Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 184

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In addition, she tilted her head innocently, and even drew her hand around her neck.
“If you don’t like it, my kids can do it too.”
“Huh? It’s not like that.”
She jumped up, not listening to my words.
“The Holy Knights. To be honest, the kids only talk about holy swords. They’re no different than wild dogs.”
Clap. I quickly clapped my hand. Francia paused her speech, perhaps giving the effect of evoking her surroundings.
I first cleaned up the situation.
“No, I’m joking. That’s not why I’m looking for that person. First of all… Are you going to put the Pope like that?”
When the weak Pope met my eyes, he was startled.
“Oh, no. No.”
He shook his hand violently.
“Don’t mind me!”
He didn’t turn red, but his expression of embarrassment was evident. Even with that said, looking at Francia, it doesn’t seem like she has any intention of letting him sit down.
I returned to Francia and pointed my eyes towards the Pope.
“What kind of relationship are you?”
“Um, subordinate? Assistant? Uhm, in the middle?”
What if Francia really followed my story and took the position of a saint on the outside but seized all the powers behind.
That is literally a scarecrow Pope.
“At first it was a strategic alliance, but gradually he came under me.”
“By agreement?”
“Yes. By agreement.”
Francia spread her palms out. It was a seemingly innocent face at first glance, but in reality, the circumstances below must not have been so.
In fact, three years is a short period of time to establish such a position. Ricdorian had even an orthodox bloodline.
Unlike Hernim and Domulit in the book, Francia’s family, Rosenia, was not a very large family. She wouldn’t have been able to show that much power even in the temple. Even in the book, the process of Francia becoming a saint was so sudden that I wondered if there was any possibility. It was not an easy place.
However, Francia took the position not according to the original story and even earlier than the original story.
‘I would say it’s great.’
I bowed my head slightly.
‘It must never have been easy.’
No matter how old the existing power of the temple was, it would not have been easy for Francia to establish herself. It was amazing to have come this far only with the power and name of the White Rose and her own strength.
‘Looking at the fact that she said she was trying to replace the pope.’
And it looks like it hasn’t been sorted out yet.
So, in the end, the Pope. He’s like Hernim’s Jaire or Domulit’s Marshmel.
“I see.”
I nodded, clearing my thoughts.
“Um, Sister, but why the Yellow Rose?”
Lenag’s abilities were roughly known. He wasn’t the main character, but he showed up in one way or another as Chaser’s right-hand villain.
I didn’t know until I came to this world, but it was thanks to the probability that he was the Yellow Rose.
“I’m not trying to kill him. Not even to hurt him.”
Lenag’s ability was suitable for ‘assassination’. It is not for nothing that Chaser with a seductive eye put him by his side.
The reason I feared him in prison was not only because of his sharp face, but also because of his abilities.
“I just wish I could contact him.”
One thing I knew now. That man is the one who can’t touch a single hair of mine.
“Because he’ll be looking for me by now.”
Rather, he was a man who struggled to even hold my hand to go to the banquet. A small smile leaked out. It was a smile of regret.
“Ah, I heard that the Marquis released his people to find his fiance.”
“That’s me, you know.”
Francia couldn’t have not known. Because she heard Lenag’s conversation with me in person years ago.
“Yes, I know.”
She nodded as if she remembered it too.
“That’s right. I also wondered if this was Duke Domulit’s ruse.”
“That man..….”
I bowed my head slightly.
“He won’t lend a hand to any ploy involving me.”
Because he is such a person. I said indifferently without wiping out a smile.
“And my older brother won’t use obvious tactics.”
Francia looked at me like that, then slowly nodded her head.
“That’s right. Sister knows best about that.”
Her eyes seemed to go down for a moment and cover my ankles.
“Actually, even if I listen to Father, he always says that about the Black Roses. They have to have what they want.”
Francia’s voice gradually became as cold as ice.
“Because they get their power from their possessions.”
She was also a person with an indelible grudge against Domulit.
“Hmm, anyway, yes. I can’t like him.”
Francia smiled lightly at me, trying to clear the heavy air.
Then, trying to find another topic of discussion, she immediately grabbed her guardian deity and held it in my arms.
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It still looked like a small bear. It must have been an adult, but somehow this one also has the shape of a baby bear.
“Sister, I thought about it more than that. You didn’t accept Callisto.”
“It’s not that I didn’t accept it.”
Would Callisto agree? You should also listen to Callisto.
“Ummm… you don’t like the way it looks? The Grand Duke said that you like small and cute cats. So our Callisto lost to a small one…”
Francia had a sullen face.
“Is it because it’s not a cat?”
Hearing that, I turned to Pudding unknowingly. Where did such a misunderstanding come from? Apparently, Ricdorian had a little misunderstanding when he saw Pudding’s appearance.
“I’m sorry. I can’t make it into a cat.”
“No. No, no.”
I waved my hand.
“You don’t have to be sorry. It’s not like that. And it’s a misunderstanding.”
Why is it that all the roses are so anxious that they can’t give me anything? I also wondered if this is a common characteristic of roses.
“Is it the rose’s will that you keep wanting to give to me?”
“Huh? I just want to give it to Sister.”
Francia replied succinctly.
And with slightly resentful eyes, that seemed to ask, did you mean that my sincerity looked like that?
“Strictly speaking, it’s not entirely nothing. Still, it’s not a substitute for will.”
“Yes. I’m sorry.”
At the innocent apology, Francia patted her own lips, and her eyes twinkled.
“Yes. It would be sad if I was misunderstood. As the Grand Duke said, worship and emotions are different. It was not a relationship where we were ruled over from generation to generation. The Blue Rose and us.”
She quickly erased her sullenness.
“It’s twisted, but whenever I look up the records of the past, I think about it.”
Francia tapped my thigh.
“What if the Blue Rose hadn’t disappeared.”
Her playful smile reminded me of her youthful days in Domulit, but soon maturity overshadowed it.
Seriously colored it.
“Maybe instead of having a deficiency, we would remain perfect. Like the records of the past.”
“A deficiency?”
“What the Grand Duke and I are going through. I actually didn’t really like the feeling of being obligated to search desperately.”
The sensation of having to search for the Blue Rose is like a tolerable but persistent stimulus.
Francia rubbed her lips with her index and thumb.
“Sister, speaking of His Excellency, did you know that the ‘companion’ of the Red Rose appeared after the Blue Rose disappeared?”
The question was answered with another question from me. Francia laughed and explained.
“The Blue Rose has disappeared for centuries. It’s only now known that the Black Rose has taken over, but it’s been very difficult for the other roses.”
There was a period not only in this era, but also in the past, when the Blue Roses did not appear at all.
During this period, the roses took measures to make up for their own lack, and among them, the Red Rose created what is called a ‘companion’.
“Originally, the Blue Roses were the ones they would give their love and passion to, but they don’t appear every time. That’s why they came up with a companion. They’ve survived by making a companion to receive their strength. This isn’t just the Red roses.”
Francia looked down at her hand for a moment.
“The White Roses are for those in need of treatment, the Yellow Roses for those in need of protection, and Black Roses are for those to be obsessed.”
With the same concept as the companion of the Red Rose, other roses also needed a partner or companion.
“It’s better than the ancient times, when you couldn’t even breathe without the Blue Roses.”
Francia added that, and smiled brightly.
“Actually, I’ve contacted Marquis Valtaize.”
As I said that just yesterday, it was quite fast.
“Yes. I haven’t been in touch for years, but there’s a way.”
Francia soon narrowed her eyes and pouted her mouth.
“But even if I asked him to tell me about Sister, he wouldn’t do it.”
After saying that, she added.
“How stingy.”
All roses are the same. Falling in love with one thing. Francia murmured that she had stopped contacting Lenag.
She was grumbling, and her gaze was quite harsh. Although, she soon had a meek face.
“I’ll get an answer from there soon.”
“Thank you.”
When I spoke with sincerity, Francia shook her head.
“It’s nothing, so you don’t have to say thank you. Sister is the one who doesn’t have to say thank you to me.”
Francia’s little finger caught mine. As we promised, we faced each other.
“I’m always there if Sister wants it. It’s the grace that saved me.”
Her lips were gently curved. The afterimage of a neat White Rose seemed to be visible behind her.
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“I want to pay it back for the rest of my life.”
Soon Francia’s smile turned into a broad smile.
“Then can I be with Sister for the rest of my life?”
Her eyes bent over beautifully.
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