Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 187

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It seemed as if the dizzying smile, like seducing me was passing by in front of me. The characteristic expression he makes when he wants to sneak over the main words.
[“No matter how difficult it is for me to seal this.”]
I stopped reading aloud without realizing it. Pudding was trembling inside me. Pudding’s feelings come to me. Fear and nervousness. It was natural to feel what I saw and felt.
‘It’s okay. Shh. it’s okay.’
I thoroughly comforted Pudding and looked at the letter again.
[“If you have this from the beginning, you will reach the truth quickly.”]
Chaser had the guardian deity of the Blue Rose somewhere in the same way as Pudding had been sealed. As I learned of this, questions ensued. Why did he act like that? And as if to answer that, the following verse came to mind. He didn’t want me to get to the truth quickly.
The story about ‘Iana’ came to mind.
&#lt;Before, how should I say this? You always looked bloodless and weak.&#gt;
He said I looked completely different.
&#lt;Ummm, to put it bluntly. The Miss at the time was like, you felt like a ‘doll’, maybe?&#gt;
Does it have anything to do with this? What in the world made her like this, and why was the guardian spirit sealed, and the guardian deity of the one who loved Chaser?
[“Come back to me if you want to know.”]
I’m curious, but I don’t want to know that much. At the same time as I made an impression, the phrase was changed.
[“Of course, you wouldn’t move right away just because of this, would you?”]
As if he knows me very well.
“Then…… come…… all the way…… here. How?”
For some reason, the letters were suddenly broken and started to appear. I hurriedly looked at Aquala.
Aquala’s shape was unstable as if it was a broken screen. It seemed to be in a state of dread, repeating from blurry to darkening.
“Aquala? Are you okay? Aquala!”
Guardians are spirit bodies. In other words, they can freely appear and disappear, but what I saw now is close to being forced to disappear.
This was close to being forced back, that is, reverse summoning.
What’s more, I could tell by the red energy that fluttered around Aquala. Hernim is pushing Domulit out. I had heard about this from Marshmel.
“Pudding, is this a reverse summon?”
– Yes, it seems like that.
Guardian deities have no body, but feel pain. In particular, in extreme pain, the form disappears and returns to the contractor, in this case. It is said that it will damage both the guardian deity and those who contract with the guardian deity, and it is also said that it is very painful.
[“Oh my, this seems to be the limit.”]
The handwriting soon returned to its original state. with no broken spots. And Chaser announced the date and place once again.
[“Remember. The Cathedral of Cantala, Iana.”]
Chaser’s handwriting, which had spoken the exact location, faded again. Now Aquala seemed to be at the limit. A few more words were written down, but I couldn’t recognize them.
It was when I grimaced and bit my lip and let it go.
Aquala shook its head. At the same time, the last neat letters were engraved.
[“…… Actually, I wanted to meet and talk.”]
Why? I can feel a hesitation unlike this man’s in the handwriting.
I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.
Crunch, crunch. The invisible pen slowly dyes the paper. Black. Like the rose carved on my wrist.
[“I love you, Iana.”]
Followed by,
[“I wanted to talk about everything on the night of the fireworks-filled banquet. You disappeared…….”]
I thought it was a good thing that the man wasn’t in front of me at this moment. Without realizing it, a beautiful smile passed by in the garden as I burst into tears.
[“Stay by my side.”]
For a while, he wrote it slowly, leaving a gap.
[“Any form is fine.”]
And gradually the ink fades and disappears from the end. Eventually, the last word written was focused.
[“…… I need you, so I can breathe.”]
Aquala cried for a long time. It was a long, roaring cry that could not come out of the form of a small sparrow.
[“I’m willing to do my best even if it’s a war for you.”]
Serious and playful words continued.
[“My Iana. You don’t want to see me go crazy, do you?”]
At the end of this, perhaps truly the end, Aquala’s form became very blurry. It seemed that the reverse summon was right in front of me. My heart ached the moment I thought of the pain this guardian deity would feel. It was a pity for the bird I had been living with for four years.
“…… Don’t get hurt.”
The moment my hand touched the bird’s beak, Aquala leaned its head back. As if looking for the warmth of my hands.
That was the moment.
A faint blue light emanated from my fingertips. I thought it was an illusion because it was so weak……. It was indeed indigo blue like the sea. A mysterious blue color as if looking at the sky from the water. It wraps around Aquala’s body and falls. And Aquala disappeared from my sight.
All that was left was the thorny vine that had strangled Aquala. Even this goes back to its original place when Aquala disappears. Aquala’s letter also disappeared, but I was unable to speak for a while because of the lingering feeling of the last scene.
‘What the hell was that light?’
The blue energy was something I had only seen at the moment when Jaire was casting his magic. It is said that blue light is revealed when using normal white magic, the commonly used “magic”.
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However, it was different from the magical blue light I had seen many times. Rather, it was a very vivid and intense feeling, like when Ricdorian, Francia, or Chaser were using their power…….
Could this be the power of the Blue Rose? I stared at my fingers for a while.
‘Somehow, my back itches.’
– Human, are you hurt, Nyang?
‘No, it’s just itchy and stinging…….’
I raised my head as I pressed my hand around the middle of my back, which I couldn’t reach. The guardian deity of the Blue Rose and the Imperial Family. I wanted to lie down in one place as much as possible and enjoy more serenity, but …… It seemed difficult to do so.
‘For now, there’s still time left until the deadline Chaser said.’
I didn’t actually say anything, but when Aquala appeared a while ago, I could feel Pudding’s power that was trying to protect me. I see things that I have never felt before. It seemed that something was changing inside of me.
The power and guardian deity of the Blue Rose.
I closed my eyes and then opened them. There was a time when I just wanted to be comfortable as if I was entrusting myself to a flowing river. It’s always been like that, and I’ve always wanted to live like that. But the world doesn’t always go the way we want it to. It felt like a huge hand was stroking my back.
‘It’s time to make a decision no matter what.’
Not far away, Ricdorian was running towards me. I smiled as I looked at him getting closer.
I didn’t know why he ran in haste as if he had caught fire in his foot.
“Haa, Iana again…….”
“Yes. He appeared.”
Perhaps he felt the power of the Black Rose. I answered openly. Instead of Chaser, the guardian deity of Domulit appeared. And what Chaser said to me, sealing the guardian deity of the Blue Rose somewhere and about the time and place he mentioned to me…….
“The guardian deity of the Blue Rose is over there. Would the lack of a guardian deity be a big problem?”
The Red Rose was threatened by the lack of a guardian deity. Ricdorian shook his head.
“The Blue Rose has no such qualities. Being perfect by itself… That’s why it was called the Blue Rose.”
“That’s a relief.”
I said without smiling.
“I was wondering if I should reverse my decision.”
If there is no guardian deity, I cannot use my power, or that if it is detrimental to breaking Ricdorian’s curse. It is difficult to make another time limit, where there is already an urgent situation. I’m glad this wasn’t the case.
At the same time, I felt a little bitter.
‘No. Perhaps it would have been better for me to be hurt.’
It was a useless thought. Clearing my thoughts, I lifted my head. At that moment, the wind blew and scattered the silver hair that looked pure white. It was a picturesque landscape.
“Let’s go to the Imperial Palace.”
“…… Yes?”
Ricdorian looked like he had heard it wrong. But when I just smiled and didn’t reverse it, his expression clouded.
“…… why.”
Why? Ricdorian would have known this better.
“You know better why.”
Now, if the Imperial Family ignores Hernim, it becomes difficult. The balance that was barely maintained would be disturbed.
“You must not turn away from the Imperial Family.”
“…… That’s no problem. It’s not something you should be concerned about.”
“Yes. If it were you, would you be okay with it?”
I cannot pretend not to know. It was a natural situation that even I, who was not familiar with politics, could understand. I nodded my head instead of questioning Ricdorian’s words.
“It’s not just for this reason that I want to go to the Imperial Palace.”
Instead, I came up with another reason.
“It is said that when a high nobleman goes to Kambrakam, they must always ask for permission from Her Majesty the Empress.”
This is the fact Jaire told me, to be precise, the story in the report.
“So, in order to get permission, we have to meet once, right? Our goal is to get into Kambrakan to break your curse. I think it’s a matter of fact.”
So let’s go to the Imperial Palace. The most important thing was to solve the time limit for Ricdorian, which was approaching right away.
“The moment we find a way, we have to solve it in advance so that we can run right away. We don’t have enough time now.”
“Listen. Am I the only one nervous? I’m worried about you.”
As soon as I know how to do it, I’ll have to try it in Kambrakam.
He was silent for a long time. Eventually he finally agreed as if my opinion was justified.
I also thought this was correct.
And for the reason I didn’t say…….
[“I’m willing to do my best even if it’s a war for you.”]
Because it would be difficult if war really broke out.
Although it was a little grandiose, Helen, who caused a war between the two countries in the myth, was a disgrace. Even more when considering the results of that beauty. But why? No matter what choice I made……. I felt like I was going to meet that man once again.
Then even Francia returned to the garden. The story went on quickly.
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“You’re going to the Imperial Palace?”
Francia responded without delay.
“I will go with you.”
The number of people going to the Imperial Palace was quickly packed up. We left for the Imperial Palace four days later without waiting long. Very secretly.
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