Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 190

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There are things that come and go in a transaction. I thought that she was a person who has definitely considered the price.
“It was already a privilege that the Imperial Family have provided you with Kambrakam for free for a long time ago. Don’t you know?”
“What do Your Majesty want?”
“You are so cool, I love it.”
The Empress crossed her legs and tilted her head. She had an elegant posture, but her appearance was full of dignity.
“The condition is to bring what I need.”
“What do you want?”
“My crown.”
The Empress tapped her head with her long finger.
“The tiara that I cherished. You know? I want to find what was lost.”
I raised my head.
The Empress’s tiara.
‘…… This is where it comes from?’
As the main plot in the original, it also occupied a long story. Of course I knew very well where the tiara was. I couldn’t think for a long time. Because the Empress’s question returned to me.
“Lady Domulit, can you use the power of the Blue Rose?”
I politely shook my head. I didn’t fully understand what abilities I had, let alone use my abilities. Records of the Blue Rose that have long since disappeared were rare. Even with Hernim’s vast data collection, I could not find anything other than some abilities of the Blue Rose.
“The data on the Blue Rose has long since been lost. It was all erased as if someone had decided to.”
“That force is a force you know. Can you guess?”
Somehow, what force did it? I seemed to know, the Black Rose.
“But there are documents left in the Imperial Household. Most are in good condition.”
Telling that fact meant that she was willing to show it. Unsurprisingly, she was cool. She crossed her arms and smiled.
“If you bring my tiara, I’ll gladly give it to you.”
In a way, it was a problem that would have taken a long time if I didn’t know where and how to get it. However…….
I knew it.
That this was absolutely favorable conditions for us. That said, I do know the whereabouts of the ‘Empress’s Tiara’ very well. I even know its recent whereabouts.
‘That…… Chaser had it.’
I wanted to wipe my face.
Because I knew that the Empress’s Tiara was sleeping in the basement of the Domulit mansion.
“Do you know where it is?”
Ricdorian next to me asked calmly.
“Do you know?”
“I don’t know where it is.”
“So do I.”
The Empress made a funny face.
“What is that face? Shameless, Grand Duke.”
She seemed to have grasped Ricdorian’s intentions.
“It’s up to you to find it from now on, isn’t it?”
The Empress did not give the mercy of time to those who lacked time. She was fair but cold.
“Let’s go out.”
After leaving the audience room, Ricdorian did not speak for a long time. I respected his silence.
He must have thought a lot about the fact that the Empress had put up an absurd condition. He will be troubled. Of course, if it was Hernim’s intelligence and human property, there was nothing that can’t be found, but if it took a long time, more important things would be missed. His life.
The Empress told us just before we left.
{I’ll block anything Domulit-related while you’re looking for it.}
Although it was for a limited time, it meant that we would be free from Chaser’s pursuit. Anyway, I was Chaser’s sister, so if Chaser was looking for me openly, there was no reason to stop him. Still, it was something I was grateful for.
Except that in the future I may have to go directly to Domulit too.
Yes, the problem was this.
I glanced at Ricdorian. It was to see the timing to talk about this and to deliver it. First of all, there were too many ears in the hallway. If we go back like this…….
“Your Excellency.”
We turned our backs at the same time. There, a servant was seen breathing a little.
“The Empress wants to see you for a moment.”
The Empress? We parted a while ago, but it was a strange thing.
“… We had an audience a while ago.”
“She just said to stop by and go back quickly because she had something to tell you.”
“Then together…….”
“She told you to come quickly.”
The servant said so and lowered his head deeply. He apologized for daringly interrupting the Grand Duke. It seemed that the Empress’s intention was for him to return as quickly as possible.
“And she said to come alone.”
Ricdorian hardened his expression even colder.
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“Similar command…….”
We had already reached the end of the hallway. If we went back, it would take a long time at my pace, so what this command meant was clear.
“It sounds like she was trying to separate me and the party. Am I mistaken?”
“…… forgive me.”
Ricdorian narrowed his eyes. A glimpse of anger flashed through his blue eyes.
“His Majesty has sent this to you, telling you not to worry about leaving the place.”
The servant held out his hand. In the servant’s hand sat the Empress’s bat, which I had seen in the audience room a while ago. The Empress gave even her guardian deity, so it was inevitable for Ricdorian to follow. At the same time, it seems to be even more uncomfortable.
Eventually I grabbed the hem of his robe.
“Go quickly.”
I don’t know what kind of whim she was using, but the Empress was kind to us first. There was nothing bad about it.
“If she gave it to you now, it won’t be bad for you.”
If it was a clue about the tiara, there was no need for it. If it was anything else, there was no reason to miss it.
“Because there is Pudding too. It will be fine for a while.”
When I said this, I thought that I was too unreliable even if I looked at it.
It’s like following a movie cliché. When the characters in the movie who said it would be okay would go through bad things. With that in mind, I nodded to Ricdorian. Actually, I don’t believe in the Empress, but I was curious as to why she gave up her guardian deity. Moreover, I did not mention Pudding for nothing.
‘Pudding would suffice for an assassination threat.’
– Of course, Nyang. I will protect the weak human, Nyang!
I laughed inside.
‘Alright, alright.’
The guardian deity, who was now three years old, knew how to use its own abilities. As it was originally a partner of the Red Rose, which had concentrated abilities in its body, Pudding’s ability was enough to buy time.
Ricdorian would have known this better. Although the connection had already been broken for a long time, they were originally in a relationship where they grew up together, so he could still feel Pudding’s power. Ricdorian insisted that he would take me with him when he returned, but in the end he returned to the audience room with a gloomy expression.
And all that was left was the servant and I. I tilted my head.
‘Why doesn’t this servant go back?’
Of course, it was strange that he had to pursue Ricdorian’s speed as an ordinary human, so he had to stay next to me.
There the bat was still sitting on the servant’s hand.
“From now on, what I am delivering is a message from Her Majesty the Empress.”
“…… Yes?”
I was a little perplexed by the servant’s next words. But soon I blinked. The servant looked at me and held out the bat.
– First of all, please forgive my light jokes, pretty Lady.
Strangely, the Empress’s voice came from the bat. No, the bat’s mouth didn’t move at all, and it felt like a buzzing sound in my ears. I know that bats are animals that can sense sensations through ultrasonic waves, but I also wondered if this could be telepathy.
– The reason I separated the Grand Duke from you was because I thought we could see a pretty interesting sight.
“…… interesting sight.”
What do you mean? I couldn’t guess. However, the bat’s voice felt favorable at first glance.
– I was unintentionally ferocious a little while ago, but he was looking at you in a good way. It was so cute that he didn’t blink an eye.
…… cute? I put on a bewildered look. This sister. Her standards were a bit vague.
– Instability and indifference are characteristic of the Blue Rose. But it is said that such an appearance is the best stimulant for roses.
Maybe. If that characteristic was true, it also matched my personality to some extent. Although I thought I just had a laid-back personality, pursuing a comfortable, peaceful life.
– I mean, you’re good at making them nervous.
“…… The Roses?”
– Yes. So please forgive me for removing your brave dog, no, rose.
I think she corrected the title by trying to call him a brave dog now.
– I want to see something fun.
I laughed out loud at the playful tone that followed. There were few who could say this about Ricdorian. Having said this, my mind was put at ease.
When I was thinking like that,
Thum, thum, thump.
Footsteps were heard This was a hallway that was surprisingly sparsely populated. So the sound was clear.
– Oh, he’s here. Then I’ll go.
The sound of footsteps approached quickly. I didn’t think this was the speed of an average person.
As soon as I thought about it, a large shadow fell over me.
It wasn’t just a shadow. I opened my eyes wide. Just blinking once, twice..… three times.
I was surprised by the body temperature that hit me, but……. I felt a heavy breath on my shoulder. It was a breath close to raw that did not suit this man.
Although he was sharp, he was always a refined and elegant man.
I could see the servant taking a few steps back. I couldn’t think of the Empress anymore. I just focused my whole body on this panting sound and body temperature. I called him carefully.
His breathing stopped for a moment. At the same time, hot exhalations pour out of his throat. Like letting go of everything up until now.
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Perhaps those were concerns or worries. I carefully guessed.
“…… Miss Iana.”
He called me low. It was a cautious voice, lest I got sick of his calling.
“I was worried.”
There was a lot in the voice he said after a while. I hesitated and let him go.
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