Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 185

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The next day. I met Jaire again. However, the place was not a room where books were piled up like a mountain.
“That place is occupied by other assistant wizards.”
Assistant wizards? Someone like Jaire’s subordinates?
“Looks like a lot of people.”
“Rather than that…”
Jaire responded with a thoughtful expression on his face.
“Because you need to be careful of those you will encounter.”
“Oh, from Domulit?”
“Not necessarily, but because not everyone in Hernim’s castle can be trusted.”
He explained.
“Just as there is no impeccable family, we are not without enemies.”
Hmmm, an inside spy seemed to be the subject of vigilance wherever I went. It wasn’t that I didn’t understand, I nodded.
It’s not that he was trying to lock myself up, he was trying to protect me from any possible danger. Every time I felt Ricdorian and his subordinates trying to choose a word, I felt strange.
“So, you asked to meet in the garden?”
But from the garden, it looks like an open space, isn’t it? Rather, it seems to be vulnerable to security.
Then Jaire said it was okay because this is a garden where no one can come. Then he pointed to the rose blooming here.
“Among the red roses, it is a rose that blooms only in Hernim.”
It was much larger than a normal rose. At first glance, it seemed to be the same size as a camellia. That is why it looks so much more lively and the scent is also very strong.
“It has been grown only in the Hernim’s territory since time immemorial. It is a rose that protects the safety of the head.”
I cannot even set foot on it unless Ricdorian permits it.
“Perhaps each rose has a space like this. Is there in Domulit?”
I suddenly remembered Chaser’s garden.
A garden full of black roses. But there were not only black roses. Unlike Ricdorian’s garden, where only red roses bloom, two roses coexisted there.
“I think there was.”
Resembling the man, Chaser, the roses there were particularly luscious. In addition, shyly blooming orange roses were in full bloom here and there as if for decoration. So it was a place that had its own attractions.
“Anyway, I’m glad if it’s safe. I’ve seen all the materials you gave me.”
“You saw it quickly.”
“Because I stayed up all night.”
Actually, when I heard that Ricdorian stayed up all night in front of my room, I really thought about putting him to sleep in my room….
I stopped because of one thought.
‘What if he really asked me to get the tattoo?’
To be honest, it’s a thank you from me… No, it’s not about chastity before marriage.
But how can I not care about the different attitudes he had over there. No, I’m not saying it’ll be a joke. There are other words, but just looking at his appearance without reason… I wonder if I can get up in the morning.
‘It’s the first time! I don’t want to hear it anymore.’
Now, I can’t give anyone Ricdorian’s first, he’s mine after all…. For some reason, I felt like I was neglecting the table that was all set.
“Hmm, let’s get to the report, there was an interesting story.”
“Which part are you talking about?”
Anyway, while Ricdorian stayed up all night, I stayed up in the room too. As I read all of them, I felt that most of them were stories I knew.
The reason Ricdorian, whom I read in the book, had to be in prison, or the brutality of the former Grand Duke Hernim. And the story of my prison life and the story of the Blue Rose I heard through Francia.
Since I know it, I put aside the introduction and focus on the main point. I brought up the story I first learned from the report.
“Kambrakam. It wasn’t a prison long ago?”
Turns out, it was so. The prison where Ricdorian and I were was not originally a prison.
“Besides, it is said that a high-ranking prisoner must have the Emperor’s permission to go to Kambrakam. That’s why Ricdorian was also able to go there.”
“Yes. They need permission from the imperial family.”
I knew Kambrakam was a very old building, but…. Surprisingly, it is said that this was a temple that binds, purifies, and calms souls long ago.
“As you said, that’s the story we found in advance.”
Jaire nodded his head with a serious expression.
“So I understand why the Red Rose has sent their successors there every time. Until now, I thought it was because they needed a quiet and secluded place.”
He sighed slightly and said.
“Because there was a rule to send them there, but I didn’t know the exact reason.”
“Because it used to be a temple?”
“Yes, it seems that such power still remains. It binds and purifies souls. That’s why the imperial family takes special care of it. It’s where the ancient power remains.”
Ancient power, what I saw in the hole in the basement had something to do with it? It seemed so.
“So we also thought that if we found the ‘Blue Rose’, we would go there with His Excellency.”
“To help you break the curse?”
“Yes. I even confirmed that the place should be there. Through the literature. Have you seen it?”
“Yes, I saw it.”
The report also described their future plans.
“Then my job is to go back to prison and break the curse?”
“In theory, yes, but…”
Jaire hesitated. I knew what he wanted to say.
Their report was meticulous and seemingly complete, but one thing was missing.
“How? You don’t know that either right?”
How does the Blue Rose lift the curse? This is not written.
It is true that the Blue Roses can nullify. And the place, Kambrakam made it possible. However, no matter how much they search, they don’t know what method the Blue Rose uses, or exactly how they use their power.
The problem is..….
‘I don’t know either.’
Now that I know what a Blue Rose is, I couldn’t figure it out.
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I asked Pudding, who was hiding inside me, just in case, and the answer came back saying it didn’t know.
“Well, I guess…”
“Is it related to the guardian deity of the Blue Rose?”
“Yes. I was just about to say that.”
It may be. Because the guardian deities knew more about their roses than I thought. I wouldn’t know things if Pudding hadn’t told me.
“But I don’t know much about my guardian deity. I don’t have it either.”
Jaire had a surprised face and he nodded. It was as if he was muttering that things could not be solved this easily.
‘Does Francia know?’
I immediately shook my head. No, she wouldn’t know. If she had known, she would have been able to tell me about it earlier.
Anyone who knows this well….
‘It’s Chaser.’
I narrowed my eyes narrowly. There’s no way that Chaser, the man disguised as my brother would tell me.
If so, someone who seems to know this information and is close to Chaser, but not on Chaser’s side, and who can stand on my side.
…. I know someone like that.
“Is it possible that Hernim can contact Marquis Valtaize?”
I had already put in communication through Francia. But, wouldn’t it be faster to get it from Hernim than Francia, who had left the temple for a while?
“Marquis Valtaize? Are you talking about that… Marquis? Master of Kambrakam?”
“Did we know of any other Valtaize?”
Jaire gave a look of astonishment. However, as I reacted bluntly, he gradually regained his composure.
“I don’t know what you’re thinking… it’s not hard to get in touch.”
“Think about it. He’s a rose too. The Yellow Rose.”
Actually, before I was the Blue Rose, Lenag seemed to help even if I wasn’t the Blue Rose.
“Um, it would be nice if I could get his cooperation, but…”
Jaire scratched the back of his neck.
“Isn’t he on Domulit’s side?”
At the same time as saying that, someone strode behind Jaire. Not one person
Ricdorian? And Francia?
The two of them were walking in stride as if they were competing.
“He’ll be on my side.”
I continued what I had to say. And Jaire finally agreed. He grinned as if realizing.
“Oh, you were engaged!”
He seemed to have been engrossed in his thoughts and had not noticed Ricdorian’s approach.
“Are you two close?”
….Should he have asked for that? I glanced at Ricdorian’s expression.
Ricdorian stopped his steps and stared at me quietly. Then, for a moment, he stared at the back of Jaire’s head… No, it looked like he was staring coldly.
Francia looked at Ricdorian and Jaire alternately with interested eyes.
“Then you can contact him.”
“What… yes… um.”
Firstly, it’s a good thing. Our number one priority is to break the Ricdorian’s curse and save his life.
It was clear that Hernim’s Archmage, who had the same thoughts as me, couldn’t have not seen an inch ahead instead. No, he seemed to be focused only on saving Ricdorian’s life.
“It’s definitely an engaged relationship, so it’s easy to ask for cooperation.”
… This person wasn’t such an ignorant person. It seemed that the will to save his superior was really strong.
Francia, who had not seen it, said a word.
“Grand Duke, your adviser seems to be tactless.”
Francia’s eyes, which had been smiling with interest a while ago, were cold.
“He’s obviously dragging in another rose?”
Is that one angry? I rolled my eyes and turned to Ricdorian.
Next to me, hiik, Your, Your Excellency! Hearing the sound, it seemed that Jaire had only just noticed.
The time was already late.
Fortunately, I didn’t say anything much. Perhaps, this was fortunate, he suddenly caught my hand while I was reflecting.
Ricdorian grabbed my fingertips and held me seriously.
He licked his lips.
“Yes. I did.”
I accepted that it was true. He investigated me, so there’s no way he wouldn’t not know either.
But Ricdorian had a shocked expression as if he didn’t really know, no, he didn’t know it was true.
…. did you not know?
He calmed his thoughts slowly while having a face that looked like an abandoned puppy. Then he opened his lips seriously.
“Marry me.”
…. What?
When I came to my senses, he was blushing. Then he spoke again. With a shaky voice.
“No, please…..please marry me.”
Suddenly, the red eyes teared up. I don’t know if that was intentional or if it was made up.
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“.…I’ll do my best.”
“What are you best at?”
“……all night long?”
It was destructive.
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