of Hernim’s agents.
“I finally figured it out.”
There was a rare joy in his face as blunt as a hound that rolled wildly in the field.
“It’s what you most wanted.”
Well, if that’s what he wanted. There will be only one at this moment.
Ricdorian’s scorn. It is Iana’s appearance, the detached and gloomy face passing by and pink hair. He himself knew it was quite serious.
What should he do?
It was a fever that he had before he even realized it.
Ricdorian took the papers coldly and scanned them. It was a more indifferent and insensitive face than usual.
However, as he read the documents, his waist straightened. Ricdorian’s eyes opened wide enough that they couldn’t grow any longer.
“…is this true?”
“Yes, it’s finally revealed.”
Shero nodded his head.
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“You don’t know how thorough Domulit’s surveillance is.”
Chaser Louve Domulit’s stronghold was stronger than any other castle in the world.
The culmination point was the mansion where he was staying.
Those who were sent in during that time either died or went missing. For over a year, Hernim changed the way, They chose not to contact those who were sent in.
“How thorough was the guardian deity of Domulit during that time. It was the same as the Duke of Domulit himself.”
It was because the moment they tried to contact them, they knew that they were brutally killed by the guardian deity of Duke of Domulit.
This also came by the countless sacrifices.
Shero reported what was not included in the report in addition to what was written in the report.
“I only found out after two years. Did the infiltrating agent return safely… Your Excellency?”
However, Ricdorian listened to nothing at all. No, he turned his back without hearing everything.
The steps moved quickly. His steps with the power of a rose are incomparable to that of an ordinary person.
He went across the hallway he had come from in an instant.
The more he walked, the more his breathing became harsher. He was blessed with the Red Rose and was born with a constitution that does not tire.
– Report on Iana Rose Domullet.
So this breath sound is only what he made consciously.
– Confinement.
&#lt;Hello, Iana. I am going to kidnap you from now on.&#gt;
Strangely here. However, the speed just felt slow or whether he was running fast.
– Shackles at the ankles.
&#lt;… Won’t you tie me up?&#gt;
His breath caught his jaw as if he was drowning.
– Put on shackles and chains,
&#lt;I’m a hostage. So shouldn’t I be tied up?&#gt;
She has not changed so much in the past three years, has her personality really not changed?
– Couldn’t leave the mansion for even an hour.
&#lt;If you’re going to tie me up, it’d be nice to do it in the ankles.&#gt;
Ricdorian was much smarter than Iana thought. His brain was fine.
He was ignorant of common sense even during the time he was with her, and he had a beastly sense of humor.
-The Black Rose’s surveillance looks so terribly obsessive.
A strange sense of incongruity that he felt briefly at this moment completed a puzzle.
Number of times away from the mansion.
-0 times.
Creak. He opened the door.
“Haa… haa….”
He doesn’t think he ran that hard. No. Born in this world, he ran the most desperately.
Just for one other person.
In the quiet room, Iana sat like a painting.
He looked at her and was always enjoying her contemplation. He came here and thought she didn’t care for him.
– Estimated that there wasn’t much that could be done in the mansion.
&#lt;I want to wear a prison uniform.&#gt;
When asked if she had anything she wanted, he still thought she was an absurd person.
If one thing….
If all she wanted was to go back to the cramped cell. No, if she wanted to go back to the time when she was laughing freely over the bars….
What had he done?
Ricdorian’s face was horribly contorted. It was blurry.
&#lt;Because you don’t see me.&#gt;
He hated Chaser Louve Domulit. He was so disillusioned and hated that he couldn’t help but hate him.
&#lt;I have to hate you.&#gt;
But what makes him different from Chaser?
&#lt;Don’t you think so?&#gt;
His hand that held that slender hand under the moonlight, his smile.
What did he do to her, using the fault and hatred as a shield?
He felt ugly.
Quang. Unable to overcome his power, the door knocked on the wall again.
That was then. Iana’s face, who had been looking out the window, turned to this side indifferently.
Even when she called his name, she didn’t hide her surprise.
Ricdorian realized at that moment.
In fact. He hopes she doesn’t hate him.
“What’s wrong with… you?”
I didn’t want to leave you as a bad person.
I just.
I missed you.
“I’m sorry… sorry…”
The man’s hand covered his face, and his large body collapsed like a piece of crumbling skin.
Tap, tap, the sound of Iana’s small footsteps rushing, was so light. He couldn’t stand the rush of things.
What the hell did he do?
“What’s wrong, where does it really hurt? Huh? Does it hurt a lot?”
She was very kind to the sick. Four years ago, when she came to the basement where there was no light, he wondered if she was the light, the spring, and the day.
He has never felt such warmth in his entire life.
He wanted to catch it.
He became terribly disgusted with himself.
However, he didn’t want to let go of the hand reaching out to him. It was a hand that he did not want to let go, even if it was wrinkly and dirty.
Iana stayed still on his body when she came to him in an instant. Just like the day they promised four years ago.
“It’s my fault.”
He asked himself. Did he have no choice but to be hated?
Tears dripped down his cheeks.
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“Don’t throw me away.”
There was no other way but to beg.
To beg again and again.
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