Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 180

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The body just flowed down. The interlaced hands gripped me. I opened my eyes in surprise and my lips parted slightly.
“Ric, heup.”
And the lips that did not miss that moment came in through mine. My mouth was just as sweet as when I had candy in my mouth.
A firm hand drew my neck, which was slightly fluctuating, and let it go. Unlike the smooth skin, callused, bumpy rough fingertips were rather irritating to sensitive skin.
A moan came out. It was as if someone had sent an exhilarating electric signal down my back.
The sound that came out of my lips was a voice that made me wonder if it was really mine. My face seemed to turn red at the sound of the gentle flow.
Even in the midst of my confusion, I had a strange thought.
Obviously, 4 years ago and now, I will be the only one. I don’t think there was anyone else. However….
Why are you so good?
It’s the same as the first time, but is this difference in ability something that God has specifically given to the male lead?
I had a strange feeling.
Perhaps he noticed that I was thinking differently. Ricdorian came in and provoked me in one place.
I came to my senses.
As I ran out of breath, he removed his lips slightly and rubbed it gently. It was a kiss like a bird pecking with its beak.
“Excuse me.”
But I couldn’t pay more attention to the lips.
“Why are you pulling the ribbon?”
Ricdorian, who removed his lips off, tilted his head. Before I knew it, the ribbon that had adorned my chest was untied and held in his hand.
Undoing it didn’t remove the clothes, but seeing it in his hand gave me a strange feeling. Actually, it seems that it was loosened while lying on the sofa rather than him pulling it. I was skeptical.
Ricdorian came out and looked at the ribbon in turn, and at one point, his face was colored hot.
“This, this is… I took it off.”
“It’s not true?”
“N, no. No… it is not.”
He seemed to have returned to his character. Suddenly, he may have returned to the rational side, but the appearance of him waving his hand while blushing was real.
“It is not!”
I tilted my head, then agreed. Well. If not, I’m glad. Because I still want to be all ages for the rest of my life.
“My lips hurt.”
Ricdorian rolled his eyes with a reddened face.
“Do you like rough things?”
“Yes, what, uh, what?”
It must have been an instinct to run recklessly. At the end, he became softer, but for a moment I thought it would be swallowed as it is.
What to call this?
‘Is it day and night?’
No. If I tell him not to do it, he won’t do it again, so is it day and night? I shook my head softly, thinking about something absurd.
‘There is no change in that expression.’
As I was looking at him, I remembered him in the cell and burst into laughter. After laughing, he looked at me blankly.
“Are you going to keep sitting on me?”
“What? Oh…”
If it had been him four years ago, he would have been surprised and would have gotten out of the way quickly. Ricdorian hesitated, but did not move. Instead, he grabbed the back of the sofa with his firm hand.
I asked if he would sit on me, so Ricdorian, instead of putting any weight on me, held on to his strength and kissed me.
To be honest, the size couldn’t cover me, so I didn’t have enough space, so I wondered if this sofa would have been unbearable if he had been rougher.
It looks like a small sofa that can seat up to three people. Of course, if only I had intended to do that with him.
“Hey, Ricdorian. I’m sorry for the timing.”
I hesitated to speak as usual. I’m sorry that Ricdorian was pricking his ears while blushing.
“Can I say something unscrupulous?”
Having said this, I felt like a really bad person. Ricdorian, rarely naively blinked his eyes, and widened them even more, but I pretended not to know.
“I didn’t answer your heart properly in the first place, so I’m sorry for kissing you.”
First of all, I decided to apologize and move on.
“No, it’s not! Me too…”
“Yes, yes. I know what you want to say. Can you hear me first?”
Even if I say that I was swept away by the atmosphere, it’s right that I did it first. I comforted him and continued to talk.
“I’m insensitive to emotions. Well… To be precise, I don’t pay much attention to my feelings or the feelings of others.”
It was true. If only I could be calm, I would look deeply into others. I didn’t look, and I didn’t even look back at myself.
“So it takes time to think about emotions and face them. I want to think carefully.”
I took his hand on the sofa. As I did, I clasped his hands and put his fingertips to my lips.
Stop. He pauses and even his fingertips turn red. He was a very touch-me-not-plant-like man.
On the other hand, I didn’t feel anything big when I put my lips on it. I was curious to see how he would feel, so I tried it.
I don’t understand. I didn’t feel a little tickle and sweet like when he kissed me a while ago.
“For example, I like you.”
Good. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been bothered all the time, and in the end, it wouldn’t have become a stone in my heart and I would not sit here.
“But, how deep it is, what color it is, and what shape it is.”
Of course, how can emotions be cut and judged by shape and color?
“I don’t even know myself.”
If there is one special thing, shouldn’t it be treated specially?
“I didn’t live reading your face.”
I haven’t cared about these things all along, but looking at the attitude he showed me, somehow I think I should cherish myself a little more.
Like how you see me.
It is precious to touch him whenever I see his lost attitude. I want to know more about the things I feel inside my chest.
“I’m so sorry for kissing you in the garden… Just a little bit.”
“Of course.”
Ricdorian interrupted me and came in.
“If you’re asking if I can wait. It’s obvious.”
Ricdorian brought the interlaced hands with his serious eyes.
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“It’s possible even if you ask me to wait for the rest of my life.”
I was silent for a moment, then replied.
“…you can’t live your life right now. You’re trying to deceive someone.”
“That makes sense…”
“Before making a plausible statement, value yourself first. Okay?”
“That’s what Iana should do.”
When our eyes met, Ricdorian flapped his lips. I smiled slightly as I looked at the quivering lips.
“Okay. I’ll try that too.”
What he wanted to do, what he wanted to have.
And what I wanted to do. I seemed to understand why he asked me.
“I’ll look for what I want to do and what I want to have.”
I lightly rubbed my face against the back of Ricdorian’s hand.
“I’ll try.”
I left behind the obvious answer, and after enjoying it for one day, it felt like we had become bad people.
I wanted to cherish it for once. My life was like running water. I just let my body follow the flow.
From the prison to Domulit, from Domulit to Hernim again. The first place I want to be among them is where he was. I wanted to know more about what this is.
Unfortunately for him, the temperature of all my emotions is so low that I need some time to think about whether this lukewarm love is real love.
“Well then…”
Ricdorian let go of my hand slowly, and got up. Then he lifted me up at once and sat me down properly.
Someone must be a red rose with beast-like powers. I really thought it would make people shine.
“In the future…”
“In the future?”
“Can I kiss you…?”
After hesitating, I wonder if this is what he wanted to say? Instead of answering, I asked the wrong question.
“Before answering, I’m curious to ask, is the way to get a tattoo a kiss?”
“What? Ah. No. It’s not like that… Each rose has a slightly different method.”
I tilted my head.
“How about the Red Rose?”
The more I looked, the more I thought that each rose had its own characteristics. Even if they do one thing, each has a different method.
Chaser’s seemed to be engraved without effort. Was there something more?
Meanwhile, Ricdorian bowed his head.
“Yes? I can’t hear you.”
“…method is… sleep.”
Sleep? After asking like that, I realized.
…. Are we going to spend the night?
He expressed it in a pure way, does it mean to have a relationship? When I asked Ricdorian, the answer came out after a really long time with difficulty. That’s right.
My God. Would you call it romantic? The R-rated setup in the wrong place.
‘Somehow, after asking if he could engrave it, I couldn’t talk about it.’
Even if it’s the first time I ask, does he think I knew? He knows it’s not right? Thanks for making me hesitant.
“I already have a red rose tattoo because of Pudding.”
If I had said that it was on the inside of my thigh, the atmosphere that had barely been loosened seemed strange.
“No, you don’t have to engrave it. I was wrong. That’s later…”
No. Even if it wasn’t engraved right away, I wanted to talk about the tattoo, but in the end, Ricdorian gave up the word first. While I’m baffled,
“And I’m fine…I’m fine. I can wait.”
In the meantime, Ricdorian continued with his head bowed down.
“…continuously, No. I can wait forever.”
Wait forever.
… Is it okay to wait and die?
It couldn’t be more extreme. His words made me feel even more unscrupulous. I burst out laughing.
“Even if you like it.”
Then he nodded his head.
“It won’t take long.”
The neat man’s face bloomed like a flower in front of my eyes. Even I, who had seen his smile, was surprised by his face.
He tilts his head, kisses my mouth slightly, and steps back. And as he looked at me, he did not avert his gaze even though he turned red. When I saw his face dyed red and itchy like a camellia flower, there was a question that bloomed in my heart.
“Is it a characteristic of roses to not change?”
I suddenly asked.
Chaser has been really consistent over the past four years. I was always looking for one. Francia has not changed enough even though I haven’t seen her for a while, and so is Lenag.
The highest peak here is Ricdorian in front of me
“… Because we live a little longer than the average person.”
Ricdorian lightly rubbed my fingertips on his cheek, just like Pudding.
“That’s why it might be hard to change.”
One day, the saying that the guardian deity is influenced by the heart and actions of the rose came to mind. Like Aquala and Ratyan, who were obsessed and devoted to me. Pudding and Ricdorian were also similar.
“Like a young tree can be transplanted at any time, but an old tree is impossible.”
His clear blue eyes turned to me. The eyes were as deep as the deep sea.
“You mean your heart is the same too?”
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Ricdorian answered without hesitation. Under the setting sun, he was dyed as red as the sun.
“I love you.”
Seriously, I thought he was a man who could not throw anything other than a fastball.
*) the term day and night used 낮져밤이 describes someone who is sweet during the day but dominating at night, so quite specific
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