Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 182

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“Um, if it’s Sister, there’s nothing I can do about it.”
“It’s not ‘there’s nothing to be done’.”
I tapped Francia’s forehead.
“You should cherish your guardian deity. It’s crying.”
“No, I’m not giving it because it’s not important.”
Francia held the bear and put her chin on my leg.
“Because Sister is important, Callisto is important too. It’s good to be with the things I like.”
As she said that, she gave a bashful smile. Looking at that, I thought that I could not help but fall for this figure.
I grabbed her hand and smiled together. Then, after a moment’s hesitation, I opened my lips.
“Just in case, Francia. Can you do me a favor?”
It was something I had been holding for so long.
A favor? Francia asked with her dazzling eyes. Then I told her what I had been thinking all along.
“Could you please contact Marquis Valtaize?”
Is it possible to contact Lenag?
Next day.
Come to think of it, I think I liked the female lead the most when reading the book. Even though I was a reader who had been faithful to the content before that, if I had to find my favorite here, it would have been Francia.
In fact, the one thing I liked more than the character was the R-rated scenes. When I say this, it sounds like a pervert, but I was just being faithful to my desires.
To be honest, I just didn’t know that I would get into the novel I thought I would just think of.
Even today, the surname of the pretty male lead, Hernim, used to make me cry out for good thoughts.
He was very busy here. Of course, the meeting was not over since the vassals were still visiting, so it was a busy time, but he was also busy with other things.
Other things.
It was a way to restore Ricdorian’s lifespan.
“So many books…”
And it was also the most life-and-death job they were putting their lives for.
“Yes. I’ve seen them all.”
I let out a small sigh of admiration as I looked at the books stacked up to the ceiling. To be honest, I wanted to make a louder noise, but if I did, the precariously stacked books seemed to fall over.
There were so many books. Rolls and rolls of parchment.
“It’s okay to touch.”
“Oh, no.”
Jaire said that it wouldn’t fall over because it was a magically stacked book, but I was still cautious.
I came here for the promise I made to Ricdorian that I would break his curse. To do this, I thought I had to meet Jaire first. Just in time, he came and happily brought me here.
It wasn’t without hesitation. He greeted me with double squinting eyes.
“If the Blue Rose cooperates, I would be most grateful. Have a look.”
When am I going to see all of this? Jaire laughed as if he was joking.
“Since I’m the Blue Rose, so you don’t care that I’m Duke Domulit’s sister?”
“Did I get caught?”
Jaire didn’t even deny it. Instead, he nodded playfully, as in the prison.
“Yes, that’s right.”
It was a fact I already knew, so I was not surprised. Instead, Jaire took what I had offered. He risked his life to investigate over the past few years.
I could feel how desperate he must have been in the hand-stained papers.
“His Excellency is conducting the final meeting.”
“Yes, I heard.”
I heard this from Ricdorian who visited my room in the morning. I think he’ll be able to come back later in the afternoon.
&#lt;Never forget m.e&#gt;
How is the difference between morning and night? He left behind such a vile remark.
Why are there only vulgar words?
&#lt;Huhk, St… stop. There… &#gt;
&#lt;A little more, huh?&#gt;
He also left a lot of kisses. His personality changed in the middle, and my eyes turned around, dragging in Pudding and barely stopping it.
&#lt;It’s too sensational for a kid!&#gt;
I thought he was going to do anything, even if I said things like this. Thinking about the morning, my face was almost red.
The three-year-old guardian deity who became an adolescent(?) asked what it was and naively tilted its head.
– What are you thinking again, Nyang? Rubbing your lips, didn’t you do it 3 years ago, Nyang?
It hid itself in my body and let Pudding’s chattering words through one ear.
Meanwhile, Jaire’s explanation continued.
“There is also a story written about the Miss.”
I mean, they did research on me. This, too, was not surprising.
“But did you find out about me? It’s a bit weird for me to say, but my brother must have been a formidable person.”
“Oh, that.”
Jaire rubbed his chin. There was a hint of worry for a moment, but it was quickly erased.
“There is a man named ‘Shero’ who oversees your operatives. He has struggled for a long time to get people inside Domulit,”
“You mean, it was a success.”
“Yes. I was already making the assumption that Duke Domulit’s younger sister might be the Blue Rose.”
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All that was left was to check. I nodded at those words, just then, the door opened and someone came in. I wondered if it was the first time I saw him, but it wasn’t. I opened my eyes wide.
‘That person….’
It was a memorable face. The man also looked at me, smiling kindly and bowing his head. He gave a polite greeting.
“…we met before.”
Instead of saying hello, I gave an answer that revealed surprise. That’s right, the guy was in prison 4 years ago.
It was the guard I saw.
‘Is the name, Anton?’
He was a competent senior guard who led the guard when Ricdorian ran into a runaway while walking. He was the one who shouted at me to say the starting word, and the memory of that day is a memory that I will never forget.
I remembered.
“You’re Anton, aren’t you?”
“It is an honor to remember the name of this person.”
He smiled politely. Then again, he introduced himself as ‘Anton’, the deputy commander of the Knights of Grand Duchy Hernim.
Ha, Jaire said that he had a lot of colleagues in the prison. It seems that Anton was also one of them.
Well. I would wonder if he didn’t take any action while sending the one and only heir of Hernim into the prison…
I meekly agreed.
“I don’t know if I can tell you this, but it’s nice to see you again here.”
He was a guard who met me quite often until the guard changed completely at Lenag’s orders. In that memory, I nodded in agreement.
“I was wondering if there would be a chance to say hello. Hahaha.”
He smiled broadly and pointed to the report I was holding. There, he said that he had also testified.
“When it was revealed that the Miss was the Domulit lady and the Blue Rose, and that she was in prison. I reported what happened in the prison.”
I guess so. To be honest, there would be nothing special about me in prison.
“Well, it must have been nothing special.”
Then Anton widened his eyes for a moment. Just by looking at it, he wanted to say no.
“Um, that’s not true, the Miss’ presence in prison…”
“Why me?”
“Slightly, I would say you were noticeable. Yes. You stood out.”
First of all, he said that my appearance was unusual. I glanced at my hair and agreed. It’s a rare hair color.
Prisoners have also mentioned it often. Yet none of them knew who I was.
“Well, my hair color is unusual.”
“No, even if it’s not the color of your hair…”
Anton was about to say something, but then shook his head, saying no. Then the man scratched his cheek, showing a slightly puzzled face.
“Actually, if you think about it, it was when you went to the basement or when you went to the reception room. You looked good. You looked lively.”
I tilted my head at the incomprehensible story. When I went to the basement?
Jaire looked at me and Anton with interest, but did not stop Anton.
“…Have you ever seen me before?”
If it was before I went to the basement, it was when I wasn’t the owner of this body. When it’s ‘Iana’.
“Yes? Yes. There is.”
Was it because of this that Anton looked difficult?
“It wasn’t that something good had happened, but I was a little reluctant to talk about it.”
He is said to have been in charge of patrolling the noble prisoners before taking charge of the basement cell. Then he saw me once in a while.
He said he saw it right next to me when I collapsed from a heart attack.
Lenag said not to tell this to anyone. Of course, he reported it to Hernim, who is his base. I didn’t care about it.
“Actually, you look a lot more lively and good now.”
He added that I should take it as positive when I don’t respond. He didn’t mean to be rude, but I looked better.
“How did I look before?”
“Before, how should I say this? You always looked bloodless and weak.”
It was. When I just woke up, Iana’s body was sickly and extremely weak.
“Um, and when I called you, there was no answer, and your eyes….”
I spoke softly to him, as if encouraging him.
“It’s okay, just tell me the truth.”
“I’m not a learned person, so I can’t find a proper expression. That… the Miss’ eyes at that time, I guess….were a little out of focus”
Out of focus?
“Sometimes even among the guards, there was talk. Because you rarely ate.”
Without a serious expression on his face, Anton scratched the back of his head with a large hand. He added that he seems to have been wrong about what he said.
He had a face that looked like he had made a mistake.
“I don’t know if I was being too rude.”
“It’s okay. It’s nothing. So what exactly was it like?”
“To sum it up?”
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When I told him it was okay to tell me, a look that he didn’t understand passed by him.
… Why? It didn’t seem like a story to just pass over.
“Ummm, to put it bluntly. The Miss at the time was like, you felt like a ‘doll’, maybe?”
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