Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 174

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Chapter 174. Because it’s a part of me
“You… mean it?”
His face was noticeably relieved. Perhaps it was embarrassing for him, he turned his head slightly.
The tip of his ear was a little red.
Unexpectedly. Are you embarrassed of this?
It was very cute to see him getting embarrassed about the wrong things.
‘Ah. Because I said I wasn’t going.’
With a sudden thought, I let go of Ricdorian’s hand and bowed to the floor.
And then, I hugged Pudding, who was crying away in the garden even before Chaser left.
– Hu, human! I was afraid, I was afraid. Nyang! I was scared!
‘Yes, yes.’
Pudding, which rarely makes a weak sound, burrowed into my body. I patted and petted the shivering cat as carefully as possible.
Since I first discovered Pudding 4 years ago and decided to have it, Chaser has not been hostile towards Pudding.
Pudding used to see the other side of Chaser at a glance.
In addition, I was well aware of how much Pudding was afraid of Chaser.
– Hu, human. The, the Black Rose was trying to kill me, Nyang.
‘I didn’t let that happen.’
Pudding was crying sadly in my head. I hugged it, but the shaking did not subside easily. A weak voice leaked through the cries.
– But even if that happens… This body would have protected you human, Nyang.
The hand that was stroking Pudding paused for a moment. And then… Soon after, I grabbed Pudding and hugged it tightly. I put my forehead on Pudding’s forehead and exhaled.
Then, as usual, I rubbed it a little.
‘Thank you.’
When I opened my eyes like that, I saw a back standing firmly. Perhaps Ricdorian was waiting for me to calm Pudding.
He blinked.
The pair of blue eyes staring at me were so gentle that if I looked at them, I would have forgotten how cold those eyes were just a few days ago.
Do emotions change people so differently? I suddenly became curious.
And Ricdorian’s eyes staring at me were very similar to Pudding I was holding.
So I decided with a sigh.
‘Yes, I’ll have to ask one more time.’
I lifted Pudding that had been crying cutely as it was.
Like a scene from the movie ‘The Lion King’, my appearance and bewildered Ricdorian with Pudding, it was a composition similar to the one before in Schirmela.
“…what are you doing?”
Ricdorian’s expression darkened as if he had also remembered this.
“Grand Duke, do you know what kind of existence this is now?”
“Grand Duke. I don’t know why the title suddenly changed.”
“Um, was it not good? Then Ricdorian.”
Then Ricdorian’s brow relaxed…. Is he aware that he is that simple?
“Anyway, do you know?”
Ricdorian’s eyes turned to Pudding. He nodded his head slightly.
“I know. The guardian deity of the Red Rose.”
“Yes that’s right.”
The name came out of him, who couldn’t have known. Anyway, it’s a tone that feels far away. Even though he is the Red Rose.
“Are you going to take this kid?”
Reactions erupted from both sides.
– No, Nyang!!
“…take it?”
Pudding was struggling wildly.
At that moment, I lost strength in one hand and Pudding, who took advantage of it, returned to my chest, nailed itself in my arms and dug into it.
‘No, I think we should still talk about it at least once.’
– Too much, human. Betrayal, betrayal, Nyang!
‘That’s not it. Alright. If you don’t want to.’
I was just going to ask or point it out at least once, but the baby guardian deity was so surprised.
‘I was really just asking.’
– A traitor! You’re a traitor, Nyang!
At this rate, Ricdorian couldn’t even say that it was good. I stared intently into his eyes.
“I don’t know what it is, but it seems like it didn’t like it.”
I wondered if there could be a guardian deity who would be cursing at its Rose, but Ricdorian was calmer than I thought.
“I don’t want to either.”
Rather, he spoke firmly with a casual face.
Although it was said that a guardian deity was essential for awakening, Ricdorian suffered side effects in return and became a perfect rose.
Like Pudding said, he didn’t need it anymore, but he still sees its face every time and it’s strange that he doesn’t talk very much, so I offered it out.
“It doesn’t matter. You don’t have to give it to me.”
Ricdorian leaned his back and made eye contact with me.
“I don’t need it anymore.”
It was a friendly gesture, but the words that came out were a firm and determined voice.
Even his shy voice seemed to show his clear will.
If I were Pudding, I would be upset, but instead, Pudding looked at me triumphantly as if to prove it.
– Look, look, look, human! Even the Red Rose said he doesn’t want me, Nyang!
‘No…. Aren’t you supposed to be sad?’
– I don’t need him either, Nyang!
Pudding rubbed its body like crazy.
-Human, all I need is you, Nyang. Don’t throw me away.
I looked at Ricdorian and Pudding in turn, and burst out into an absurd laugh. It was because the appearance of the human and the guardian deity, who assert that they dislike each other, were very similar.
No. Who do you hate when you’re so similar?
Anyway, both sides said they didn’t like each other, so I didn’t mean to force it.
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Because I really wanted to ask him about his situation in the future.
“Yes, if you don’t like it, there’s nothing I can do about it.”
I tilted my head. I have to ask this though.
“But Why?”
For Pudding, even if it says it’s been with me for a long time. Isn’t it better for Ricdorian to have a guardian deity?
Ricdorian made a complicated expression for a moment.
“…The guardian deity of the Red Rose is said to be like a part of the body.”
Ah. I know that.
“So keep it.”
“No, please keep it for me.”
Ricdorian’s hand touched Pudding’s back and pulled it off. Surprisingly, Pudding did not hate it.
I just looked at him with the gaze of why he was asking me to keep it all of a sudden.
“It’s a part of me.”
Ricdorian blinked his eyes slowly. His lips twitched under his slightly cold face.
“It’s part of me, so keep it.”
It looked like he didn’t know what to say.
“…then we’ll always be together.”
Saying that, he blushed. As if he couldn’t help himself, he quickly covered his cheek.
I’ve already seen it all.
However, he covered his face with his hand, and said what he had to say, with a slight red look under his eyes.
“If you can……I wish you could keep it forever.”
He stared intently at me.
“…if I live a long time, I will.”
After muttering like this in a bit of embarrassment, Ricdorian suddenly had a startled face.
“Are you sick?”
He quickly lowered his hand and approached me and asked.
I shook my head.
“No, no. There is room for misunderstanding in the statement, but it is not.”
I quickly explained
“Because this child is not my guardian deity to begin with. They say its lifespan may be different.”
This was something told by the little warlock. Like Chaser’s closest confidant, he was knowledgeable about the roses, and he occasionally told me useful stories about the roses.
I didn’t ask a lot of questions at the time so as not to get any attention, but I put together a few things.
Marshmel did not know that I had signed a contract with Pudding, but said that I would not be able to sign a contract with the guardian deity of the Red Rose. He said that even if contracted, the life expectancy is likely to be different.
This is unavoidable due to the difference in power.
Hesitantly, Ricdorian gently embraced me.
An exhalation erupted from above my head.
It was a daring act for a reasonable person, but seeing his trembling body, it didn’t seem like it was meant from a personality change or to seduce me.
“I was surprised. I thought you were sick…”
“I’m healthy.”
Ricdorian took a deep breath. He seemed very surprised.
“Without health, it’s a corpse.”
I hesitated, then raised my arm and patted his back awkwardly. What caused the misunderstanding was me.
“What you just said.”
Ricdorian whispered softly as he rested his head on my shoulder.
“Maybe that’s fine. The lifespan.”
The answer came quickly from him.
“Because you are a Blue Rose.”
Instead of being surprised, I said ‘oh’ and accepted I’m a rose too, so that’s fine.
Suddenly, I was naturally accepting that I was a rose.
I can’t help but know what it is because I’m being told here and there and my abilities are revealed.
‘It’s not a huge ability.’
Chaser’s abilities don’t work. It is possible to make a contract with the guardian deity of other
roses. I thought it was a little more powerful than I thought.
Jaire said I could negate the curse on other roses.
Besides this, there are other abilities. What else can I do?
‘Does the Blue Rose have a guardian deity?”
Naturally, it came to the existence of the guardian deity.
But that thought was soon erased.
Because Ricdorian rubbed his face lightly on my shoulder.
He whispered in a slightly muffled voice as he had buried his face.
“Really, you’re not going, aren’t you?”
“Of course.”
Be sure to keep what you say… It’s a prick in my conscience though.
“I can’t guarantee that I’ll keep what I said now.”
I said something wrong. I paused for a moment, then tapped him on the back again.
“For real.”, he said.
It would be awkward if an adult man was grumbling like this, but I didn’t feel that way at all.
Rather, when I saw the large beast alone, I felt as if I depended on it with my whole body.
‘I think it would be perfect if there were only ears and a tail here.’
A pleasant scent is felt in his hair swaying in the wind.
I could smell the scent alone in the damp basement cell, and even now I can still smell the scent of that time when he left the cell.
Rather, this refreshing and pleasant scent seems to have grown stronger and more mature and deeper.
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I burst out laughing a little more at the neat appearance.
Ricdorian: ‘It’s a part of me, keep it. Then we’ll always be together’
Me, reading it: asdfghjkkll
How did he get so smooth!
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