Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 199

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The air was tight, like water in a pot that was about to boil over. I didn’t know what would happen if it broke.
He immediately looked at me with his eyes reddened from sleep. In the red iris in front of my eyes, the unfathomable things that were silent were surfacing again.
“Now you fall in love with the Red Rose?”
A low growling voice came from him.
“Would he even give you his neck? Why is he sending you back to the limbs alone like this?”
“Is Domulit a lion’s mouth?”
He let out a deep laugh at my question.
“It would be the same for the Red Rose.”
It was also the first laugh I had ever seen.
“Iana, are you going to give up on me?”
I tilted my head as he lay down. Give up?
“Isn’t that something to say when you at least have one?”
I didn’t answer. Because I had enough up to here. But despite that,
My mouth didn’t stop.
“Why do you want me to regret it?”
I laughed slowly. Then he went on to say,
“Anyway, I won’t regret it.”
It was pouring out. I didn’t mean to provoke it, but without realizing it, my sincerity came out. I couldn’t pick it up and hold it.
“And I regret doing it when it’s no use. Brother.”
Even though I didn’t reply, Chaser seemed to have noticed a lot already. His laughter grew louder. He and I must know that this wasn’t a joke.
I spoke calmly and quietly.
“You can’t go back to the past just because you regret it.”
The past can never be undone. Now there are no scars left, but sometimes my ankles are so heavy that I have to look into them.
It’s like hearing the sound of a chain without realizing it while walking.
As it turns out, all of this was strange in the end. He was smart, he would have already known.
There was no way this man didn’t know what I had noticed. This man was not ignorant of morals, he was a man who even used morals.
“Already, you think regretting is useless, don’t you?”
You are a smart man.
“What do you regret?”
I put a period in that.
“You’re thinking like this.”
I know this man as much as this man knows me. We were so close. To the point it was too much.
It was this man who approached me, but it was me who allowed the distance.
Thanks to this man, my life was preserved. He kept me alive to this day. Maybe that’s where my mind became loose. Immersed in inertia, without knowing that something went wrong.
My hand hesitates for a moment, then touches his cheek. Then he continued without hesitation.
“But I don’t think it’s wrong either.”
As a human being, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the little warlock and this man who devoted their life to protecting me every time in this space.
“There is something I cannot forgive. Brother won’t repent. We know each other well.”
I hate it but not hate it. It’s actually easy to get rid of the contradictions.
“If you don’t regret it, I don’t need to forgive you either.”
You just have to delete one of them completely.
“I just decided not to think about you.”
Chaser’s expression collapsed for the first time.
“…… That’s not allowed.”
It was shattered, revealing a face close to raw. His face without a single smile showed an expression I had never seen even when he was angry.
“I knew it, did you fall in love with the Red Rose?”
Chaser lowered his voice. An ecstatic and creepy voice that seemed to fill my ears.
“But you know what?”
He smiled with a contorted face.
“Iana. The Blue Rose…… can’t love anyone.”
I raised my eyes. At a glance, the appearance was so disastrous that it was a mess.
“Think about it.”
He tilted his head. His wet hair-clad face was dark and sensual like a demon that had just come out of hell.
“Does your heart race when you see that man? Have you ever felt thirsty when you want to see someone? Have you ever felt so obsessed that you would even risk a war to jump forward?”
I didn’t ask whose feelings it was. I just stared blankly
“No, there is not.”
It was sincere. If he’s talking about love, I’ve never felt it.
My life has always been as still as still water. I adapt easily to everything, am not easily surprised, and pay little attention to others. As if I was born with this kind of thing.
“A Blue Rose that was required by many roses is born with indifference. All Blue Roses were like that. Iana.”
If this is truly a characteristic of the Blue Rose, then I am the Blue Rose.
“It was the rule set by the primordial rose. If you give too much love to something, other roses will go mad and destroy the world. Then innocent people will be hurt.”
My breathing’s crossed.
“Passion of the Red Rose, loyalty of the Yellow Rose, joy and healing of the White Rose, and finally obsession of the Black Rose.”
Numerous unfathomable emotions permeated through the slow voice.
“So, Iana, you can’t love.”
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I stared at him and slowly opened my mouth.
“You’re lying, aren’t you?”
This is a lie.
“If you don’t lie to me.”
In the past, ‘Iana’ loved Chaser. This is a lie. Chaser, who looked at me, gradually calmed down. Then he lowered his head and let out a laugh.
“Yes, that’s a lie.”
After a while, he raised his head and returned to his usual face. However, there was an uncontrollable redness all over his face. Between his laughter, there were tears that seemed to fall from his red eyes.
“But Iana, you said you allow only one lie.”
Long tears ran down his cheeks.
“…… That’s not me, is it?”
Not me, but ‘Iana’.
I did not know that I would be able to ask the questions I felt on the carriage so quickly. I hope this opportunity will come.
“That’s right.”
Chaser meekly admitted. To the extent that I am surprised by the rather light answer. I grabbed his arm.
It was time for the truth to come out.
“Are you the one who brought me here?”
I have finally reached the fundamental question. At this moment when eyes of different colors meet.
“That’s right, Iana.”
This man called me that, even though he knew my name wasn’t Iana. A name that has now inevitably become my property.
“I brought you here.”
Chaser’s hand dug into my defenseless hand and interlocked.
“And I fell in love with you.”
Streams of tears flow down the face with a bitter smile. The man smiled softly even though he was crying.
“I didn’t know it was going to be like this.”
Long, white, delicate fingers grip my hand like a rose vine.
“I didn’t know I was going to go crazy like this.”
A faint light flickered with his clasped hands. The moment I saw the light, I opened my eyes wide.
“I didn’t expect it at all until my sister died.”
The light was blue. It was the light of the Blue Rose that I had once seen in my hand. Chaser’s voice continued to be heard in my ears. It was a voice of deep regret.
“Aren’t you wondering why I know where the guardian deity of the Blue Rose is?”
He was talking about the letter he sent me.
“How was it possible to seal the guardian deity of the Red Rose?”
At the same time, I could feel Pudding, who was preparing to jump out inside me, trembled.
“The power of the Blue Rose is one of two. Go back in time. Go beyond dimension.”
“…… What?”
“My sister had the power to turn back time, and before she died she gave all her power to me. And I went back in time.”
In the end, it meant that he had sealed Pudding and obtained the guardian deity of the Blue Rose because he had gone back in time knowing everything.
I couldn’t get a word out.
“Actually, where I was, the roses must have gone crazy when my sister died unexpectedly.”
“…… Are you saying you saved the world?”
“It’s not that grand. Iana, my sister was a selfish blue rose.”
Chaser bowed his head. At the same time, a dazzling blue light emanated from him. However, it soon mixed with black, creating a subtle and mysterious yet gloomy feeling.
“He wanted me to love her. Only saving me and sending me to the past.”
I remembered the scene Aquala showed me a long time ago. The scene where Chaser was holding ‘Iana’ and crying.
“That child was stupid. If she uses that power, she will disappear. What I saw when I went back was that the soul had disappeared and only the shell remained.”
My body did not move. It seemed to be because of the haze of blue and black light flowing out now.
“I went back to the world where the soul of the Blue Rose was gone, but I had to protect the shell.”
It felt like all the puzzles were coming together.
Duke Domulit’s younger sister who woke up in the prison. A woman who does not know her own crime.
And the appearance of ‘Iana’ that the guards remembered.
{“I’m not a learned person, so I can’t find a proper expression. That… the Miss’ eyes at that time, I guess….were a little out of focus”}
“I will somehow save the body and I put it in a temple full of ancient power.”
{“Ummm, to put it bluntly. The Miss at the time was like, you felt like a ‘doll’, maybe?”}
“But the only thing is that it couldn’t exist again.”
Chaser laughed, wiping the tears away with the back of his hand.
“That’s why I called you.”
He lifted my interlocked hand and brushed it against his lips.
A deep fragrance is felt through the flickering light.
“My Blue Rose that has crossed the dimension.”
He slowly folded his knees in front of me and looked up at me. Dropping his old face as he said it.
“I was just trying to be faithful to my sister, who was only the shell.”
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Unlike other times, the soft voice penetrated more deeply. He murmured once more what he had said earlier.
“I didn’t know I was going to love you.”
Between the laughs, the mad eyes were curved with a dizzying temptation.
“I don’t know I’ll be yearning like this.”
With the tears that could not fall off the tip of his chin.
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