Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 196

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133. Oh my God, a beast?
As soon as my words flew, his lips swept over me. His lips were cautious, but it didn’t take a few seconds for it to turn into a ferocious one. I wrapped my arms around his neck and patted him as if it were okay. As if holding the reins, while gently brushing the back of his head.
Drop. His shirt fell to the floor. Naked, he took off the blanket that was covering me and threw it away.
I exhaled a light breath.
When I opened my eyes, eyes filled with longing were staring at me with a burning heat. I rolled my eyes slightly and he slammed at me. It was right to say that he covered me with his body because he was so big.
I laid still on the bed and looked up at Ricdorian. He closed his eyes and focused only on my lips. The trembling silver eyelashes gave off a neat yet breathtaking look. How about the reddened cheeks or under the eyes?
As I tried to stand still, the cord of my reason seemed to be burning and was about to break. I had to calm down, but my mind soon became cloudy. To be exact, my vision became blurry.
I felt like I saw him unbutton his trousers in the midst of my blurry vision. I couldn’t stop him.
“Huk, uh……. Ricdor, uuhhh.”
I didn’t think he did that much. Ricdorian knew exactly where I felt and rubbed it.
What’s more, he pushed me, giving me the least amount of time to breathe. In a way, he was clumsy like a teenage boy kissing for the first time, but somehow controlling his pace made him feel like an expert. Thanks to that, it was hard to keep up with just kissing each other.
He will eat me. He would eat me up.
I barely opened my eyes. Ricdorian moved his hands busily, without taking his mouth off my lips. I was only wearing thin one-piece underwear. The ribbon tied to the side is untied one by one. There are 6 attached, but 3 of them are loose.
Unlike in the past case, the clothes I currently wore maintained a close balance. In other words, when all the ribbons were untied, the clothes would fall off.
2 ribbons left.
Ricdorian abruptly stopped unraveling the ribbon and touched my chest over the thin cloth. Then, he touched the risen peak.
“Uhng, Ric, huh. Ah!”
Somehow, it seems that the Grand Duke’s reason has not returned. No, I don’t think it’ll ever come back. My skirt was rolled up to my knees as I was lying on the bed and moved around with the kisses. Even the blanket to cover my body had already fallen to the floor for a long time.
Ricdorian’s hand patted my knee and brushed the side of my thigh. A creepy goosebumps swelled up. It was also because of the cold air, and also……. the touch that passed by was very careful and gentle.
However, unlike the soft touch, his hand was that of a tough swordsman. His hand, holding the sword for a long time, was hard and rough, and when the calluses brushed against me, it provoked a strange stimulus.
Couldn’t the calluses disappear with the power of the rose? I thought about it, but it went away soon. I also thought that maybe this was the product of Ricdorian’s constant efforts that could not be helped even with the rose’s power.
The sensation of tapping and hitting me with his thighs every time he moved was also very annoying. Because this feeling of bulkiness felt like it was going to eat me at any moment.
How long will that increase the volume? Perhaps he felt my gaze, he smiled. It was a lazy laugh. Then he pulled it out of my pants. In the midst of excitement, I was caught up in ecstasy. Tap, taptap. Ricdorian grabbed me and shook it slightly. Unknowingly, we reached out and our hands overlapped.
“I’ll be gentle, Iana.”
I didn’t have time to worry about it exactly. It felt like he was only touching with a hand that could not be denser even though I kissed him densely. As if urging my hunger to rise.
Finally, the lips fell.
“Haa, haa…….”
But only one person was out of breath.
I narrowed my eyebrows and stared at Ricdorian. He twitched at my gaze. Then he slowly put his lower body on me. Still our hands were on his lower body, overlapping. A squeak, a blatant sound, and his sweet breath wet my ear.
The moment a low but sweet voice like cotton candy called me, it was like biting candied fruit in my mouth.
“A little while ago, you said I shouldn’t look at the rose.”
Ricdorian lowered his head. The tip of his nose just hit me.
“My rose on your thigh. If I can’t see it, what about touching it?”
“Uh, yes?”
My voice did not come out properly because of his sweet breath. The hand holding him that was overlaid was already slippery.
“Can I touch it?”
Ricdorian’s fingers lightly touched my folded knee, then fell. The voice asking for permission was polite, clear, and sweet.
I felt a sense of disparity here. No, to kiss me a lot and then to ask politely and bluntly in a messed up state, on the contrary, it sounded like his reason being blown away with no way back.
Unsurprisingly, it was an obsessive gaze. His blue eyes seemed to glow with heat.
The problem was that I was no different. The heat seemed to soak up my brain.
I gently stroked his neck, then grabbed his hair with a snap. Then I pushed him away and raised my upper body. In that state, our exhalation overlaps. I smiled in front of the face that got closer.
Come on, tomorrow is a big day. Let’s be patient.
One ribbon left. My clothes were barely holding up. I slowly removed his hand from my thigh. But as soon as it was removed, Ricdorian’s strong arms wrapped around my waist. There was a gasp due to the strength of the movement. Our position changed.
He smiled with an obedient look on his face as if he was happy. But his body was neither innocent nor obedient at all. I was momentarily perplexed by the sensation I felt between my thighs. I assessed the thickness with my hands a while ago. My wet hands were full of his traces. What if it even came into me?
The heat seemed to have engulfed the inside of my sizzling stomach. No, that’s inevitable because of the size…… can it get in? What. Whoo. No. Good thoughts. Good thoughts. Don’t bow your head, don’t look……. It’s better than not saying it, although it would be useful to have good thoughts now.
“Well, I want to go on foot safely tomorrow, right?”
“Yes. Iana.”
He replied innocently. However, it goes without saying that the enthusiasm in his voice was not at all innocent. His finger tapped the remaining ribbon. I grabbed his finger and pulled it down.
“Haa, I’ll be honest.”
I put my hand on his cheek and gently wiped it away.
“It’s not that I’m not attracted either.”
This was true.
How can I maintain my reason in the face of a man who I can’t help but fall in love like this? Normally, I would have just closed my eyes and moved on. But there was something more that I desperately wanted than that. Wouldn’t tomorrow be a bigger deal? It was about the coming and going of life!
I exhaled lowly.
“I mean, I am attracted. But there is something more important.”
I raised my head and made serious eye contact. With the playfulness removed.
“And more honestly.”
I must say this. I looked down to say this. And my eyes met his lower body. I nodded. Crazy. No wonder I couldn’t grab it with my hands.
I was out of breath on my own.
“If that goes in and out, I wouldn’t be able to walk. Can’t walk.”
Yes. I really wouldn’t be able to walk. I can’t guarantee it. I was extremely serious.
It was a size that seemed unlikely. Even now, I was trying hard not to close my eyes after only seeing it once. Oh my God.…… I heard he had a body like a beast. That must have been a double meaning!
“So I can’t.”
Saying that, I thought that even Ricdorian would have noticed it enough.
The person who lost reason was more raw than usual and had a tendency to do things as he pleases, but he didn’t do anything against my will. So, I thought he would have figured it out……. The hand that had fallen from my upper body caught hold of me. Ricdorian took my hand and pressed it to his cheek and lips. Then he slowly opened his eyes.
The hand that touched my round shoulder was dense. I did not hold the flowing hand. It was because it was very strange, but because it was a pleasant touch. He wiped my bare white chest. The soft skin touched by an unfamiliar hand, the senses seemed to welcome his hand.
He lowered his head and bit a handful of my chest. The act of soothing the peak made my legs tight.
“Huuhh, uh, ah!”
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Lost in the air, he grabbed my wandering hand and clasped it. RIcdorian removed his lips off and went down and buried his lips on my chest. A large hand gripped the opposite chest carefully over the narrowly draped cloth and then released it. I flinched as the peak was brushed over the fabric.
Ricdorian, who went down leaving a moist trail, buried his head in my lower body. Now the clothes were covering only the stomach and chest to the extent that I wondered if they were even functioning. While not being able to stop him properly, Ricdorian was seated properly, and his forehead and neck were soaked with sweat in an instant. It felt as if I had unconsciously pushed Ricdorian’s shoulder and was restrained by his rigidity.
Ricdorian raised his head between my legs. Then he approached, wiping his shiny lips with the back of his hand. His hands crossed my fingers and grabbed it as he went down.
“Ri, haa…… Ricdorian.”
The corners of his eyes were beautifully curved. His sweat-drenched hair was very erotic.
“No more…….”
“Then, hmm?”
Ricdorian’s thing that had been caught in my hand and touched once again was very hard. Soft but hard like an iron core. Even holding it with both hands, the size remains. It looks like the bottom was getting wet.
I rolled my eyes in surprise. As if aware of my reaction, Ricdorian whispered a small whisper to me with a shy but joyful smile on his face.
“Iana, there are so many things you can do in this world without going in and out.”
…… What?
I blinked my eyes wide.
Wait, wait. How do you know that?
“Yes, Iana.”
Ricdorian’s eyes were red. He smiled mischievously with that face.
“Wa, huht, wait, uhhng.”
His lips poured out in my neck without mercy. I quickly took my hand and covered his lips with both hands. Talk to me, this man! I covered his mouth in that sense, but he grabbed my hand and kissed my palm softly. It wasn’t enough, he even rolled his eyes.
From his gaze, it drips languid temptation.
“As long as I don’t put it in, right?”
No, what interpretation, that’s a transcendental interpretation!
I quickly shook my head. It’s not that I don’t know, and I can’t fall for this kind of catchphrase….
As soon as I raised my head, I stopped.
Ricdorian was weeping. Also with a very red face. Tears that I didn’t know when they were going to start to fall.
“…… No?”
Drip. I came to my senses at the falling tears.
“…… Really?”
…… I’m doomed.
He buried his head in my neck and rubbed his forehead. My heart sank. Falling from him, the tears that flowed down my collarbone flowed down the ribs of my chest. I wondered what kind of new bizarre stimulus it was.
“Please, Iana.”
Ricdorian’s voice was a little hoarse.
“I think I’m going crazy…….”
Drip. It’s not just tears that fell…….
No, it could be not only the sound of tears falling, but also the sound of the strings of reason falling. I realized it. I realized it was a problem!
I bit my lip.
This is a foul! I shouted to myself.
“Then, just the lips.”
“Just the lips? really?”
But there was no more time to think, the red lips covered me eagerly.
The next morning.
At a time closer to late morning, a carriage secretly pulled out of the capital Hernim’s mansion. It was more luxurious than a shabby carriage, but not too luxurious.
And in the carriage, I was leaning against the window, lost in my mind. Jaire, who was riding across from me, tilted his head.
“Are you feeling uncomfortable?”
He asked me as I was in a daze.
Jaire is an Archmage, who takes on the role of moving me out of the current capital and getting me to a certain point. And he would go back and move the rest of the crew.
As he played one of his most important roles, he had a slightly more tense expression than usual.
“Are you sick?”
“… It’s okay, so go ahead.”
I shook my head. If I didn’t answer, he felt like he was going to turn the carriage. Literally, my body was fine. No, I’m fine, but I’d say my energy was running low. To be precise, I have to say that I don’t have enough energy…….
I looked at the distant mountain.
“Jaire, you are right.”
“Yes? What did I say…….”
Your Grand Duke is like a beast. It’s just……. Afterwards, I took a deep breath.
I swallowed the words I couldn’t bear to say and turned my gaze away. Jaire just tilted his head.
“By the way, Ricdorian’s curse. After getting the Empress’ permission, we will be able to go into the prison side by side and I could use my power, right?”
If we successfully bring the Empress’ tiara, we will be able to enter Kambrakam as promised. And it was only recently that I felt it, but I seemed to have a vague understanding of how to use my power.
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This started when Aquala disappeared, when a blue light leaked out of my hand without realizing it.
“Yes. that’s right.”
“Can I just go into Kambrakam?”
In order to relieve the tension on the things that will happen from now on, I deliberately brought out the distant future first.
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