Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 194

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Everyone’s faces turned serious at my words. It deserved it, so it wasn’t unexpected.
“Iana, you don’t have to go.”
Ricdorian stopped Francia and was the first to announce his intentions. Then the rest of them lined up and said,
“Sister, you can’t. You knew what the danger was!”
“Yes. I don’t think Miss Iana needs to go back.”
In particular, Francia desperately shook her head. It’s like a face crying out against a marriage. I looked at Ricdorian and Lenag alternately.
“How about calling out the Black Rose instead? Someone, invite him!”
Both are high-ranking nobles. So, they want to create a position where he has no choice but to go.
“First of all, it’s difficult for me. My title is lower than that person’s.”
It was Lenag who answered.
“And the Grand Duke is almost equal in titles, but…….”
“Sworn enemies.”
Ricdorian continued.
“It’s strange to invite him and even more strange to respond. I think everyone here knows that. Unless you’re going to let the world know.”
Even Ricdorian who said that was not very comfortable.
Surely there was a way to summon Chaser out, but even if they did, they don’t know what he might have done to the Domulit mansion, and they do not know the geography of Domulit.
‘Besides, he won’t even accept the invitation.’
For me to enter the Domulit mansion and knock out Chaser or do whatever it takes to neutralize him and bring him back would be the quickest. I hesitated and spoke slowly.
“Is there any way to stun the Black Rose?”
We’ve already covered most of the ways we can do it. They must have known that trying more here would be a waste of human resources.
Above all else, I know the most important fact.
“…… He will be defenseless to me.”
The moment I said these words, the eyes of the three gathered together. It was a gaze that was a little more serious or tenacious than the first time. And Lenag nodded slowly.
“Certainly it is.”
Someone who knew Chaser like me agreed. But his expression was still skeptical.
“But I don’t think that’s a reason for Miss Iana to go there.”
He asked me to reconsider my words, but at the same time I resolutely refused.
“Iana, I can do anything you ask, but…… That’s not possible. Can’t you think again?”
At Ricdorian’s cautious remark, Francia quickly nodded and agreed, saying, ‘Yes, that’s right!’ I’m sorry to them, but actually I expected this far. This backlash.
I was surprised that their reaction was stronger and more determined than expected, but on the other hand, I was grateful. Because that’s how much they thought of me.
However, that made me even more determined.
“So, is there a better solution than this?”
If yes, I will step back. The three were silent. Knowing that it was an uncomfortable silence, but they wouldn’t be able to make a point.
I was also not trying to go blindly. At least in order to solve the problem of Ricdorian’s time-limit, I have to go with him to Kambrakam. I didn’t forget this.
“Don’t worry. It’s not that I don’t want to come back like this.”
And lastly, don’t they know now? That everything Chaser did to me was wrong. My thoughts on life there gradually changed and were reevaluated.
“I’ll tell you in advance.”
I slowly raised my head.
They see me as a rose in a glass dome. It was not wrong. But that’s not the right thing to say either.
At least, I’m not incompetent enough to be a nuisance with what I’m trying to do.
“I will come back.”
I stared at Lenag, looked at Francia, and finally towards Ricdorian.
“Find a way to stun Chaser.”
The roses have the same power and ability as Chaser. There will be a way if they look for it. Because I know where the tiara is.
“I’m confident I’ll come back with the tiara.”
The magic that protects the warehouse will not threaten me.
“When you go back, you won’t be able to run far alone.”
Chaser’s men were sensitive. They were agile, resembling its owner’s temperament. If they notice Chaser’s strangeness sooner than expected, it will be difficult to escape. But when I come back, I won’t have to move alone. I slowly put my hand on my chest.
“So. After I get out, do your best to take me with you.”
Looking at Ricdorian, I said clearly.
“So that I can return to you.”
The blue eyes that looked at me flickered for an instant. I bent my eyes.
“Please, will you do that for me?”
“Find what I want to do. You told me that.”
At those words, Ricdorian’s face gradually darkened. He wiped his face slightly and turned his head away. Covering his lips with the back of his hand.
“…… that’s selfish.”
“Yes, I am selfish.”
I smiled.
“As you saw in prison. I’m selfish.”
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I moved my gaze mischievously.
“Will you do it?”
This time it was Lenag’s turn. Then I told Francia. The two each made a troubled expression or looked sad, but in the end they nodded. As if it was force majeure.
“How can I defeat you?”
Finally, with a bitter smile, Lenag placed a hand on his chest and tilted his head respectfully.
“Everything as you wish.”
Once the gist of the operation had been established, the rest of the planning was accomplished quickly. There were two key elements of this operation. One was that I was going myself, and the other was…….
“What is this?”
“It’s poison!”
It was poison.
“If you are talking about this poison. It boasts the power to stun 300 elephants.”
“When using it, use it on the wrist or neck. Anywhere you can see blood vessels is fine.”
To put Chaser to sleep or to stun him. Surprisingly, Jaire was the one in charge of finding this method. As I quietly listened to the explanation, I rolled my eyes.
“…… Can I use it on people?”
“Yes? Of course, the average person dies.”
Jaire wrinkled his forehead. It was the expression of asking what I was talking about.
“I mean to use it on people?”
“The rose is not an ordinary person.”
Jaire is an archmage. At the same time, he was skilled in several methods. That’s why he was also able to create the ‘Stun Poison’.
“Miss, a rose has a body several times that of a human.”
Physical strength, I muttered without realizing it, and then tilted my head.
‘Why am I not like that?’
Wasn’t Ricdorian the only one who has more physical strength?
“Of course, His Excellency, among roses, had a particularly outstanding body. The ability itself is a matter of the body.”
So even this poison wouldn’t work for Ricdorian, but Chaser was different. The Black Rose has the mental-type ability. Therefore, he was relatively vulnerable to physical attacks. It was written in old records.
“This is also a record written because the Red Rose and the Black Rose did not get along for a long time. Anyway, isn’t it just the information we need?”
Jaire shrugged his shoulders.
“You should catch the line.”
This was correct. I nodded my head in agreement. Then I looked down at the poison in my hand. It was a small syringe.
“You just stick it in.”
Jaire explained. He said that even I, without physical strength, could use it.
A syringe.
Will I be able to put this into the man?
A few days passed again. The preparations were made quickly, and it was perfect to just leave tomorrow. The preparation took a few days longer than expected because they took turns giving me warnings or absurd self-defense techniques—of course. So, when I returned to my room after the last inspection, it was already late in the evening.
When I reached the front door alone, I stopped when I saw the person standing in front of the door.
His upper body was upright rather than leaning on his back. He looked at me as if he knew I was walking. It was a bit dark, but it shouldn’t have been a problem for him to see me.
“What’s going on?”
I was already with him today too. Because he didn’t want to leave me for a moment. I looked closely and realized one thing. No, it would be correct to assume that he was expecting me.
“Are you trying to stay up all night in front of my room?”
He already has a history of doing that. Lenag also had a hard time trying to stop Ricdorian. But Ricdorian slowly shook his head.
“No. That’s not it.”
Somehow, he had a subtly hardened face. It was like looking into my eyes.
“…… Iana.”
The beautiful red lips opened slowly. A tense tone rang out.
He took a breath
“I want to engrave a rose on you.”
I flinched.
A rose?
…… That thing?
Thousands of thoughts ran through my mind in an instant. It was almost like a storm.
After the silence, I raised my eyes. It was after my look of embarrassment disappeared. Instead of answering, I opened the door.
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“Hmm, are you ready?”
“…… ready?”
“Yes. You never know who will be more difficult.”
I turned my head while holding the doorknob. Then I calmly said a word, and immediately his face heated up. Seeing that, I raised my lips.
“Come in.”
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