Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 167

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…what is this man saying now? I stared at him with bewildered eyes.
I have no idea what this man was talking about.
As such, why was his will so explicit?
The first problem is.
‘You must have misunderstood!’
The point was that there was a lot of room for misunderstanding in the content of the words.
In particular, there were words that I did not know how far my imagination would go. As evidence of that, the delusions in my head were running wild like a runaway locomotive.
If Ricdorian hadn’t been holding my hand, I’d have rubbed his face recklessly.
It felt like I didn’t know what to do.
‘When his body grew this big.’
I didn’t even blink an eye despite all of Chaser’s wishes, but that didn’t work out for Ricdorian.
It doesn’t feel the same though. Even though they both smiled ecstatically, their feelings were completely different.
Chaser was a man born with temptation, sly and friendly, and smiled as if he would melt people gently.
As much as he is good at smiling, when he sheds tears, even me, who was gloomy, used to lose my gaze for a moment.
On the other hand, Ricdorian was stingy with his smile.
It was the same 4 years ago, so even though he looked shy and puzzled, he didn’t smile as well as I thought.
That’s why his smiles were rare, and the laughter that seemed to be tempting was even rarer.
Even not so long ago, he was very cold to me. It was just terrifying to see such a contrast.
‘Is it all over if I get more demanding?’
I tried to grumble inside so as not to take my gaze away. It was of no use.
Ricdorian kept his lips still in my hands instead of taking them further.
If I were to guess, I think he’s waiting….
‘Is what you are doing the same as Pudding before you feed it?’
It was something that would make Pudding angry if it heard it, but Pudding is sleeping inside me now.
Very occasionally, it would be quiet, similar to a sleep, but this is no different from the act of sleeping in humans, so I described it as sleeping.
Seeing that Aquala and Ratan did not do this, I wondered if it was because it signed a contract with someone who was not its real owner.
By the way, the way he waited patiently was no different from that of the little guardian deity of the Red Rose.
It’s just that those blue eyes are so desperate.
One of Ricdorian’s hands loosened and I took advantage of it and pulled my hand out.
I placed my hand on his chin and over his eyes.
“…don’t look at me like that, please.”
The words that came out after hesitation were weak even when I heard them.
Ricdorian, blindfolded, raised only the tips of his lips.
“What kind of look?”
“Don’t smile like that.”
Ricdorian grabbed my blinding hand, lowered it slightly, and tilted his head at an angle.
“Then, will you like it?”
The moment I looked at the half-closed eyes, I was out of breath.
…It’s more erotic than half-stripping.
The half-closed gaze felt more dense.
If this wasn’t a luxurious room, I would have mistaken it for the prison cell. I overlooked the fact that Ricdorian was quite big.
… this a dog or a human?
The second problem from here.
Something was strange.
‘…I’m sure it’s Ricadorian.’
Clearly, the one in front of me was Ricdorian, but the feeling was different.
He was the same person as the cold man, until he started tearing up a little while ago and told me not to go.
At least it didn’t feel out of sync.
However, looking up at me now, he had a different feeling.
If I was to find the same impression….
It was similar to when I first met him after he grew up after casting magic in the prison 4 years ago.
No. It was the same.
‘If only he grew up as he was then.’
I think this is what he would look like.
There wasn’t much time to think. Because Ricdorian didn’t let my hand stand still.
I hesitated and stroked his hair. First of all, I don’t think we’re going to bump our lips as recklessly as we did a while ago.
‘I didn’t hate it, though.’
However, he did not show a cold appearance or a seemingly rational appearance at first glance.
After spending three years with Chaser, my senses for people were very well developed.
It was an environment in which a person who had been quietly serving until yesterday can put poison and hold a dagger to one’s neck.
He called me in a low voice. After that, the low and hoarse voice made my shoulders tremble without realizing it.
“How long can I wait?”
Ricdorian rolled his eyes.
“Isn’t this supposed to happen?”
His thumb gently rubbed my palm.
“I think I like this side more.”
His thumb stopped at the inside of my wrist, where my pulse was pounding.
“Your heart.”
What do you mean you like it more? I licked my dry lips and lightly patted his head.
“Okay. Step back for now.”
“Why? I have to get up. My legs hurt.”
Then Ricdorian was hesitant and retreated. No, I thought so, but I was wrong.
My body floated up and I was seated on something hard yet warm. It was on his thigh.
“Are you comfortable here?”
His messy hair wiggled, covering his eyes slightly, then revealing them again.
We got so close that I could even feel the sound of his breathing again.
“…I don’t want to fall.”
Also, it was weird. It’s not that I hate it, but this was a change that made me jump.
It was a feeling that many aspects coexisted but did not harmonize.
As his breath draws closer, click.
A sound was heard from the door.
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“Your Excellency.”
The door opened, and Jaire, who appeared, stopped trying to come in.
Maybe it’s because he just found us, our lips barely touching. I wanted to sigh.
A vibration occurred in the face when Jaire looked sideways.
Even if I said that seeing wasn’t everything, I thought it would be too late.
“Your Excellency….”
Jaire laughed awkwardly.
We’re too close now, so I couldn’t see Ricdorian’s expression well, but I can see that the smile was gone.
“You’re an adult now, aren’t you?”
At that moment, Ricdorian and I looked at Jaire with a cold expression on our faces, as if we had promised.
No, I can’t see Ricdorian’s well, but I did.
With one heart.
What are you saying now?
After a while, the three of us had an unintentional three-way encounter.
“It’s a misunderstanding.”
Correction. To be precise, it was a face-to-face meeting between me and Jaire. It’s because Ricdorian fell asleep with his body buried in me.
&#lt;Your Excellency?&#gt;
Not even a minute after Jaire came in, and as soon as we sat face to face on the sofa, Ricdorian leaned his head against my body and closed his eyes.
At first I thought he had only closed his eyes, but the next moment I heard a deep breath.
&#lt;Did he sleep?&#gt;
He fell asleep. It’s also very deep. I wondered if I could do this in a few seconds, but I wondered if I truly could.
Instead of replying to Jaire, I was just looking at Ricdorian, and Jaire said something.
“…he hasn’t been able to sleep.”
I then turned my head.
I just looked at Ricdorian, wondering if it would be okay because he was sleeping so uncomfortably.
“Why can’t he sleep?”
Is he very busy? I remembered Ricdorian last time. He came to my room every day… I thought it wasn’t a very busy time.
“Because he’s busy. And he didn’t want to sleep.”
“Didn’t want to sleep?”
“No way. Not even a nod?”
“Yes. He hasn’t slept at all.”
At the subtle nuance, I asked, just in case. And a surprising answer came back.
“He’s been sitting leaning all night in front of the door to your room.”
“We, we’ll stand for him, no matter how much we said, he didn’t listen.”
Jaire shook his head sullenly. Ricdorian said he would do it, so who would win against him?
“…it’s been a week since I’ve been here.”
No matter how much Ricdorian had the stamina of a beast. He haven’t slept the whole time?
No one can survive without sleeping for six days. It must have been possible because it was Ricdorian.
Judging by Jaire’s expression, it must have never been an easy task for him.
“That’s, because he doesn’t want you to disappear.”
Jaire said with a laugh. Only one eye was serious.
“Even if the miss escapes, I wondered whether or not he would be able to catch you, regardless of whether the escape would succeed.”
“Why is that again?”
“He doesn’t want us to look at you, how can we do that?”
I’m at a loss for words. In the meantime, Ricdorian stubbornly brings meals to me everyday.
What I threw flashed in my mind.
It was a really distant feeling.
Originally, people would choose to escape or hold back when confronted with something they couldn’t understand.
I kept my lips shut. There were a lot of things I wanted to ask, but I didn’t want to ask Jaire.
After a brief pause, I decided to ask something else.
“There is something else I want to ask you.”
The way I talk wasn’t very sophisticated, but Jaire was happy to accept it.
‘Jaire knew about the Blue Rose.’
I was comparing the Blue Rose with Ricdorian a while ago, and I chose one first.
Let’s ask something urgent.
“Didn’t Ricdorian feel a little strange a while ago?”
“What do you mean strange?”
Jaire’s attitude changed. He seems to be a faithful right-hand man. His eyes were serious. He took it as seriously as I responded.
I quickly explained Ricdorian’s condition a while ago.
“If I have to find the same example, it feels like I was faced with the grown up him in the person 4 years ago, right?”
“Yes…you mean the side effects?”
“Yes. That’s how it looked. It was definitely different from the way he looked when I first entered the room.”
“I see.”
Jaire laughed bitterly. I widened my eyes.
“You have a good sense. Some people don’t recognize it at first glance.”
It was a calm acceptance. First of all, it was a tone of bitterness.
“Don’t recognize it.”
“Yes. It’s exactly what you think.”
His smiling face was clouded for the first time.
“You will remember that four years ago, his personality was divided into three parts.”
He stretched out his three fingers.
The appearance of a beast that speaks, the appearance of rational him, and the appearance of grown up him.
I remembered everything.
“Four years later, those personalities are still not all united.”
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I blinked my eyes wide. All of Jaire’s fingers stretched out and his hand pointed at me.
His eyes seemed to speak.
Ricdorian is still experiencing personality confusion.
And this has to do with me.
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