Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 181

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A vassal meeting held at Hernim Castle. I don’t know much about this, but it seems like it’s been happening for quite some time.
However, as time passed, the carriages in front of the castle disappeared one by one. With these words of explanation, it is said that the ones who are not important, those who are at the very least or those who have urgent business, will go back.
‘I heard that a vassal is not the same as a subordinate.’
I looked down the window while holding Pudding.
The carriages were said to have disappeared, but many still remained.
‘It seems to be the same thing.
– You mean subordinates, Nyang?
And among the carriages that did not disappear, there was a sparkling white carriage that anyone could see.
It is the carriage of the temple. The carriage that Francia was riding in.
‘Because it really stands out.’
Even while everyone went back one by one, Francia was still staying in Hernim’s castle.
Ricdorian was very dissatisfied with this, but surprisingly, he did not bring it out. Presumably, this also means that there was some kind of promise or deal between the two of them.
– Aha, Nyang! Got it, human. Subordinate.
In the meantime, Pudding, who had been playing with my fingers, lifted its head. Pudding was in its original form, that of a baby snow leopard.
– Human, aren’t you talking about between you and me, Nyang!
Are you saying that you’re my subordinate? I asked if it was right, and it said yes. He also spoke triumphantly with his thick front paws up.
– Human, isn’t this body taking care of you, Nyang?
‘Who takes care of who.’
As usual, I put Pudding down on the sofa.
It was the sofa where I kissed Ricdorian a few days ago. I grabbed Pudding’s cheek and stretched it out.
“Who is my subordinate? Huh?”
Kyaong, kyaong kyaong, kyaaanng!
“Our Pudding. Has been quiet all this time. Isn’t it?”
Kyaang, Kyaong!
-Human, human, I’m wrong, Nyang! I’m losing my whiskers, Nyang!
“You said that you were made with a spirit body.”
-Still, the pain is the same, Nyang!
Three years passed and the three-year-old guardian deity entered its adolescence(?) in terms of the animal age, but it was still rather small in its original form. To the extent that it is still appropriate to call it a baby.
‘Are you deliberately pretending to be a baby animal? Or maybe it didn’t grow up.’
Even if I asked, it wouldn’t tell me, so I don’t know. Sometimes this bothered me a little. Because I was sorry if it didn’t grow up because it met me and signed a contract with me. I’m sorry, but your original contractor, the Red Rose, was sufficient.
I stroked Pudding’s head.
The fact that I could relate to Pudding such as being quiet or rubbing its head in comfort, was because of the contract where Pudding could read my mind from time to time and vice versa.
I used to feel Pudding’s feelings too.
It’s still a young guardian deity, so it doesn’t have deep thoughts. And the biggest thing that comes to mind is….
That he would no longer be sent away. It was a ‘relief’.
… How could this be the same with the Red Rose? Sometimes I feel like I’m raising a Little Ricdorian. A Ricdorian with soft fur and ears and a tail.
… wait.
‘It’s not bad.”
– …Human, what else are you thinking about, Nyang?
I smiled and patted Pudding’s head so that it wasn’t hurt.
“It is you. When did you learn Marshmel’s tone?”
That weird way of speaking was the main specialty of our little warlock. Every day, he would look at me strangely and spit out venomous words.
I wonder if he’s doing well. He was Chaser’s closest aide. He was a good person who was nice to me, but it may be difficult to see him again.
Thinking about it, the relationships here are very shallow. Shallow and fleeting…. It was the same with the noble mates in the cell, and the little warlock in Domulit.
I had a similar personality in the previous world, but it wasn’t that there were no people around. It’s totally different here. It’s as if I don’t want to make something valuable.
Sometimes I wondered who would lead me like this. It’s a really stupid idea though.
I turned my head to the sound of the door opening. There was no one where there should have been one person.
My head automatically goes down. And when I looked at something close to the floor, the corners of my lips rose by itself.
There was a little bear. It’s a baby bear.
I was not surprised and greeted the little bear. A little surprised by my greeting, the baby bear looked around and hid behind the door.
Then it just stuck out its head.
‘Hng, it’s very cute.’
The reason I wasn’t surprised to see a bear was because I had already seen it once. It is the guardian deity that Francia boasted hard in the Domulit mansion.
&#lt;It’s grown a lot!&#gt;
It was also a child that she had already shown me once the day before yesterday.
Kyaaong, Kyaaaongg!
Next to it, Pudding expressed its presence saying that this body is cuter and bigger, but I secretly ignored it.
Then a small claw poked my arm, but I also pretended not to know. I put Pudding down for a moment and spread out my hand.
“Come here.”
The baby bear crawled and hesitated, but couldn’t come closer. Perhaps the guardian deity could not move freely without the will of the contractor, and it was probably sent by the White Rose Francia.
Ummm, what was its name?
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The bear’s black eyes blinked and blinked. Then it was not enough to get up on both feet, so it set its other feet on the ground.
It ran this way on all fours.
The bear’s charge didn’t stop until it hit my leg.
It was described as a baby bear, but it was quite heavy, so I stumbled unknowingly.
Oh my, that surprised me. I kept my balance and squatted to face the bear.
The bear also looked like it was curious and stood on two legs. It’s so cute to see it holding my hand and whimpering.
“Hello, we met before right?”
The bear whined, grabbed my hand and put it down. Then it even tried to climb on me.
“Um, no.”
I covered the bear’s forehead and quietly blocked the path.
“If you come up here, there is a scary snow leopard.”
I glanced at the sofa.
Even if it didn’t, Pudding, which moved its tail and showed its discomfort, raised its fur on edge.
– Human, don’t hug it, Nyang! Don’t hug it!
‘I didn’t.’
With a grin, I got up from and sat down next to Pudding.
At the same time, the door opened wide and someone walked in. I wondered who this was and it was the contractor of this cute baby bear guardian deity.
Francia grabbed the hem of her robe and ran. She shouldn’t have to hold onto the hem of her white pants, but her hand held it tightly as if she wanted to run faster.
It looked just like the little bear that was running on all fours a while ago, and I burst into laughter.
“Right, is the meeting over?”
“Yes. It’s over!”
Francia rushed to me as if hugging me and flopped on the sofa. She smelled of a subtle rose scent.
“By the way, Sister is a wonderful person.”
“All of a sudden?”
Francia laughed as she buried her body.
“It’s just. I thought you would have been a great person even if you weren’t the Blue Rose.”
Instead of talking about the meeting, I rolled my eyes at the nonsensical story.
“Sister caught the Red Rose tightly?”
“We’re having a meeting. The person who’s supposed to be the head of this meeting is totally out of his mind.”
Francia rested her chin with her hands on my thighs. She had a slightly grumpy face.
“There is a lot of work right now. There must be one or two places where Hernim has spread its power. The Grand Duke went out, in the meantime, you guys do it yourself. Of course. Where would he like to go after that?”
“The people were just murmuring witnessing him go…”
She shrugged her shoulders.
“It was ridiculous.”
For some reason, it felt like the situation was drawn in front of me with Francia’s explanation.
It had been three days since I had responded to Ricdorian.
‘For three days, Ricdorian’s visits were a little less than before.’
I thought he was just disappointed about this. I pretended not to respond to his confession, but I thought maybe he couldn’t be calm.
Tock, tock.
I felt a small knock on my leg. Francia was tapping my leg as if to awaken my thoughts.
Francia made a sullen face while tilting her pretty face.
“Sister, do you like that person more than me, huh?”
Unaware, Francia, who had removed her hand from her chin, grabbed my finger and waved it like a child.
“It’s true that you met him earlier, but I like you too.”
I smiled as soon as I saw the slender fingers holding my fingertips. She had an aspect that I couldn’t hate.
“I already like you.”
She smiled softly as if she was really happy. Then she grabbed my hand and shook it.
“Um, then I’ll give you something. Sister, do you want it?”
After letting go of my hand, what Francia brought in was none other than the baby bear guardian deity.
“…your guardian deity is surprised.”
Callisto’s eyes widened in surprise.
“Why? The Grand Duke said that he dedicated his guardian deity to Sister.”
“It wasn’t dedicated.”
“Yes. It’s not. Put it down. Your guardian deity is crying.”
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Just as expected. The guardian deity Callisto was looking at Francia with tears in its eyes that seemed to shed tears.
Grabbing Francia’s robe hem with its front paws….
Don’t leave me, I’ll do my best! Like a crying child saying so. Thanks to that, I almost suddenly separated a family.
It felt absurd.
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