Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 188.1

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There are three special things in this empire that other countries do not have.
To borrow the words of the Baron, who was a former prison cellmate, the three things are as follows:
「Imperial Palace of the Sun」
「Rose of the Five Houses」
The latter two looked boring, and those were people around me too, so I’d like to talk about the first one.
‘The Imperial Palace of the Sun’.
Speaking this way, it was a huge building that has stood tall for over a thousand years.
It is now known as the best and last masterpiece of the inventor who remained only as a legend, and as the name suggests, it is a castle with a sense of majesty and intimidation resembling the sun.
My first impression of this was not so different from the description.
Of course, I had already come to the Imperial Palace to attend a banquet, but the situation was different. At that time, I arrived around sunset and there was Chaser right next to me.
I had just learned that I was the Blue Rose, so there was no time to look around at all.
In addition, until the banquet, I stayed only in the detached palace, which was exclusively for guests. In particular, the palace that the Empress gave to Domulit was a little far from the center. The hall where the banquet was held was also near the annex, and for this reason, I did not see the main palace where the Empress stayed.
‘…… It’s crazy big.’
I raised my head. There was no end in sight. I narrowed my eyes to see the sun hanging from the spire.
Some say that this gigantic castle got its name from the sheer height of the castle and the pointy roof like a spear that pierced the sun.
A castle with the sun on its roof, it was worthy of its name. Above all, it was not only large and majestic to suit the grand name, but also felt even more beautiful thanks to the delicate patterns placed here and there.
&#lt;“Once you go, they say you’ll never forget it!”&#gt;
In this case, I don’t know how helpful the baron’s guided explanation rather than a guide would be. Even after four years have passed, I remembered this because I reflected on my life in the prison once. In particular, the conversation with that Mister was as interesting as listening to an old story. Suddenly, I remembered the smiling face of the old man.
‘I hope that Mister is doing well too.’
The charges weren’t too heavy, so he might have been released. I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again in my lifetime. If I go then, I should pay a small reward.
I was walking blankly, thinking, looking at the pillar, and I felt a warm body temperature on my shoulder. As I gently raised my head, I saw Ricdorian with a worried expression on his mature face. Grown up, he had a cool face, but to me he used to soften like this.
What do you mean cold? I shook my head. I felt the temperature was a little low, but… It’s not like that.
Come to think of it, I think he said that the capital is a little colder than the south where Hernim is. The average temperature is low. I remembered Domulit making a fuss and giving me a coat.
Ricdorian looked displeased with something, and he sighed a little.
“Your shoulders were shaking.”
I tilted my head.
“…… Did I?”
Ricdorian stopped his steps and took off his coat. He was now wearing a coat that reached down to his thighs. And he was tall. Therefore, if I put on his coat, it would be like being buried in his clothes. Ricdorian paused as if he felt this too. He seemed to alternately look at his coat.
“…… Will it be heavy?”
He seemed to have a different opinion than me. I laughed out loud at his funny serious face.
“Do you think so?”
Ricdorian’s coat was not just a coat, it was hanging from one shoulder. A cloak with a rope-like decoration. The fabric here also looked thick, so I don’t know if I would stagger if I put it on. Ricdorian seemed to get the answer from his own words. Suddenly, a gloomy face passed by.
In the end he and I agreed to remove only a short cloak from his coat. It’s a short cloak, but when I put it on, it became similar to the length of a shawl. It was definitely warmer than nothing.
Ricdorian sighed a little.
“Iana, you seem too dull to yourself.”
Rather than that, I think I have a constitution that doesn’t tolerate cold very well. No, I thought it wouldn’t. In the prison, I wore a thin jumpsuit and went underground.
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“I thought I was strong in the cold.”
“I don’t think you’re strong, you’re dull.”
“I see.”
As I nodded my head, Ricdorian grabbed my shoulders from behind.
“Not that way, this way.”
It’s not like I looked ahead. The servant who guided us was walking in a completely different direction. I didn’t even know that I had taken my eyes off the garden outside and set foot elsewhere. When I slowly raised my eyes, Ricdorian had a slightly sullen expression on his face.
It looked like he was saying, ‘Look, you’re dull.’ I burst out laughing again.
“I tend to be a little absent-minded.”
I admit honestly to what I have to admit. Then I stretched out my hand.
When I called out to the little guardian deity inside, I felt the energy of the guardian deity answering inside me as if its ears were pricked up.
‘Come out.’
As soon as I called, the red energy gathered together, and a beast appeared in my arms. It looked like a small cat, perhaps feeling my will.
“Did you sleep well?”
– Uwwong, Nyang. I slept well. Human.
Sorry for waking you up a bit, I stroked it forehead. Pudding was in a good mood, and it made a scratching sound from its neck. I listened to the scratch, scratch and held it in my arms. Warm. Although it is a spirit body, the body temperature of an animal with body temperature warmed my body just right.
I raised my head and smiled.
“You don’t have to worry.”
Even after putting on the cloak, it seemed like he was worried about my body, so I even summoned Pudding. For some reason, Ricdorian’s expression was not relieved.
Why? I blinked and hugged the guardian deity in my arms.
“What’s wrong?”
“…… me too.”
“Me too?”
Ricdorian smacked his lips.
“…… I too can hug you and move.”
He hesitated as he spoke, then his cheek dyed at my words. Seemingly frustrated. No, after everything he did, now he’s saying something like this?
He was a very cute Grand Duke.
“It’s not bad for me either. Wouldn’t it be too conspicuous?”
The Grand Duke, who once shouted out that he could do something all night long. I raised my lips and made a ‘hmmm’ sound.
“I don’t think the Grand Duke would just hug me. No?”
“I feel like you’re going to take it off before holding me.”
It was a small voice, but he must have heard it enough. Ricdorian covered his lips with the back of his hand. I could see his white neck turned red.
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“…… That, that kind of thing in a place where there are people.”
“That’s not okay?”
“It makes me want to go home right now.”
You’re being reckless in a strange place. For a moment, I worried that his personality had changed, but his red face remained the same.
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