Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 183

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I blinked at the last word that summed it up. Then, slowly and narrowly narrowed.
I was weak, my eyes seemed out of focus, and I couldn’t even eat well.
Under the circumstances, the previous ‘Iana’ loved Chaser, and she didn’t get a heart back from him. And she was brought to the prison by Chaser to escape his father’s eyes.
I don’t know more than that.
But could the condition of ‘Iana’ at the time have anything to do with this fact?
The more I thought about it, the more strange it felt. That’s probably why Anton also talked about it. I’m different from before, so he brought it up. He tilted his head and seemed to stare at me. I smiled brightly to indicate that I was fine.
Then the corners of his slightly stiffened eyes loosened. He seemed nervous.
“Jaire, can I take this report and look at it?”
The report that Jaire handed over was quite large to read at one time.
Judging from a glance at it, it seemed to be Ricdorian’s overall condition so far, the journey to ‘The Blue Rose’, and general information about the Blue Rose were written down.
The report was pretty neat, so it wasn’t difficult to get an overview all at once.
“Are you talking about taking it to the Miss room?”
I thought that this would be difficult, but surprisingly, Jaire graciously allowed it.
Rather, I was surprised so I asked.
“Isn’t this important?”
“That’s right. It’s top secret.”
Of course. The life of the Grand Duke is normally a matter of security, is it?
“But, Miss, it’s no problem.”
“Because you’re taking it to the most secure room in Hernim Castle right now.”
I was speechless with those words.
“The Grand Duke watches over you all night, who will come in and take it?”
I shook my head.
“Is that person still like that?”
Jaire smiled brightly. It was clearly said on purpose.
“Please scold him. He protects you without even sleeping.”
When Ricedorian had just brought me here, I knew he stayed in front of my room without sleeping.
And I thought he was getting better now that I gave him an answer. In fact, at night, he’ll naturally leave the room.
‘I can’t believe he’s staying at the front door.’
Are you a dog that protects the house?
My head hurt terribly. Obviously if I say don’t do it.
He’ll have a sullen face.
&#lt;Why not? Huh? Iana. Can’t you tell me with your lips?&#gt;
&#lt;Of course you talk with your lips, right?&#gt;
&#lt;Put your lips to my lips.&#gt;
He would say something like that.
‘Because I actually went through it.’
In a matter of a few days, I knew roughly where Ricdorian’s personality changed. If I just wanted to talk, he’d block it by spewing out such vulgar words.
“…Okay, I’ll tell him.”
As I’ve said before, no matter how strong the Red Rose is like a beast, he can’t not sleep. Then he’ll be a god, not a human? He hardly sleeps every time he guards my room, so there is definitely a problem.
“…should I let him sleep in my room?”
Anton and Jaire, who were just about to leave, flinched at my murmur. Jaire smiled for a moment, then smiled again.
“When can I prepare for the ceremony?”
“What, are you going to get ahead 30 years from others?”
“Oh, do you have any ideas?”
“No. You’re talking nonsense.”
“…I didn’t lose a single word.”
Jaire exhaled low and shook his head.
“You think His Excellency is more naive than you guessed.”
Then he said in a very serious tone.
“I want you to seriously think about letting him into your room. Isn’t it the same as sleeping in the same room?”
“What’s the matter?”
“Aren’t you asking a question without knowing it?”
Me and Jaire’s eyes crossed.
What. I know what you want to talk about. He said this as if he was the parent of an adolescent boy.
“Think carefully. Looking at the historical records of the Red Roses….”
Jaire rolled his eyes. Then he twisted it playfully.
“Really, it wouldn’t be a joke.”
I went back to my room after meeting Jaire. Not long after, Francia visited the room.
“I didn’t have much income today.”
She muttered as she buried herself on the sofa in front of me. She was probably talking about a meeting that there was about a day or two left.
“The conference?”
The more I see Francia, the more I remember that when I read the book, I thought the heroine’s older sister did good.
Maybe that’s where the favorability comes from. She’s all grown up now, but I didn’t hate her for acting cute like in Domulit.
Francia liked to come and talk to me. In the past few days, when Ricdorian’s visit was rare, it has been filled by her visits.
She buried her face in my thighs and pulled it off. In the place where Francia rested, a fresh and pure scent that went well with her remained. The scent seemed to be a common feature of the roses.
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“Today, there were only old-fashioned stories. How long will we continue to talk about sluggish things?”
Francia added sternly.
“When will the war be over?”
I heard that this empire had been at war with the eastern kingdom for several years. Originally, it was a war that would have lasted longer, but there were forces that were active here.
That was the unit led by the saint. Francia grabbed her hair gently and let it go.
‘It has become bigger than I ever imagined. This one too.’
Originally, there were two heads of temples, the saint and the pope, respectively. In this way, it was a form of two heads, but traditionally the authority of the pope was stronger.
If we take the entertainment industry as an example, if the female lead in the book is the star of the agency, the Pope feels like the president of the agency. The splendor of the exterior was taken by all the saints, but in reality the Pope took all the practicality.
‘Looking at Francia’s appearance, it seems a little different.’
It was then. A small sound of footsteps opened. Turning my head as it was unfamiliar.
No, it was a person who I saw the face once, standing there. It seems that Francia was not the only one who entered through the wide open door.
‘Is that person, the person I saw on the first day?’
The man who hesitated was the man I had seen once the day I reunited with Francia here. He must have been standing there the whole time.
Francia’s presence didn’t seem to be bothered by his gaze.
From a closer look, he also has outstanding beauty. He is a handsome man with brown eyes and nice white blonde hair. It was also someone I hadn’t seen since the first day. Without realizing it, I asked again.
“That person…”
“Oh, Sister. I said it right?”
Francia laughed softly.
“It’s the Pope.”
Even after listening to it again, the surprising fact made me cough for nothing.
Let’s make a hundred concessions and let that man be the Pope. Then all the heads of the temple are here…. Did Ricdorian completely join hands with the temple?
I glanced at the hesitant man. Except he doesn’t turn red.
“He looks just like Ricdorian when he was young.”
I’m not saying they look the same or that they are. He was kind of timid and wary.
“Um, yes. If you are the saint and that one is the Pope… Isn’t one of you supposed to protect the temple?”
“We don’t have to? What we have to protect is here.”
Francia’s finger pointed once at the Pope, then slowly turned towards my chest.
“On top of that, if he’s here, I’ll have more freedom.”
Francia’s index finger pricked my chest.
“Even if it’s not, there is a strong fear of the changing forces, so it’s more convenient to carry him around.”
Then the pope’s slender shoulders moved. Ummm, the pope’s guts doesn’t look that big?
“What about you?”
“Me? There’s no problem with me. Moreover, after the awakening.”
I nodded, thinking of Francia’s huge hammer. I’m not sure who’s going to attack her when she’s wielding something like that.
I exhaled a little.
“You’ve grown up really well.”
Francia grinned at my murmuring.
“Sister said so. Make it to your taste.”
Me? My gaze returned.
“That’s why I did it.”
Francia stretched out her long, thin fingers.
“Starting from the very bottom of the temple at the very beginning, build up some contribution in the war.”
One of her fingers was folded.
“If you don’t like it, break it.”
… what do you break? I closed my eyes and listened quietly.
“For now, there was only one place to hide from Domulit’s eyes for a long time. Marquis Valtaize had the same opinion.”
Francia hesitated for a moment, then looked down at her hand. Francia still had three fingers left. But she folded it all away.
Then she smiled brightly.
“Anyway, I’m a saint in the front and a pope in the back.”
… It seems like a lot of words were missing. I thought so, but I didn’t add it.
Who would have known that a single word that passed just like a spill in the past would have such an impact?
Everyone goes through their own trials and tribulations, and I didn’t have any hobbies to delve into things that were overlooked in hopes that they wouldn’t ask.
Francia didn’t want to lengthen it either, so she turned her words first.
“Sister, there is one thing I want to ask you.”
I gladly joined her other talk. She erased her serious eyes for a moment, but then returned to her dazzling eyes.
“Why are you trying to get in touch with Marquis Valtaize?”
Those words reminded me of what I had asked Francia yesterday.
&#lt;Can you contact Marquis Valtaize?&#gt;
&#lt;It’s not difficult. I’ll try.&#gt;
She gladly answered without asking why. But in fact, she could be wondering why I was looking for Lenag?
“Hmm, well.”
As I watched the flickering and mysterious Odd Eye, a sense of playfulness arose.
“Because I need him?”
Francia blinked her eyes. She was a little surprised because it was an unexpected answer.
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Perhaps she was thinking something else, she grabbed her slender chin and nodded her head.
“Do you need the power of the Yellow Rose?”
She seemed to take it a little differently.
“Who for?”
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