Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 170

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Chapter 170.What Iana wants to do
If you ask me like that. No, how can I say I don’t like it when you dig into me like that?
I felt like wrapping my face up. It was a foul. Why is he whispering in my ear like this? I thought my senses weren’t so sensitive, but the soft hairs in my ears stood out on edge.
No. This beast, is a human
I sighed heavily as he hugged me with his large body tightly.
However, as I have seen this many times already, I can tell that there was no solution at the time of being caught.
‘Yes, do whatever you want.’
Half-resigned, waiting for his answer, Ricdorian suddenly buried his face in my neck.
He took a deep breath in for a while, then exhaled.
A few minutes later, the calm voice returned.
No. It may have come back, but the tone was calm and mixed with sighs.
I tapped the back of his hand.
“It’s okay. I’ll try to get used to it.”
Half of it is my responsibility. I haven’t heard yet of the biggest reason his personality needs to be united.
Anyway, I was going to cooperate.
For some reason, Ricdorian was silent for a long time at my words.
He couldn’t even release his arm that was holding me.
I just wanted to ask you a question or something about how this happened.
“If you haven’t calmed down yet, let’s talk. I have some questions.”
He answered without releasing his arm from my waist. It’s a sloppy answer. Was he still?
I grabbed and released his fingertips to help him come to his senses.
“You know, you were wearing a restraint around your neck a long time ago. How did you get that out?”
There was no answer from him.
His hands are a little stiff. I added to this.
“Well, if you don’t want to answer, don’t…”
“With force.”
“Wi, with force… huh?”
Just a second. What?
Suddenly, I stopped following his words.
Wait a minute. That restraint was released by Francia.
… So Francia ripped it off with her bare hands?
I try to think that it is nonsense, but suddenly a figure of Francia I saw a long time ago passes by.
The bear guardian deity. A figure holding a huge hammer lightly.
“… Is it possible?”
My thoughts changed in an instant. What I saw and experienced completely changed my perception. Well, I think our female lead can do it.
To be honest, that cub should have evolved into an adult bear by now. She would have grown up.
‘Unlike this guy who’s been a kitty cat for years.’
– What kitty cat, Nyang! This body!
‘Yes, yes.’
I continued to fight in my head with Pudding, but there was still no word behind him.
As I was about to get worried, Ricdorian let out a small breath.
Goosebumps sprung up behind my back, but it seemed more like a sigh than an act of seduction.
He bowed his head. A voice came out with the sound of breathing.
“Because I don’t want to be the same…”
He muttered as he buried his face in me.
The same? With what?
It was an unfamiliar word, but I listened.
“I’ll tell you.”
Ricdorian got up slowly and whispered without turning me back.
“…it’s been over a week since you came here.”
A carriage still stands outside the window, and many people are busy moving.
“Someone warmed up on a massive scale.”
His voice was clearly audible as the people moved on the lawn.
“There is a family that is desperately looking for you.”
Those words reminded me of Chaser.
Of course, I thought it was the Domulit.
I grabbed the hem of his clothes and let it go.
It was not an unexpected situation.
When I think about what kind of life I had in Domulit, that feel rather late.
‘…. Since I disappeared like that.’
Has the scale of tracking already grown?
I thought there would be no tracking already.
“…Is it the Domulit?”
However, the one that came from the Ricdorian was a completely different name.
Ricdorian said in a voice that he did not want to speak at all.
“It’s Valtaize, Iana.”
Valtaize, the Yellow Rose.
… It was Lenag’s family.
Ricdorian’s voice, who said to me it was Valtaize, seemed to be regretful, or it seemed to be negligent.
Instead of answering, I asked something else.
“Why are you telling me that?”
For Ricdorian, that was a fact that it would be better if I didn’t know.
“…isn’t it better if I don’t know?”
I got out of Ricdorian’s arms and turned around. Then he lifted his head.
Ricdorian did not avert his gaze.
“Because I wanted to tell you.”
He wants me to stay here. Then, shouldn’t he make up my mind to not want to go back?
My mind aside, it was difficult to understand.
“What if I run away? Then what are you going to do?”
He slowly rolled his eyes for a moment, then lowered his head as he exhaled. There was complexity in his hand as he wiped his face.
“…don’t say that. I already regretted it.”
It was an about to cry-face.
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“But Iana, I don’t want to hold you or kidnap you.”
I remembered the voice that ran to me and whispered in my arms. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. A voice that repeated it over and over again.
“…I hope you have something you want to do. Iana.”
He buried his face in one of his hands and said the same word in a different way.
“I hope you have something you like. Iana.”
I couldn’t understand why you were saying this. I have been calm, at peace, and without anything major.
Once I got used to it and adapted, it wasn’t that difficult every day.
I have always lived a relaxed and comfortable life. Rather, Ricdorian, who would have stayed in the prison for a longer time, suffered a lot.
“Well, I’ve been living well. Grand Duke.”
But am I a strange person because there is nothing I like, and there is nothing I want to do? I didn’t want to argue like this.
Everything. I had no intention of doing it.
Ricdorian reached out and took my hand and rested it on his cheek, and he said nothing.
“Yes, Iana.”
Instead, after silence, he whispered:
“Then let’s make it here. Anything you like or anything you want to do.”
What I like, what I want to do.
“I’ll just ask you this.”
He slowly raised his eyes.
It was a gaze full of deep feeling. It’s something that I can listen to without looking at me so desperately. He was begging me sadly.
“Listen to me, can you?”
I couldn’t understand, but I nodded. It wasn’t a difficult request.
At the same time, I had a different idea.
-Human, we… are we safe, Nyang?
‘I don’t know.’
Lenag is looking for me. The man has always been faithful to his role, and he’s probably still looking for me now.
‘Since he said this, if Domulit had searched me, he would have told me this too.’
A strange and ominous thought ran through my head.
Why is Chaser standing still?
&#lt;My dear sister.&#gt;
A villain who smiles for me and can do anything without hesitation. Originally, he was a person who was more active than anyone else.
Even if Chaser was behind Lenag, he wouldn’t have made Lenag move in the name of Valtaize.
I knew him well.
He was rather the one who would act in the name of Domulit, so I would notice.
So it would be Lenag’s own decision to have Valtaize search for me.
‘He must have been worried a lot.’
I didn’t intend to do this, but I couldn’t help it. It would have been nice if there was a way to tell only Lenag the news after that. I felt sorry for him.
I bit my lip.
I raised my head. Ricdorian was staring at me with an incomprehensible gaze.
“Like I said before, I have a meeting at my mansion soon.”
He said another story with his cheeks buried.
“…well. Are there a lot of people here?”
I was willing to join him in turning the topic around.
“Do you not like it?”
“No, it’s not like that.”
I shook my head lightly. Letting go of the thoughts. Let’s think about it later.
I don’t want to cause any trouble or concern to that person. Will I be able to deliver the news to Lenag? It is a question that cannot be answered right now.
“I’ve never seen a lot of people in a row. A place with a lot of people gathering. It’s like that, because this is the first time since the Imperial Palace banquet.”
Rather, there is something I’ve been wanting to ask Ricdorian all along.
Are you okay with me, Chaser’s younger sister?
“Until now… I only see them all at the funeral.”
I paused for a moment but the words that have already been spit out.
“The funeral of the former Duke of Domulit.”
An indescribable hatred slowly rose on the white, neat face of Ricdorian’s. But the moment he saw me, it disappeared.
Still, I saw it clearly…
&#lt;After much deliberation, I thought about the existence of the ‘Blue Rose’.&#gt;
At this moment, it was Jaire’s words that had poured in my head.
&#lt;Because a Blue Rose can negate all curses on other roses. There are many other abilities, but that is the one we need.&#gt;
Ricdorian knows that I am the Blue Rose.
And that day, through Jaire’s words, I knew that Chaser and I were not real siblings.
&#lt;It’s okay to be your older brother.&#gt;
You pity me, but you can’t deny the time I’ve lived there.
&#lt;It’s okay if I’m not your brother.&#gt;
I knew. As much as Ricdorian felt sorry for me.
&#lt;My Iana.&#gt;
That I will still be that man’s most precious thing. At this moment, an enchanting and sensual voice that seemed to seduce me passed by.
&#lt;I can wait any time. By your side.&#gt;
..that guy won’t give up on me
-Human, are you okay, Nyang?
‘It’s okay. Nothing.’
I blinked my eyes deeply. It was a topic that had to be shared someday.
I had been avoiding it all along because I was afraid that it might hurt him. It was also because I didn’t want to meet him.
Now there was nowhere to escape.
“Don’t you hate Domulit? My brother too.”
“Of course I hate him.”
Ricdorian’s words were shortened. I didn’t seem to even feel it.
“Hateful, disgusting.”
Ricdorian knows the contradictory feelings he has for his father.
A just personality that suffers from the memories of abuse, but only gets angry at the unfair death.
“By the way, Iana. Actually…… I’m also a bad and worse person than you think.”
I removed my hand that had been resting on Ricdorian’s cheek. Then, holding it slightly, he said, ‘Like the villain you described one day.’.
“If I continue to hate the man who killed my father at this moment.”
It was as if a deep flame was pulsing through his blue eyes. He smiled shyly and sadly.
Coincidentally, he kissed my wrist with the black rose tattoo.
“Will you not look after me anymore or will you take pity on me?”
With his lips in the spot where the man’s tattoo might come out if he pressed his teeth like that. He slowly raised his eyes.
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“Because I have bad thoughts.”
His eyes fluttered. He had long eyelashes that drew a half shadow.
Eyes immersed in the shadows evoked a dizzying depth and sensational feeling. For a moment, his innocence is hidden.
“I want you so much that I’m ruined. Iana.”
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