Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 172

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Chapter 172.You are a Domulit
It was a very casual greeting, regardless of the time that had past.
I’m at a loss for words. No, I couldn’t find anything to say.
Chaser showed up here? How? Rather….
‘Was Chaser able to contact me first?’
It was confusing.
He was able to contact me first. If so, why, why?
He hasn’t been in touch until now, has he?
He was able to do it. He didn’t do it for more than a week. This fact was extremely unlike Chaser.
This man I knew never was like that.
If that was the case, the people who were dragged from the Domulit mansion to the coal mine would have decreased 40%.
While I couldn’t find a word and was bewildered, Chaser’s slow gaze was fixed on me.
He seemed to be looking slowly, observing.
I know this gaze.
“No injuries, Iana?”
When the assassin appeared, when it was revealed that I was poisoned…. He used to look at me like this after he had cleared away the threat that had been inflicted on me.
Eyes that meticulously check if there is anything wrong with me. I clenched my fists.
“…let me go.”
I was still trapped in Chaser’s arms. Thank you for holding me so I didn’t fall, but it was too close.
Chaser watched as I pushed him away and raised the corners of his lips.
“The excursion is long. My sister.”
Instead of answering my request, he made an absurd reply. Of course, my body stiffened at that answer.
Was it because I had a foreboding of this moment that I kept wanting to go to Domulit regardless of my will until now?
“You don’t know how much I missed you.”
Because of the close distance, his ecstatic voice echoed through his large torso.
His body was tense. Perhaps this voice is coming from very close.
“Where is here?”
Chaser didn’t take his eyes off me as I couldn’t answer.
“No answer. Shall I guess, Iana?”
Chaser’s face contained a light smile. He couldn’t have known this place. It was none other than Ricdorian’s castle.
“It’s Hernim’s castle.”
The correct answer flowed out of his lips with beautiful curves as if tempting.
He knew it. I had a slight goosebumps.
It was because Chaser’s eyes were asking ‘yes?’.
I blinked my eyes slowly, pretending not to show. So that the surprise doesn’t stay in my
eyes and face, so that I look casual.
Fortunately, there was no tremor in my voice.
I didn’t hide my gaze. Chaser was good at spotting lies in others.
So he will know what I really mean.
What’s wrong with this?
“It must have been a lot of fun. Iana.”
Chaser raised his hand without losing his smile. Another hand, not holding my waist, grabbed the hair next to me and put it behind my ear.
It was a gentle and soft touch. Like this soft smile now.
For a moment, I did not miss the red eyes of madness.
I grabbed Chaser’s hand.
Then removed his hand from my head and lowered it slowly.
“How did you get here?”
I changed the direction of the arrow that returned to me.
By answering the questions Chaser asks one after another, I can only go in the direction Chaser wants.
I realized that by seeing many people beside him.
“There’s nowhere I can’t go, Iana.”
That’s right. He was the best villain in the world. I let in a small smirk.
“You know I didn’t ask that, right?”
“Then you know. My sister will know.”
What? I frowned at the words out of context.
“What do I know?”
“That I don’t lie to you.”
I haven’t seen him in over a week, but he smiled happily with a face that boasted its beauty.
“If it’s for you, even if it’s the most dangerous place with the enemy, I can come without hesitation.”
Enemy camps, and dangerous places. Chaser admitted to himself. No matter what he says, this is a dangerous place.
Even when I couldn’t hide my surprise, this man’s face was relaxed.
“There’s nowhere I can’t come for you.”
Chaser lowered his head and buried his face deep into the palm of my hand. It’s like taking a breath that he’d never been able to breathe.
I only found out as I got closer.
“Come back now, my Iana.”
His eyes were darker than the last time I saw them. Like the eyes of a person who has not slept.
Chaser closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.
“…with you, I can sleep.”
His hand holding me was as strong as a chain. What came out of him who buried his face in me was a voice so small that I couldn’t believe it was him.
He rubbed his nose in the palm of my hand. Like a gigantic beast acting cute.
“Come back, let me sleep.”
My Iana, the sweet voice filled my ears. It sounded weak and flowed softly enough that I thought I might have heard it wrong.
If I had lost my mind for a moment, it was such a sweet voice that I would have believed that I had a really sweet relationship with this man.
“… Why are you always doing it, knowing that your abilities won’t work for me?”
Our gazes crossed.
“I hope one day it will work.”
“Does it?”
Downstairs, it was noisy with the sound of people moving their luggage. By the time we got to the 4th floor, there was only a faint residual sound.
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Chaser slowly opened his closed eyes. His eyes were as bright as blood, red and transparent.
“It’s strange, I thought it would be super effective if it worked, so I always wanted it to work.”
Chaser said, ignoring the noise coming from below.
“I hope it doesn’t work.”
“What doesn’t work.”
I did not fall for Chaser’s vague words. I opened my mouth and spat out the words.
“Because I’m the Blue Rose?”
As Jaire said, I could understand why I wasn’t affected by Chaser’s abilities.
&#lt;Because a Blue Rose can negate all curses on other roses.&#gt;
Chaser’s face remained unchanged. He was just smiling.
“…it’s true that my abilities don’t work because you’re a Blue Rose. Iana.”
Chaser admitted quietly. With a friendly smirk.
“And what?”
“And any more questions?”
His attitude was natural. As if he knew it was going to be like this.
Rather, he had an attitude that he would forget the situation and accept any questions.
Like someone who forgot that this place is in the middle of an enemy line.
“Or what about this? What I was trying to tell you at the banquet.”
Chaser pulled his face from my hand.
“Aren’t you curious about that?”
As I got a little closer, it felt like his exhalation could reach me.
His blood-red eyes stared at me tenaciously, as if he had dripped red ink.
“Let’s go back, Iana.”
He spoke softly, as if the excursion had come to an end.
As if the picnic and vacation are all over. It wasn’t funny.
“What if I don’t go?”
Chaser’s eyes drew a round curve.
“How can I force you?”
That wasn’t the answer. No, it wasn’t the voice of a madman who placed shackles on my ankles.
“Are you going to put chains on me and drag me away?”
“No way.”
Chaser’s soft gaze fell from me for the first time.
His gaze turned to my feet.
It was towards Pudding that couldn’t hide.
I said hastily.
“Don’t touch it.”
Now, four years later, I could tell what he was thinking without telling me.
I would have guessed or anyone could, who had seen a man disappear.
“Why? It’s something you’ve been holding since the beginning?”
Chaser tilted his head. With an innocent face, like he couldn’t understand.
But in reality, there was absolutely nothing as innocent as this man’s expression on his face. I swiped Pudding backwards with my foot, while furiously narrowing my eyes.
“You said you would give it to me.”
“Iana, I think it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this expression on your face.”
Chaser smiled softly as if to break boundaries, and raised his palm.
“Is this the first time since you aimed your sword at the maid who got a little closer?”
“Yes. That kid was poisoned back then. If she eats it, her heart stops in just three seconds.”
My forgotten memories flashed past.
The day Chaser speaks of was not long after I came to Domulit mansion.
I was kidnapped and suffered in a sea of ​​fire, and soon after, there was a maid assigned to me, a sweet and kind girl.
“Yes, I won’t touch you if you don’t want to. That guardian spirit.”
Chaser quietly retreated. The lines he left behind were strange. No. At least I knew he wouldn’t touch Pudding.
Because he let go of my hand, we separated a little bit. However, the waist held by him was still intact.
I turned my head back for a moment. There was only a railing behind it, but there will be a lot of people under the railing.
Also, there will be people on every level, including Ricdorian.
Wait a minute, is he not coming?
I thought. No. It might be better not to come.
“Iana, everything around us is going to target you.”
Chaser made a decisive declaration, facing me.
“You know that, right?”
Hernim cannot be a perfect shield. Chaser muttered softly in an ecstatic voice.
“I am not a Domulit.”
“Your name is Domulit.”
“I’m not your sister.”
Then he made a slightly surprised face, as if seeing a child who did not listen.
“Iana, I think you’re misunderstanding a little bit, but bloodlines aren’t the only things that can make you a Domulit.”
Then, a voice as sweet as a warm blanket and soft as a feather tickling slowly pierced my ear.
The wind blew at the same time as the gentle voice.
My body was freed from his arms.
There was a distance, but I still felt trapped by him. This feeling was just vivid.
Raising my head, I felt Chaser’s gaze through the wind.
“My companion could be a Domulit too.”
He wanted to hold my hair and tidy it up as if imitating a good brother, then grabbed a few strands and lifted them up.
Then he brought it to my lips.
His gaze turned to me.
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A dangerous smile passed through the friendly eyes.
If I allow it, it’s like he won’t be able to stand it any longer.
“Do you like this side?”
With a dizzying voice.
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