Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 169

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Chapter 169.Not solved yet
“The opportunity has already passed. As long as the restraint has been released, there is no way to use the method.”
In Hernim, Ricdorian was given the restraint, and he needed the ‘companion’ to release it.
There is no way to return the constraint that has already been released.
“Now, even if a ‘companion’ appears… there won’t be anything to be done other than make his powers more stable.”
It is said that this was the conclusion that Jaire and Hernim’s aides found after searching tens of thousands of documents for several years.
“Miss, I’m just saying this just in case. Our search for a way has nothing to do with His Excellency’s search for the Miss.”
“Yes, well. Ricdorian doesn’t see me as a tool. You want to say something like that, right?”
At my blunt words, Jaire flinched, then nodded his head.
I didn’t misunderstand.
There’s nothing else to.
I captured Ricdorian’s face, who was sleeping carelessly, and then lifted my head.
He sleeps very well. Beating me.
“He looks uncomfortable.”
Anyway, the conversation had to end.
“Isn’t there a way?”
“…After much thought and failure, I have found one thing.”
Oh, it’s not that there is no way. So I listened.
Jaire stared at me with a serious face.
We talked and started.
“After much deliberation, I thought about the existence of the ‘Blue Rose’.”
‘Worst problem. Worst conclusion.’
I’ve been thinking about one thing all the time. All of these were the words Jaire had spoken.
He knows very well what Ricdorian looks like when he loses his temper.
He’s always been a good listener, but when he’s like this, he listens less, is a little foolish, and impulsive….
It was also the appearance that embarrassed me the most.
Anyway, after hearing Jaire’s story, it’s been a while since I’ve organized my thoughts and realized something.
….Usually, wasn’t this the worst outcome?
I am not trying to take Ricdorian’s problem lightly. Strictly looking at the situation, Ricdorian is currently doing well as the Grand Duke.
Whether it’s position or achievements. With Chaser raising his hand so frighteningly.
Of course, Jaire said that this was done fairly narrowly, but in any case, it was a success in the grand scheme of things and that’s how they came all the way here.
The successes so far, and the dangers that may come in the near future, usually cannot be said to be the ‘worst results’.
Dangerous but cautious, I don’t know.
Moreover, Jaire was not a person who made a fuss.
He was a man who knew how to hit and fall with a smile. His connection and disconnection are accurate.
A man with accurate calculations cannot say the ‘worst’ hastily.
I concluded.
‘There’s something you didn’t tell me.’
Thinking like this, my thoughts were right. He always pretended to be serious, but he didn’t say the most important thing.
This sly human being.
Well. It wasn’t something I didn’t understand.
Even so….
Even thinking about it, my fingertips tickled.
No, it was tickling a while ago, but now it’s gotten to the point where I can’t just ignore it.
I shook my head.
“Excuse me.”
At this, someone who had their head bowed like me raised his head together. The silver hair was scattered.
“Are you mad at me?”
At my question, Ricdorian slowly closed his blue eyes and opened them.
….I don’t know what kind of beast it is, but his beauty is really amazing.
The movement of the eyelashes, which resembled the color of the hair, evoked admiration as if a sculpture was brought to life.
“… not warmed up.”
Ricdorian muttered. It was nice to hear the sound of a nice voice.
I wish I could hear the words coming out of those lips.
I clenched my chin.
“You kissed me on the lips, but are you saying you hadn’t warmed up?”
At those words, Ricdorian turned his face, which had hardened cold. The tip of the ear, which was so pure white, was dyed red.
Just like the petals of a camellia flower.
Looking like this, he looks like a moron, but on the rational side. As he did 4 years ago, his personality seemed to change, but his memories seemed to be shared.
The reddened cheeks were proof.
“I, I didn’t warm up.”
“Who says what?”
I clenched my chin and grinned. Laughter came out of nowhere.
‘Why are your cheeks blushing when you say you’re not warmed up?’
It seems that the person who ran to the room that day was the one with the rational side.
I mean, he’s really changed.
As he grew up, his destructive power was terrifying.
I glanced at the hand.
‘Holding hands.’
Ricdorian turned his head and held my hand tightly. I confess, this man, as soon as he entered my room 10 minutes ago, he was like this.
He opened the door and entered cautiously, squatting next to me, looking out the window, and holding my fingertips.
Then, because I didn’t see him, he twitched his hand and rubbed my thumb gently.
Even the dog who licked a hand for the first time wouldn’t do this.
Then I asked if he was upset, and he said no again.
“Excuse me, Grand Duke. You said your anger didn’t go away.”
I moved my fingertips slightly. He flinched.
“Why don’t you let go of your hand?”
His head slowly turned towards me. He looked at me and covered my face with the back of his other hand.
“I haven’t warmed up…”
Even if he tried to cover it up, I looked at the colors under his eyes, but he turned his head away again.
“…Your hand is holding me as you please.”
Oh my, he was making this kind of nonsense. The Grand Duke.
I held back the laughter that was about to come out. It couldn’t be helped that a smirk leaked out.
Wow. Our male lead seems to have separate personalities between his hands and head.
Following the triple personality four years ago; four years later, now, he has given a personality to his hands.
I wondered if he was born from an egg and was thrown a pine cone as a dagger.
Grr. Grr.
There were two beasts under my feet. For some reason, the Grand Duke was the same as Ricdorian, who sat on the edge of the chair.
He put his head next to my ankles and groaned. This was the case with the 3-year-old guardian deity who rubbed its forehead and then nodded, who looks like a cat today.
It was a scene that really made me laugh.
“But, why did you speak like that?”
Isn’t that uncomfortable?
However, Ricdorian, who was looking at me, hardened his expression on how he felt.
He then fell in thought, and he slowly opened his mouth.
“…You don’t like it?”
“No, well. Either way, it doesn’t matter.”
In a way, it was a floating nuance, but I answered plainly in a sense that it was okay.
I don’t have any discomfort. I asked if he felt uncomfortable.
When I answered this, for a moment, he lowered the corners of his eyes. He quickly returned to his original cold expression.
But, doesn’t he know?
He was making a cold expression with a half-red face….
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‘Well, I shouldn’t tell you.”
Because it looks good
As I let out a light smile, Ricdorian glanced away. Instead, the force holding my fingertips grew a little stronger.
The room was quiet. It was only natural that there was nothing but him and me and this little guardian deity.
Pudding, who never showed up as soon as he came here, showed up a few hours before Ricdorian was relieved when I told him that I wasn’t going.
The funny thing is that Ricdorian saw Pudding, yet he pretended not to know.
As if they had made a promise.
They pretend not to know each other like a water buffalo and a gazelle inhabiting the meadow.
It’s just funny.
‘Why are they doing the same things?’
It was just strange to be at peace when you’re in the position of being kidnapped.
Pudding, who had been rubbing its face against my legs, got up.
Then it passed between my legs, cried, and put both its front feet on my thighs.
– Nyang, human. This house is amazing. I can’t hear screams and howls, Nyang.
‘That’s right, there’s no one running to assassinate.’
Pudding’s blue eyes were pale.
-Aha, nyang. Are you safe now?
I slowly turned to my wrist.
It’s been over a week since I’ve been here….
‘Chaser hasn’t talked.’
I haven’t used the Black Rose tattoo properly, so I don’t know what it does.
Is it possible that I can only talk to him? I thought there was no way.
&#lt;Call me in case of emergency. Iana.&#gt;
Anyway, I didn’t contact Chaser. And I didn’t do it even though I knew what the consequences would be.
I was out of breath a bit.
‘Imagine. The next situation.’
I took my hand from Ricdorian and covered my wrist.
Let’s put these worries on hold for a little bit longer.
I blinked.
First, let’s go for a walk to organize our thoughts.
Anyway, the room that Ricdorian gave me was just as spacious as the room that Chaser gave me.
It was enough for me to walk lightly without going anywhere.
I raised my upper body. But when I got up from my seat, two beasts rushed after me as if waiting.
While I was walking, I blinked.
No. Apart from Pudding. Why is Ricdorian too?
“Why are you chasing me?”
“…I can’t?”
“No, there’s nothing that can’t be done.”
Are we moving in the room? I was puzzled, but then I turned around and moved. With two tails attached to me one after another.
The corners of my lips went up.
“Can I go for a walk?”
“If you wish.”
From Ricdorian, unexpectedly cool permission fell. I’m surprised. I thought he would say no or why at least once.
It’s a little strange that my ankle is too light.
“Where do you want to go? I can guide you?”
Where did I want to go? I didn’t specifically decide on one before asking. First of all, I want to look around the garden.
I wiggled my ankles for a bit, then went near the window.
Ricdorian, who had been following me, asked after a little hesitation in the cold face.
“Is there anything you want to do?”
Perhaps it was because of the cold face, it feels unnatural. He must have gotten used to the role of the Grand Duke. Even though he would feel it himself, the awkwardness he was trying to do seemed a little cute.
He’s so big and pure like a cut out water lilies.
It’s not bad.
“What do I want to do?”
I tilted my head. Ricdorian frowned slightly.
“What do you want to have?”
“What do you like?”
“I don’t have any.”
“…what do you want to eat?”
“…don’t I like to eat anything?”
His tone grew more and more rigid.
“Then. What do you want to do?”
“Isn’t that the same question?”
Like the first, I blinked my eyes wide.
“There is nothing I want to do and nothing I want to have.”
Having said that, I added another word. I don’t know what he wants to say….
“…that is really necessary.”
Then Ricdorian made a face that looked like he was about to cry for a moment. I couldn’t understand why. If he cries, should I wipe his tears?
I thought so, but he didn’t cry. It was just that he was silent.
I turned my back to see if he needed time. I pretended to be looking out the window.
However, it was surprisingly quite noisy outside the window. I tried to pretend to give a glance, but my gaze was taken away.
-Human, there are so many people!
As Pudding said, there were a lot of people. Judging by their outfits, most of them seem to be civilians.
“Why are there so many people?”
While muttering a little, something hard burrowed into my waist. And it feels like a wall on my back.
“There’s a big event coming up soon.”
A little murmur answered. A tone that slowly lengthens the end. The sound was so low that it seemed like it was sinking.
I could tell just by the voice.
“I’m sure there will be an event you need to go to…”
My spine straightened out naturally.
This is the other Ricdorian.
I felt embarrassed.
‘…. The change is quite sudden, as it used to be.”
I took a deep breath so as not to say anything.
“Excuse me.”
“Excuse me, are you there?”
“Neck, stop…”
A kiss on the neck followed with one reply.
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I couldn’t stand it and covered my neck with one hand. Then I thought I could hear the sound of the wind, but this time.
I felt a soft sensation on the back of my hand.
“…you don’t like it?”
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