Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 173

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Chapter 173. I want to hear it with your lips
For a moment, I almost asked him what he was talking about. But the reason he didn’t ask me in the end was… Because I know.
How is this man looking at me? Don’t I know well?
He said it himself.
I’ll be your brother if you want.
Obviously, that was a word that gave a ‘grace period’.
&#lt;I can wait any time. By your side.&#gt;
The conversation in the garden filled my head, and did not escape. I had to say something, but it was just murmurs.
No words came out. I couldn’t move, as if caught in the red eyes looking at me.
His eyes were red, but from time to time the brightness was different depending on the light. Under the brightest light, the light was as clear as the finest ruby, but under the shadows…
It also showed a vivid blood color.
Chaser’s eyes were dark and red today.
He smiled sweetly as if responding to my gaze. And the eyes locked under the light had completely different eyes than before.
It was also the reason why I didn’t speak up hastily.
He was barely pretending to be calm, but the Chaser I see now is clearly a little different from what I have seen so far.
I stared intently at his shirt.
Unfortunately, one button is loose. There was only one, but it was a surprise to those who knew him.
Because he was a man who didn’t allow any cracks unlike the time when he was likely to seduce anyone.
“I’ll be sad if there’s no answer.”
Slightly sunken eyes, a dark shade under the eyes.
However, these things erased the usual ascetic appearance, creating a rather pleasant and decadent feeling.
If what I saw behind him was not midday but dark night, it would have been an atmosphere that would have been understandable even if I had seen him in a back alley at night.
“My Iana, would you have thought I wouldn’t know?”
My lips, which had been silent at the unexpected question, opened and the answer flowed out.
Chaser let go of his hand that was holding the tip of my hair. At the same time, he took a step forward.
I staggered back and felt that my ankles were not heavy. My feet are light.
“This is not Domulit.”
I realized again. How heavy has my ankle been?
While I paused for a moment at the change, Chaser approached me and grabbed my fingertips.
He pulled me straight away and buried his lips in the still black tattoo.
He looked like Ricdorian, but it gave off a completely different feeling.
[“I want to give you everything.”]
He rubbed his lips lightly and opened them slowly.
[“…am I not enough?”]
This tone? No, wait. My body stiffened.
…that’s what Ricdorian said.
Chaser just bent his eyes.
[“I want you so much that I’m ruined. Iana.”]
Goosebumps sprung up behind my back.
“Don’t worry, my sister.”
Chaser didn’t stop smiling, but he put his lips on my wrist and then lifted it off.
“That’s all I’ve heard.”
Indeed, is that statement true?
“No matter where, it’s hard to hear the sound in the middle of Hernim.”
His thumb rubs hard on the tattoo and falls off. As if to tell me that he heard it through this Black Rose.
He doesn’t lie to me, but I knew from experience. Not telling lies is not the same as telling all the truth.
He was at least a man who could hide the truth instead of telling lies.
“So what is your answer?”
“…you must have heard.”
Chaser did not respond to my calm voice. No, he was silent for a moment.
Then, after a moment of silence, he whispered quietly.
“I want to hear it.”
It was a slightly muffled pronunciation by burying his lips in my wrist.
“I want to hear it with your lips, Iana. Let me hear it.”
I realized then. The reason the smile I saw now isn’t friendly.
There was a slight anger in his eyes. No. Is this really a slight anger?
It was a face I had never seen even when I was kidnapped and he turned it into a sea of ​​fire.
The expression on which countless emotions are intertwined like a chain, the usual kindness that stood out and anger intertwined with it.
Chaser opened his lips. He didn’t mean to talk.
My fluffy hairs stood up and my thighs were tense.
It wasn’t enough for his lips to lightly pass over my wrist, he rubbed them hard. Like beasts do.
At the same time, his gaze filled with sharp madness like a bird of prey turned towards me.
With a smile as soft as silk, that didn’t harmonize with this moment.
“Listen to me, come on. Huh?”
It wasn’t the smile that had only the usual gentleness.
“Yes, my Iana.”
It was a time when my lips were about to open.
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“Oh my.”
Chaser suddenly narrowed his eyes. At the same time, he murmured lightly.
Boom boom boom!
At the same time as his soft voice, there was an enormous sound that seemed to break everything.
The sound that sounded like footsteps or breaking a door was getting closer and closer.
Chaser’s eyes seemed to squint to the side. His head turned to the door behind his back.
Chaser returned as he was, bowed his head, and smiled slightly.
“I’m sorry.”
It had a nice resonance, but it was a voice with a lot of meaning.
He raised his eyes
“Iana, I gave you a chance.”
Chaser glanced at the hand that was holding me, and he spoke.
He lowers his back even more, and the distance draws closer.
“If you wish, I can wait by your side forever.”
A question ran through my head when he asked if I wanted him to be an elder brother. I didn’t answer.
“That’s too bad”
He mumbles as if I can’t hear it.
“Still, the ability does not reach this far.”
A black light flew up from beneath his feet. This reminded me of my movement from Schirmela. One was a little different.
“Next time, I’ll come to hear your choice.”
He gently grabbed my wrist and whispered softly. His lips were almost touching, so even the sound of his breathing could be felt.
“My Iana. This excursion won’t be long.”
I pushed his body away. He was gently pushed away. It’s like he’s not forcing anything.
He let go of my wrist.
I still have the feeling of being caught. I opened my mouth calmly, trying to erase the feeling.
“I’m not going.”
At my words, Chaser widened his eyes for a moment. Then he reflexively smiled.
As if he didn’t hear anything. But the corners of his eyes trembled faintly.
Chaser’s feet were gradually getting fainter. His fingertips outstretched to me.
His eyes, which no longer held a smile, looked at me.
“I’ll come pick you up.”
Bang! With that, the door opened.
There stood Ricdorian with a messy hair.
It was a close difference. Because Chaser disappeared as soon as the door opened.
Chaser was nowhere to be seen. With a momentary difference, Chaser’s appearance suddenly disappeared and he appeared. Still, I thought that Ricdorian wouldn’t know.
The black afterimage left behind by Chaser stayed around me like torn paper.
It was like the petals of a black rose that flew away.
‘It’s just like showing off.’
I forgot the situation and smiled.
Black Rose, the man was very similar to the rose he had.
In fact, the black roses that were in full bloom in the Domulit were very coveted and beautiful.
It’s beautiful, but it’s hard to touch, it’s like you’ll get hurt if you touch it.
Ricdorian strode through the black afterimage.
Bzz, bzz.
The more he walked, the strangely pulsing red and black lights collided with his body, creating a small spark like lightning. Some even jumped at Ricdorian and burned the ends of his clothes black.
But he had an indifferent face. No, he didn’t even give a glance as if he didn’t notice at all.
He stopped in front of me and grabbed my shoulder.
Was he going to interrogate me?
However, he was busy scanning my body. As if to see if there were any injuries to me.
As if to prove this, his blue eyes moved busily.
In particular, when he saw the wrist with the Black Rose tattoo that had not yet disappeared, his gaze stayed persistently long.
I glanced at what he was doing.
He finally finished checking and raised his head. His red lips tremble as our eyes meet. He looked like he had a lot to say.
“Are you hurt?”
I’m sure he wouldn’t not know the meaning of the black light that stayed around me, so he asked that.
I blinked for a moment, then burst into a small smile.
“Yes, it’s fine.”
That man doesn’t hurt me. Because I was the person who knew this best in the world.
My relationship with Chaser was very contradictory. The man was a madman who shackled me and locked me up, but he was also the man who saved my life countless times.
I owed my life, but the blood is irreplaceable. It’s been 4 years for me. No words could define the relationship between me and the man.
“…the man appeared.”
Ricdorian’s hands trembled. His hand falls off my shoulder. As it fell, his eyelids vibrated like dandelions swaying in the wind.
However, it had only fallen a little bit, and Ricdorian’s hand that had fallen into the air, as he hesitated, was unable to catch me again.
“Are you going?”
‘Are you leaving me?’ It seemed that these words were omitted before his words.
I shook my head with a smile.
Then I grabbed his hand on my shoulder and patted him.
“I said I wouldn’t go.”
Still I haven’t defined my relationship with Chaser. But I was gradually realizing it.
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&#lt;If you act like that, you are no different from that man.&#gt;
The chains that Chaser put on me, the actions I’ve been doing…
In fact, everything I was used to.
It was more strange and crazy than I thought.
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