Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 188.2

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At present, we had reached the Imperial Palace as quickly as possible.
Originally, Francia also agreed to set off together, but we decided to make time difference with her because she was too conspicuous. In the meantime, she was coming here to temporarily solve the problem with the Holy Knights and the Temple stationed in Hernim.
&#lt;Acckk, I had to conquer it! I should have conquered the Principality in order not to be pushed back!&#gt;
&#lt;Duke, did you think this far? To chase me away! This filthy power!&#gt;
Of course, there was a nerve battle between the two roses until this was decided, but Ricdorian was the victor. The victor turned his head and exhaled slightly.
“… Iana, I guess you don’t know.”
The low but clear tone penetrated my ears.
“How conspicuous you are.”
I squinted my eyes. What do I have to get attention for right now? Besides, there weren’t many people here. Because it was a secret entry.
As I slowly turned my head, I saw a knight guarding the imperial corridor. The knight who made eye contact with me quickly turned his head. Because it was a close distance, his reddened face was clearly visible.
“Hmm, if you’re talking about appearance, it’s new.”
The people I met in the prison were surprisingly not interested in my appearance. Is it because in one group, they were the same nobleman and the others were the guards who only saw me as a prisoner? At Domulit, people didn’t have time to see my face, or to be exact, me. The attendants couldn’t be with me for more than a certain amount of time, and most of them came for revenge, and the guests left for somewhere else. For example, a coal mine…….
‘It was a lively place.’
– Human, you were indifferent, Nyang.
‘I did.’
I nodded my head and patted Pudding’s butt.
Seeing this, Ricdorian seemed to exhale one more time, and he soon did.
After that, we met the guide from the imperial palace and followed him without any problems. We arrived at the ornate gate in less than ten minutes. Usually, to meet in the palace would be where the entire hall is an audience room, but it is said that we would meet in another place as we requested a secret audience.
‘It doesn’t look small here either.’
As I was thinking about this, the door opened.
“Your Majesty, you have a reserved guest. It is Grand Duke Ricdorian von Hernim.”
At the door, someone announced our visit. My eyes met the man who gave the voice. He was an old man with a beard.
“…… And a party is with him.”
He said this as if he couldn’t find a title for me. It must be difficult to recognize who I am by the face. Even at the only event I attended, I had my hair and eye color changed.
“Hoo, did the Red Rose come? Come on in.”
A low voice was heard from inside. It was a low, mellow voice mixed with a hoarse voice for a woman.
Tak. The door closed behind my back.
I followed Ricdorian and walked. For a while, I thought I should send Pudding back, but it was after I had already carried it in. However, for some reason, Pudding that had been quietly held in my arms stood upright. Its ears are laid low to reveal its teeth.
– Human, human!
‘What’s the matter?’
I couldn’t even stop Pudding from making a ferocious cry. It happened in an instant.
– Human, it’s dangerous here! Dangerous!
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Pudding jumped out of my arms and its fur stood. The appearance of even its claws exposed was fierce as if it was about to run.
It was when I told Pudding to hurry and go in.
A loud noise was heard from inside, as if in response to Pudding’s cries. It was the cry of a beast I have never heard. It’s like a sharp blade is poking out my ears. My ears hurt all the time I listened.
‘Ugh, what is this?’
A large hand wrapped around my ear before the pain grew. It seemed to be Ricdorian’s hand. In the meantime, when I closed and opened my eyes, the beast I never saw before was flying in front of Pudding. No, it wasn’t a beast I had ever seen. It was just a beast I never thought I would see here.
‘…… A bat?’
The beast with cloaked wings was a bat in most aspects. However, its appearance was slightly different from the bats I knew. Black wings and protruding fangs. Up to this point, it resembled a bat, but……. The eyes were as deep purple as amethyst in a cave. Moreover, it was very large. Enough to cover everything if it sits on a person’s arm.
“Your Majesty, please withdraw your strength.”
Said Ricdorian, who was covering my ears. At the same time, a faint laughter was heard from within.
“Oh my. Wesbet, come here.”
The main character of the laughter has a low, mellow voice. The bat flew into the sky. The place where the bat landed was on the back of someone’s hand.
The long curtains were blown in the wind. No, it wasn’t the wind. All the doors and windows were closed.
“My child must be surprised.”
The veil was raised by itself by intangible power, revealing who was there.
“I won’t say excuse me, you were the first to make a mistake.”
The woman slowly raised her head. The dark brown hair flows like a waterfall. It was a natural style as if she covered one eye and let her hair fall to one side.
“It would have cut it down if I hadn’t called, Grand Duke’s Sword.”
However, her attire was an unusual uniform.
The woman’s face gradually turned and she turned towards me and Ricdorian. In her graceful hand, a scepter resembling a staff flicked.
“Is that the beast of the Red Rose?”
Before long, a neutral white face and strikingly beautiful purple eyes captured me.
“The one holding the beast…… Hoo. It’s an unexpected face.”
She had the same purple eyes as mine, but the feeling was completely different. It had a mysterious feeling as if it was a little darker over there. No, strangely, it seemed that the blue color was slightly mixed.
“This is amazing.”
The woman rubbed her cheek and smiled softly.
“Obviously, it is the guardian deity of the Red Rose. It is connected to others.”
She asked without blinking an eye. It was a direct way of speaking.
“I wonder if you are the legendary Blue Rose, aren’t you?”
While I could not answer, the woman folded her eyes first and smiled.
Behind her was a huge crown, a scepter, and a purple rose in full bloom. It was a symbol of the great imperial family.
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“Iana Rose Domulit. No, Domulit’s Treasure.”
Scarlet Scheherazade.
The owner of this country showed me a favor and smiled even deeper.
“Welcome to my castle.”
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