Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 192

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It goes without saying that the temperature in the hallway became cooler due to Lenag’s words.
Ricdorian did not stop smiling.
“You don’t know that Iana decided to stay at my castle, do you?”
He rubbed his reddened eyes and spoke leisurely. Lenag’s expression hardened, but only for a moment.
“We don’t know if it will last forever.”
Ricdorian had a look on his face. Lenag did not end there and continued.
“Because we are still engaged. I think I would have asked Miss Iana first, who was still unmarried. I guess Your Excellency didn’t?”
Ricdorian laughed again.
“Ah. That’s something I hadn’t thought of.”
Then he added quickly.
“Because before that, Iana said she would stay.”
I looked at the two men alternately and exhaled slowly.
‘This is a catfight. A catfight.’
– Human, aren’t you at the center, Nyan?
Surprisingly, the three-year-old guardian deity stabbed right to the spot. It was a naive tone, as if it didn’t know that hitting me with the facts hurts more.
‘I know.’
I know……. I looked at the two men as if I was looking at someone else’s business. Why was it that them fighting while staring at each other so fiercely didn’t feel like my business… When a person saw a sight that was too unrealistic, it seemed that at that time, they would separate themselves and saw it as if it was someone else’s business.
‘Why are the people who have nothing lacking doing this because of me?’
– Human, isn’t that a little too lacking in confident, Nyan?
‘It’s a little different from confidence……. I think that the more I search for it, the farther away my comfort is? Actually, I’m fine wherever…….’
– You have to move a little, Nyan!
Pudding was very angry.
– I can’t believe my contractor fell down because her legs are frozen! It’s a disgrace, Nyan! You lack exercise!
In the end, the three-year-old guardian deity could not stand it and I blocked my ears to the nagging. Reluctantly, I gave up my erratic escape and returned to reality. I exhaled deeply.
Either way, it was true that conversation was necessary. But…….
I glanced away. I looked at the bat sitting still as if observing, feeling the need to organize this.
“Excuse me.”
The two men shut their lips. The sight of them made me laugh. There were three pairs of eyes on me while I laughed out loud. Two were human and one was a guardian deity. Two of them seemed unable to take their eyes off me.
I held back my laughter and spoke in a more relaxed tone.
“For now, shall we go?”
I didn’t want to become a spectacle any more.
“Why does it matter to you?”
We had to change the place but it was still the Imperial Palace, but I was satisfied with the fact that there was no longer an observing gaze. Fortunately, Ricdorian also regained his reason on the way and was now in his normal form.
However, the clothes were already messed up, the cravat was gone, so he was only buttoning up. In addition, some of the top buttons were missing because we could not pick up the button that had fallen off. He looked so disorganized with such an ascetic face…… It was a bit provocative.
Umm, good thoughts. Good thoughts.
I thought I didn’t have to think good thoughts anymore. For now, I decided to put that thought aside.
The problem was elsewhere.
Ricdorian and Lenag were engaged in the second war of words.
“Come on, stop it now.”
I couldn’t stand seeing them, so I stopped Ricdorian and explained it to Lenag step by step. How did we come to this situation, all the reasons and circumstances in which I decided to stay with Ricdorian. In addition, the story about the tiara we received as a condition after meeting with the Empress.
This, of course, included important information that Ricdorian has a time limit.
At least I had the belief that I could confide in anything to this man. However, it may not have been the same for Ricdorian, so I looked at Ricdorian just before we talked, but he nodded with a cold face as if it was okay.
“…… I understand the situation. I understand everything.”
“Wow. Did you understand it all at once? The Marquis is terribly smart.”
“Are you being sarcastic?”
“When did I?”
There was also an incident where a guest broke in while I was explaining to Lenag. Of course, that guest was Francia. In any case, after several incidents, I succeeded in explaining all the circumstances.
“Isn’t it right to be sarcastic?”
“No? Why should you be sarcastic? If I was Sister’s fiancée, my eyes would turn upside down. You’re speaking surprisingly calmly.”
Seriously, wouldn’t I be the one who gets in trouble the most when my fiance, Lenag, went crazy? When I looked at it with this meaning in mind, Francia smiled and she hung on my arm.
Lenag frowned, then turned his head away again. His voice went low.
“Well. It’s not wrong. If you allow it, I feel like I want to turn everything upside down.”
When he opened his eyes again, he had a sharp face different from before.
“Grand Duke, in the end, what you did was nothing but a low-level kidnapping, wasn’t it?”
Lenag whispered quietly. It was only a small voice, but it was a voice filled with anger.
Ricdorian also did not know how to get rid of his cold face. But at the same time, his lips went open and closed. Clenching his fist, guilt flashed through his eyes.
But at least I knew what kind of face Ricdorian made when he was begging for forgiveness.
“Um, Lenag.”
So I calmly called Lenag.
“Can’t you let it slide for now?”
I didn’t say I had forgiven him. This would be impossible for Lenag, who was angry for me. But nonetheless, Lenag’s face was blurred for a moment. If Ricdorian was one who would wept and shed tears, Lenag was the one who would quietly shed long streams of tears.
I hoped he wouldn’t cry because I had already seen it and knew it.
“…… If you wish.”
“Thank you.”
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He slowly returned to his calm face. But it was unknown whether he was okay inside.
“As I said, I decided to stay in Hernim castle of my own will. And I intend to help break the Grand Duke’s curse.”
“I think it’s a good thing.”
Lenag exhaled with a sigh.
“The day you let the saint over there escape, you didn’t listen when I asked you to come with me.”
Francia, who was watching silently, shrugged her shoulders.
“You look better now than you were that day. Miss Iana. Just that you’re smiling comfortably.…… I am satisfied with that.”
Lenag raised his lips. Then he narrowed his eyes.
“But I don’t know if it’s a good thing to help them entirely.”
“One question. Marquis.”
Ricdorian, who had been silent, slowly released his arms. Ricdorian, whose reason had returned, returned to his original appearance as the Grand Duke.
“Did you know that Iana is the Blue Rose?”
“Yes. I knew.”
Without realizing it, I turned to Lenag’s face. It was because the answer came from him more plainly than I expected.
“Then I would like to ask. If you had known it a long time ago, I think you would know the question I want to ask.”
“I know what you want to say.”
Lenag intercepted the words in a soft but strong tone. Then he lowered his eyes.
“What’s the matter?”
The words that came out of his sharp face were gentle, but at the same time firm.
“It’s just that the one I liked was the Blue Rose.”
It was also a desperate expression that made the viewer lose words.
“And if she’s here to help the Grand Duke, there’s no reason for me to back down.”
“Don’t you think I’m going to kick you out?”
“Do you think I will be kicked out easily?”
Ricdorian tilted his head coldly. Watching the tug of war with a tight gaze, Francia poked me from the side.
“Sister, Sister.”
Francia was suddenly holding something like a cookie in her hand. It was brought in by the attendant when we entered the room.
“Oh my God, it’s true. Right? The young people these days are unbelievable.”
“…… Why are you talking like that?”
“No. That’s what it is. Men are high and low. Obedient. Submissive! Isn’t it?”
“I understand the first one, but what’s with the latter two?”
Maybe it’s because the cookies in Francia’s hand are white. It looked like popcorn at first glance. Francia grinned as she held the popcorn, no, white cookie. Francia’s arm pressed tight against my side.
“No. Therefore. Is it really necessary to have only one?”
“Just take both.”
I forgot the two men facing each other and blinked.
“What do you mean?”
“Literally so! After all, the roses have no choice but to argue over Sister.”
Crunch. She put the white cookie to her mouth and bit it cheerfully. In the White Rose’s white hand, the white cookie crumbled into small pieces.
“Worship or reverence. Respect or love and…… Jealousy or obsession. It all entails a desire to like and possess the other.”
The two men seemed to at least be going to take out their swords, so I didn’t take my attention off them and I asked if they were looking beyond desire.
“Yes. Desire. Is there anything wrong with desire? They want to be by your side with such a pure heart. Then, if it got tainted, it will become an obsession.”
It was a problem to impose this desire on the other person, but there was nothing wrong with the desire itself. I looked away slowly. She was smiling and speaking calmly, she certainly looked mature.
“Sister, do you know what happened back in the days when the Blue Rose was intact?”
“What happened?”
Of course I didn’t know.
“The ‘Rose Festival’. A great war waged by the ancient powers took place.”
She explained briefly. It’s held at the request of all roses, and it’s kind of like a territorial battle to find the Blue Rose within a set time. I frowned. It was a weird way.
“What is that? It’s not even hunting.”
“No. It’s more like a treasure hunt than usual hunting. And you have to be chosen by the treasure. It’s tricky. How dare they hurt the blue rose… it’s not that kind of hunting.”
Francia laughed softly. There was still a white cookie in her hand.
“After many roses have died, the thought ‘I’d rather have them all’ came to life.’”
Waving her hands as she ate the cookies, she pointed to the now silent two men.
“Because this is better than war. And…….”
“If the Blue Rose gets hurt in this kind of competition, they get eliminated.”
Francia’s smile gradually faded.
“I’m afraid that they’ll even lose their breath, such a waste.”
Swish, she put her hand on her neck and slashed it. It was a pleasant expression, but what was in her eyes was not at all.
“Even if you want to have them all. The Grand Duke won’t be able to say anything.”
She smiled brightly and brought her finger to me.
“And have me too, sister.”
In her words, as if joking, I could feel the intention to ease my feelings. I also smiled. I paused smiling, and tilted my head.
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“But aren’t there four roses?”
After I said that, I thought of the Empress, except for that one. There was one more.
The Black Rose.
Having everything, Chaser would also be included, right?
“Should I have them all indeed?”
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