Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 168

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Chapter 168.Worst problem, worst conclusion
I asked without hesitation. It would be better to ask this directly.
“Is it related to me now?”
Four years ago, when I met him.
There may be many other things besides my involvement, but there must be a reason why Jaire pointed out that it was 4 years ago.
The Jaire I knew was not an easy-going person.
Look at what he did with that good face four years ago in Kambrakan.
At that time too, he made me go to the dungeon at dawn with such a smile.
“Haha, there’s nothing to be vigilant about. Miss.”
Instead of answering him, a strange word flowed out. Jaire waved his hands at me.
As if he was trying to break boundaries.
But I did not fall for it.
“You didn’t answer. May I ask you one more time?”
“Hmm. Really, you’re a girl who seems like you’re going to let it go, but don’t let any gaps.”
Is it because Ricdorian is asleep? His tone softened a little.
Just like the day we had a comfortable conversation in the cell. I didn’t care if he was or not.
“So it’s my fault?”
Jaire stared at me for a moment.
“The Miss’ fault…”
A brief but playful smile faded from his face. With good-looking eyes, the seriousness was vivid.
“Well, to be honest, I don’t know.”
I frowned.
“You don’t know?”
No, you have to make it clear, whether it’s yes or no. What do you mean you don’t know? The answer that stayed in the gray area felt strange.
“There are so many suspicious factors since four years ago that I can’t even guess what it is. Miss.”
“Yes. I thought the Miss was one of the factors, but I don’t know if it’s entirely your fault.”
The words that seemed to catch a floating cloud made me feel more distant.
“What is it? What is that factor? Don’t be vague, talk about it properly.”
I don’t know, I’m a person who knows nothing but direct fastballs. Face it directly or completely avoid it.
There’s nothing good about being ambiguous.
I didn’t want to say it again.
“I explained this to the Miss four years ago. His Excellency’s beast-like appearance you saw in the cell is like a curse that is passed down from generation to generation.”
He never explained it in detail, but he did say that. I even knew what Jaire didn’t explain.
“His Excellency is strangely born with that curse particularly strong.”
I remembered the guardian deity sleeping inside me.
….This is probably due to the loss of Pudding.
“Anyway, in order to lift this curse, that is, to unify the personality, three things were necessary.”
“Three things…”
Jaire said ‘let me explain’, and spread his three fingers.
“First, a strong body capable of withstanding the consciousness ahead of awakening.”
I thought of the time when Ricdorian met the female lead. It was definitely after he became an adult.
“Second, to unravel the constraint given from birth.”
Jaire tapped his neck with his index and middle fingers. I nodded when asked if I remembered what was around Ricdorian’s neck.
“Thirdly, the existence of a ‘companion’.”
Jaire’s finger now had only one index finger left.
Third? Companion?
It was a little strange.
“Ah, this part must be unfamiliar.”
Jaire continued to explain the ‘companion’, perhaps because I didn’t understand it.
Of course, there was no way I didn’t know anything about the companion.
How can I not know? It was the key between the female lead and the male lead.
“…that’s why it’s a soul-contracted relationship between lovers. It’s a lifelong existence.”
“Ah yes.”
Jaire’s explanation was a bit strange.
Why was he explaining the restraints and companions separately?
Aren’t these two concepts tied together?
In the book, Francia unties the restraint device that Ricdorian had been wearing since birth.
And she later explained that she was able to release the restraint because she was his ‘companion’.
But now Jaire’s explanation is…..
“In his case, this is where the problem arises.”
Jaire’s face grew serious.
“What’s wrong?”
“As his body grew, he had a strong body that could withstand the awakening. And I used magic to calm down even his unusually strong power…. thanks to the Miss.”
I put the question on hold and focused on him.
“And the day has come. The person who appeared in the dungeon, who helped remove the restraint.”
…. it’s Francia
As in the original story, it must be when the two met in Kambrakam. So now Ricdorian would have become the Grand Duke.
What’s wrong with this?
“The problem is here, here the worst problems arise.”
I took a breath.
The main character of this story, Ricdorian, was still silently asleep.
“The worst thing is that the ‘companion’ and the person who released the restraint are different.”
I flinched my hand.
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I hoped that Ricdorian would not wake up from my trembling. I glanced at him, then shifted my gaze.
Jaire didn’t explain further.
He must have thought that it was a fact that I could know enough without explaining it.
As Jaire thought, I felt things he didn’t say.
Enough to feel no more.
“What conclusions would you draw from this?”
“The curse is always lifted when the conditions are met. A strong body, a person who loosens the restraint and a companion must be consistent.”
I licked my lips.
“The worst problem. Worst conclusion.”
Even though he spoke in a voice that wasn’t cold at all, I felt as cold as an ice cube.
“No one expected it. The fact that the person who released the restraint device and the companion will be different people.”
Jaire laughed bitterly.
“Haha… Another problem is that it’s hard to find examples like this even throughout a thousand years of history.”
He gently rubbed his face with the hem of his sleeve. He seemed to be trying to calm himself.
“From the outside, it doesn’t seem like much of a problem. But the occasional impulsive appearance puts him in a dangerous situation…”
He let out a long breath.
“He’s strong, but he can’t always be as safe as his enemy.”
Enemy, instead of putting Domulit in his mouth, he said enemy. He doesn’t have to be so considerate.
Some of the doubts were cleared by Jaire’s explanation. There was one thing that was still unresolved.
“I’m concerned that he will lose his reason once in a while and surrender to his impulses. Very concerned.”
Didn’t Pudding say Ricdorian needs it to complete the awakening?
Originally, there was no guardian deity that naturally existed in the body of the successor of the Red Rose. No companion was there either.
Nevertheless, the restraint was released and he became what he was now.
“Is Ricdorian’s current state also unstable in power?”
“No. His Excellency has awakened. His strength is a complete Red Rose.”
This was in line with what Pudding said.
That he awakened.
“…how is that possible?”
“Because His Excellency endured the hell-like side effects and somehow managed to make it through.”
Jaire said quietly. But his voice was not serene.
“Hell-like side effects?”
If it was in the past, I would have passed it over. I wouldn’t have bothered to listen.
But nevertheless I asked.
Jaire flapped his lips. He stopped trying to speak his words.
“Haa, it’s something you should listen from His Excellency. It’s not something I’m going to tell you.”
Saying that, Jaire had a face that didn’t seem likely to answer any more questions.
I gave up neatly and asked for something else.
“It’s a bit of an odd question, but the person who loosened the restraint. Ricdorian is not in love with that person, right?”
There was certainty in my words. Maybe that’s why, even though it was an odd question, he replied while tilting his head.
“Of course, isn’t that obvious?”
On that face that seemed absurd as what kind of question this is, I covered it with a smile.
Oh, as expected.
I guessed it from Ricdorian’s condition. The relationship between the two main characters in the original story seems to be different from what I know.
Because I didn’t think this guy was the kind of person who would fall in love with two people at once.
So ‘companion’.
Uh, um…
I wiped my cheek.
‘It sounds like he was saying it’s me by elimination method.’
But soon a smile leaks out.
Is there any way to get out?
‘I’m the only candidate and there is no other choice….’
Maybe I like this helpless beast. Without a second thought, I wanted to slap the nose of this big, puppy-like beast that was sleeping without a care.
– Hoaam, human? What’s going on? There are strong emotions. Nyang….
‘You woke up?”
Just at the same time, Pudding that had been sleeping inside me had woken up.
‘You woke up well. Let’s get one blow.’
– Nyang? Wh, what do you mean?
You can’t hit someone who’s sleeping so soundly. I made up my mind only after saying one nonsense.
After that, a calm exhalation escaped me.
“That’s right, Jaire.”
There is one more thing to check. No, this was an assumption.
“Are you saying he doesn’t bark anymore?”
It doesn’t seem like Ricdorian is barking like a dog anymore, given the context.
“Yes, maybe. I haven’t seen anything like that in years.”
“That’s a relief.”
If it were, it would have been difficult to go out in public. It didn’t look like that.
‘It means two things.’
In the end, what has been divided now seems to be, one whether there is reason, or two; whether it acts like an animal with only instinct left without reason.
“If the ‘companion’ reappears, is there any way to turn it around?”
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I held my breath for a moment and then asked.
“A way to integrate the personality.”
Jaire’s answer was too firm.
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