Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 195.2

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132. I want to engrave (Part 2)
Ricdorian raised his head from my chest. I must have fallen for him this way…… After the panting subsided, my posture was strange. Just because his expression changed, the vague and sullen atmosphere changed in an instant to heighten the tension.
I shook my head inside. Tomorrow is the operation day. It will be a big deal before the operation day…… I didn’t have enough stamina. I admitted frankly. Damn it. It’s like ignoring the table that was laid out in front of you! I wiped my face once. It was to pull myself together.
Still, I couldn’t take my hand off his shirt. It was a lust created by desire. I didn’t even know that I, who was usually indifferent, would have such a desire. These were all miracles created by the man in front of me. To be precise, this superb view took my breath away.
“…… No?”
I didn’t want to see him tilting his head. No. The moment he does that, the eroticness rises. Ricdorian’s expression gradually changed. The expression he had been holding back was gone.
“Ha, then…….”
Ricdorian gently rubbed my lips with a hand that didn’t hold my wrist. He tilted his head to the side and gently rolled his eyes.
His personality had changed.
“What should i do?”
He looked down at me and didn’t smile as if he knew something. It was a determined smile that seemed to attract people. One of his hands slowly unbuttoned his button. The moment I saw his chest muscles protruding through my white shirt, I took a deep breath. It was because I saw that my eyes were flowing down and there was a protruding clearly on the side of his thigh. I couldn’t not know. He didn’t even try to hide his lower body.
“Can I touch your clothes?”
Seeing him dripping with eccentricity and smiling mischievously, I wanted to shout out to him, lie down here as soon as possible.
At the same time, I should not be fooled by the dangerous beastly atmosphere.
‘…… Somehow, if I say no here, I feel like he’s going to lift out the blanket right now.’
I held back my smile and leaned back slightly.
“It’s a bit……. No, sure.”
“Do it.”
Then, at the sudden permission of my capriciousness, a surprised face flashed across Ricdorian. But he didn’t hold it up.
“Which one?”
“…… Right side.”
Ricdorian’s large hand grabbed my thigh. While the hand holding it tight was unfamiliar, my spine straightened out naturally. Ricdorian slowly lowered his head. I thought he was going to lift my thighs right away, but he grabbed me from the top of my feet and let out a slow breath. Like kissing with his breath.
Unknowingly, I tilted my head to the warm body temperature through the thin clothes. My neck was trembling. To the extent that I have the urge to throw him away like this.
“Why, inside your thighs?”
He buried his lips somewhere on the inside of my thigh. There seemed to be some dissatisfaction in his voice. Can he see it right now? I slowly opened my mouth.
“…… That’s so I didn’t get caught while living with my brother.”
If Chaser had known, it was impossible to know in which direction it would have flowed. His reaction was better. A number of complexities passed through his raised eyes with his lips buried.
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“Don’t call him, brother.”
“…… So, Chaser?”
Are you telling me to call his name? I blinked as I gave him my leg. Don’t call him? Ricdorian quickly raised his upper body. It was as if I was immediately trapped in his body.
“Don’t even call him.”
Ricdorian shook his head and headed towards my neck. He bit it like taking a bite, but only moistened it. It didn’t tickle me anymore, but stimulated me intimately. The bed linen was crumpled.
“……. The traces…….”
“I’m not leaving any.”
Kiss. A kiss continued on my neck. His hand clasping my waist slowly rises upwards. I didn’t stop him. Instead, I took his hand and naturally placed it on my chest. He looked startled for a moment, then rolled his eyes and smiled mischievously.
“I won’t break anything our Iana says. It’s a good rose. Can’t you not call that guy at all?”
A playful tone rang in my ears, but there was no time for concern. His hand gently rubbed my chest. It wasn’t a skillful touch, but a warm breath burst out of my mouth in a near-raw movement.
“Lovely Iana.”
…… driving me crazy. Really.
Eventually, he stopped kissing my body when I raised the white flag. Suddenly, the ribbon on my chest loosened, revealing my upper chest. Saliva pooled in the damp marks on my chest. I grabbed my neck and exhaled. Ricdorian looked at me with a half-red face and grabbed my hand slightly. Then he rubbed his cheek against my palm. I could feel the bulging and inflated bulkiness of his thighs that were in contact with me. It was a presence that was difficult to pretend not to know. He ripped off all my buttons.
Then he took my hand and slowly lowered it onto his thigh.
As if asking for a compliment.
What does he want me to compliment? The answer was not difficult. A heavy feeling in the hand. He gently rubbed my hands that he held together. Ha, a breath flowed from him. I licked my lips and moved my hand directly.
“Huu, Ia…na…….”
The friction that comes into contact with the clothes increases. My breathing was also getting faster. The reddened face, the bright corners of the eyes, the dizzying gaze, and the mouth that licks the fingers of my other hand with his tongue. I was out of breath. I felt the volume above my thighs getting bigger and the fabric was slightly damp.
Ricdorian grabbed my other hand and kissed the inside of my wrist long. The moment I thought it was all that, a tingling sensation penetrated my wrist.
I opened my eyes wide.
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The spot where he had pulled off his lips was left with a slightly reddish mark. It was a blemish that would soon disappear, but he seemed satisfied. Ricdorian’s eyes widened neatly.
“In this way, even if the Black Rose’s appears, it will look red, right?”
But while holding me with a gaze as if he had done well. I laughed.
“Can I kiss you?”
“Yes. You don’t have to ask for permission.”
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