Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 175

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Chapter 175. The Instinct of All Roses (1)
I didn’t know what he was holding back like this for, what he couldn’t take his head off, and what he was worried about inside.
The part where his hand gripped and wiggled was my wrist.
He was rubbing exactly where the black rose had been.
“Is it bothering you?”
Raising his head, he was helpless, like a man who had been found guilty. Yet, he did not avoid my gaze or let me go.
This person is so upright too.
I slowly pulled away from him and held out my wrist.
“As you may have seen, here, there’s a black rose tattoo?”
I put it out in words, knowing that he had seen it.
“….I know.”
He couldn’t help but grab my wrist and clenched his fist right in front of me. His fist trembled slightly.
“I know, but I hate it. No. I’m sad.”
He murmured in a cold voice.
“Iana, it’s not that I hate you, I hate this rose.”
“Yes, I know.”
He seemed depressed, so he waved his hand as if to vent.
“Then will you hide this rose?”
“Or you can erase it.”
It was something I said sincerely from my heart.
If it was to convey everything Ricdorian had to say, it was neither good for him nor for me.
No, actually, I don’t care if what I’m saying is delivered or not… I didn’t want anything dangerous to happen because of me.
Aside from the contradictory feelings I have for Chaser, this tattoo was enough for me, and I didn’t need it.
“This, it seems to be transmitted to my brother from time to time.”
It seems that my location has already been discovered.
“I don’t think we should keep it.”
Actually, there seems to be no way to erase it, but Ricdorian seemed to know how to hide it.
“I think we have to do something.”
Or disable the function.
I nodded and lifted my head.
“Is there any way?”
“There is.”
Ricdorian answered quickly. He paused, realizing that he had answered too quickly.
At the same time, a blush of flower red bloomed on his face. He was shy for no reason.
Why are you doing that?
He couldn’t speak for a long time.
Then, red hot flowers occupied his ears and under his eyes as if they were about to burst.
He covered his mouth with the back of his hand and lowered his head. Even his neck, which at first glance could be seen through the white collar, turned red.
What’s wrong with you?
It was similar to what he looked like in the underground cell 4 years ago.
I tilted my head at the completely reddened figure I seldom saw after reuniting again.
“…I, I engrave my rose on you.”
At that point, I was speechless for a moment.
Why was it something to turn red for?
But at Ricdorian’s next words, I held my breath.
“The tattooing method….”
“It’s, it’s a little…..”
…..what? Racy? The inaccurate and bizarre words that came out of the neat man’s mouth sparked a fire in my imagination.
Let’s calm down. Good thoughts. Good thoughts.
‘…Actually, I also have a red rose tattoo.’
Pudding, who was listening quietly, tilted its head as if strangely.
– Human, don’t you already have a tattoo, Nyang?
‘But that’s…’
… I can’t tell him because of the location.
– Won’t you say it, Nyang?
‘Yes, I won’t.’
The decision was quick.
‘To show it….. No, it’s kind of perverted.’
That’s right, the red rose tattoo I got from signing a contract with this 3-year-old guardian deity….
Well, it was on the inside of my thigh.
“If, if it’s okay to engrave…”
What to do. I think he’s looking forward to it.
He was too dazzling, and I took my eyes off the sunny face. For some reason, I think I’ll have to turn the subject.
Thinking like that, I just stared at the railing.
A huge sound was heard. Ricdorian’s eyes and mine met.
Thump thump. The loud earth rumble was heard.
It wasn’t just the sound of the ground.
There was also a magnificent sound, like the sound of a huge horn. It was a loud sound that could make you think there was a ceremony nearby.
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The only difference is that, unlike me, who was surprised, Ricdorian was calm.
I turned around and looked at the railing. And soon I knew the cause of the sound. A huge carriage was coming in through the front gate of the castle wall in the distance.
… No, it was a shocking visual for a carriage.
That’s usually…… do you call that a carriage?
The thing that shocked me the most so far is the so-called ‘I want to know’ carriage from Chaser that was led by 20 horses.
That was the ‘horse abuse carriage’….
‘I don’t think the horses are leading this one.’
Because it was so huge. It was shocking in another way.
The large carriage is so large that it cannot be expressed in its size, and is decorated with gold patterns and pure white.
There were horses tied in front, but it seemed like it was just tied as a decoration, and the carriage seemed to move alone.
There’s no way that huge size can be dragged by only three horses.
“What is that…”
What? Is that a carriage? As soon as the carriage entered the main gate, it stopped. The crowd, who had been chatting, parted in unison.
The carriage door opened and a strange thing was brought in front of the carriage.
– Human, what is that, Nyang?
Pudding asked as we were watching together perhaps it even found it strange.
‘…. Palanquin … I guess.’
It’s like a palanquin, and the number of people who carried it was as much as the carriage.
In addition, the people carrying the palanquin all wore white and wonderful helmets, similar to knights….in a way.
All the upper body was undressed.
‘What a nice sight this is….’
The body is good, but the situation is strange and bizarre.
No, rather, knights who took off their noble platinum helmets and jackets that symbolized abstinence.
I couldn’t hide my surprise, but it struck me that Ricdorian was always quiet. At a glance, he didn’t seem to care about the situation under the railing.
Just looking down, his eyes were as cold as the day we met again, or even colder than that, and a little dissatisfied.
Like someone familiar with this sight.
Then, someone climbed onto the palanquin. As soon as they got off the carriage, a huge parasol covered them, so I couldn’t see who it was.
Then, as soon as I saw the person who had just climbed the palanquin, I opened my eyes wide.
Sway, sway. Underneath the swaying and gracefully waving hair, the face was definitely Francia.
She was so different in size that I almost couldn’t recognize her… There’s no way I didn’t know that hair color.
Francia naturally climbed onto the palanquin. A huge parasol spread over the palanquin, and soon her face disappeared.
Now she looked like she couldn’t even be called a girl.
Then I saw the carriage that Francia had been riding in, a beast with teeth drawn on it, and a long cross wrapped in thorns.
That was the symbol of the temple.
Thanks to the little warlock who beat me to common sense, I was able to recognize the temple sign.
What happened?.
The imperial family, the grand Duchy and the Duchy share the power of the empire together with it.
However, this is only a glorification of the past, and in the present era, it has entered the path of decline and defeat.
The power is not what it used to be.
Therefore, when in prison, noble prisoners did not often mention the temple. It was also talked about as an insignificant force.
Of course, it is true that even a toothless tiger is a force that cannot be ignored, with the battle paladin fighting with healing and divine power, including the main forces leading them.
… That was Marshmel’s opinion.
And in the original story, the female lead who suddenly shouted ‘I’ll become a saint!’, received the so-called hero’s buff and achieved dazzling growth, finally becoming a force that cannot be ignored.
This is the original story.
The problem is that, in the original story, Francia was declared a saint long later.
Although I didn’t think it would be a deal that would deviate from the original story enough to let go of the female lead.
I looked at the palanquin with complicated eyes.
It’s the first time I’ve seen and heard something like that….
A palanquin carried by half-naked paladins, there was no such thing.
Why am I so sure? If this novel existed because it was an obscene book, there would be no way it could not be written.
It was a book in which the tragic, desires, and pleasurable parts were expressed even with excessive description.
That’s why I liked it. There are so many scenes…
… Aren’t those people priests?
A scene with priests and flesh did not really harmonize.
For today, the meeting in Hernim will be held with great joy. The temple was not a vassal, but Francia participated in this event as a collaborator.
So, I am in the same room as Francia, who appears as a saint, but I think that if I were to happen to see her, it will be a long time later. At least after a few meetings.
However, in spite of this thought, Francia came to visit soon.
It had only been a few moments since I looked down the railing.
“Sister, I really miss you. How have you been? Yes?”
In fact, I blinked my eyes slowly, not recognizing her when she ran towards me.
Even so, Francia looked up close….
She had become a perfect ‘adult’.
“You’ve become a nice woman, huh?”
Of course, she’s a year older than me, so she’s an adult.
“I promised.”
However, it was a surprising change for me, as she was too young to grow up four years ago.
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‘Obviously, I said that I wanted to see ‘growth’.’
I didn’t know she would be so different. What a surprise.
She had grown up just as I had envisioned, looking at the books. She was a beautiful and kind lady in the book, no, she was even more beautiful and kinder than that.
“Are you surprised?”
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