Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 200

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I stared at Chaser silently. I didn’t know what to say in this situation. Just the words Chaser had left blocked my throat like lumps of powder in a liquid.
Frustrated? No, more than that, a lot of thoughts ran through my mind. It was rare for me to feel complex emotions.
Was this the reason I woke up in the prison one day?
“It can’t be…….”
I did not open my lips, I kept my mouth shut. Naturally, the words were cut off. The words that couldn’t come out of my mouth lingered in my throat.
Is it his fault that I moved to this world and only remembered what’s in the book, the original story?
Who I was and what kind of face I was in another world. Is it also his fault that I don’t remember having a family?
And is it his fault that I never once wanted to go back to my world?
I was about to ask if it was all this man’s fault.
But I covered my lips. I didn’t mean to ask. It was only because, as I was about to speak, something like lightning flashed through my head.
It was kind of like a feeling.
I had a strong sense that it wasn’t this man’s fault. It was a very illogical feeling, but nonetheless, I naturally came to accept this.
I knew this was the power of the Blue Rose.
My power was telling the truth. It wasn’t this man’s fault, it was my ability. Being too good at adapting to an unfamiliar world, and being indifferent. No, my personality is all of these things. It was thanks to the power and characteristics of the Blue Rose that made me adapt well.
I wiped my face.
The situation was different, but suddenly I thought I seemed to understand Iana. The bad handwriting that had been written in the diary was lodged in my chest.
[“Everyone needed me.”]
She hadn’t written a single word that it was painful, but only those words were distorted. It is so thick as if the parchment could be pierced if pressed a little firmly.
I don’t know what kind of life Iana lived.
All I know is that the Black Rose has imprisoned the Blue Rose for a long time, the Blue Rose has lived with their surname being a domulet, and that she loved Chaser. Would it have been the same that something unintended was forcibly intervening in life?
If I hadn’t had the characteristics of the Blue Rose, the attention I needed would have been burdensome.
I didn’t have time to think about one.
The pain quickly subsided. Faster than it appeared, as clean as the water that soaked into the sponge was sucked.
I hadn’t really thought about it for a long time. Even if this is characteristic of the Blue Rose, I was already such a person.
Yes. What has already happened has happened. There is nothing that can be done.
if it’s irreversible.
I raised my head up.
Chaser was still kneeling in front of me and holding my hand. Like a devout knight who swore allegiance to the king.
A devout knight? It was a word that didn’t quite fit him. I squeezed my lips and reached out to him.
My hand grabbed his collar.
“Why, it’s too late now.”
He raised his gaze.
“Are you acting like a criminal now?”
“You have no intention of repenting.”
Chaser’s lips rose gradually at my words.
“Ah……. Did I get caught?”
Tears were still hanging from the tip of his chin.
“Are you going to do the same if I go back?”
“That’s right.”
The tears that had been hanging on to it were dripping down.
“I will do that if necessary.”
He smiled.
“And I will love you again.”
He couldn’t resist the hand that I was pulling on him and he was dragged along. No, he was pretending he couldn’t.
“That’s not what I want to hear.”
“What do you want?”
Without answering, I squeezed my hand and pushed him away. Soon he lay on the floor. It probably won’t hurt as much as it was a soft carpet.
“Sleep for now.”
Chaser’s eyes were now red enough to tell the difference between the color of the iris and the white of the iris. Like a man drenched in fatigue. Of course, I knew he had a plan to say this.
No. I know there’s a trick to it, though. I’ll never know what’s inside him.
“Iana, I don’t know what you are thinking.”
Like a lie, Chaser recited the words I was just thinking about. He lay down and looked up at me slowly.
“Is there anything you don’t know?”
“Of course. I’m always curious.”
His messy hair and his wrinkled shirt as he lay down were all visible. It was like seeing a vaguely black petal near his left chest.
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“From the moment I found out about your existence.”
He grabbed my hand that was holding him by the collar.
“You have always been something of an incomprehensible realm. I was curious because I didn’t understand.”
His voice was lowering little by little. It was a different aspect from being lowered in anger. Low, and gradually diminishing.
“The moment I didn’t understand became fun from some moment on.”
With my eyes half closed, I waited for the day to receive your letter. He murmured. Letter? As I questioned, Chaser pulled my hand and placed it over his eyes.
His lips curled as if they were painted on.
“Even though you were the only unsolvable question mark and problem in my life.”
A shaky breath came out.
“There were more moments that reminded me of you than blinking the eye.”
He said that he thought of me every moment. Then, with a low exhalation, he stopped moving. I counted inwardly as my hand was caught, and when I counted to 40, I slowly released my hand. The hand fell off incredibly easily. Tuk. Even his hand holding me fell to the floor.
What was visible under my hand was a sleeping face with his eyelids closed and his long eyelashes pointing down.
His shirt was wrinkled after the struggle, yet his figure was ecstatic decadent, as if he was sculpted this way.
I took a breath.
There was no time to be dazzled by the splendid appearance of this human being. I lifted my hand in the air and carefully placed it in front of his face. Swish, swish. I shook it slightly.
‘Did he really fall asleep?’
I think so. Because his face, breathing evenly, looked like he was really asleep. It was a face that bore that much fatigue.
This man was a man who could not close his eyes even if he was to die of exhaustion if there was a need for it.
Didn’t I know him very well?
He would have known that I had a plan from the beginning……. I don’t know why he immediately closed his eyes at my words. I slowly clasped my fingers. I clenched my pocket with my other hand.
‘If now…….’
Can I get the syringe out of my pocket? I waited 30 minutes to confirm, but he did not open his eyes. Is this a battle of patience or is he really asleep……. My pendulum of thought is tilted toward ‘slept’. Still, I couldn’t move.
Then, with the tips of his fingers clenched, he boldly stretched out his hand. And stopped right in front of me.
Snap. my hand was caught
“Are you bored?”
Chaser, who had half-opened his eyes, smiled languidly and kissed my fingertips.
“I’m sorry…… My Iana, just a little more.”
I’ll sleep. He closed his eyes again, resting and whispering in a harsh voice. As he brought my hand to my lips.
Cold sweat runs down my back.
I knew instinctively.
Chaser doesn’t sleep. No, to be precise, he doesn’t completely fall asleep. He found out about the small movement that I unfolded a while ago.
So that he can open his eyes anytime, anywhere. That he was prepared like a beast so that he could move even at the slightest sign he felt.
‘If I took out the syringe…….’
I saw the sleeping face. The color, the man’s sweet breath, resounded softly.
Unlike the peaceful villain’s face, the atmosphere in the room was full of tension.
The first night at Domulit ended like that.
Jaire said.
My stay there must not exceed a certain amount of time. While I took down Chaser in Domulit and got the tiara out, he said he was going to cause an incident somewhere else.
There are many crime cities near the Domulit estate. They are called ‘free cities’, but in reality they are lawless areas. The reason why there are so many cities like this is what Chaser intended. To be precise, he inherited what the former Duke Domulit had done and made it bigger.
In any case, Jaire was to attract attention by causing trouble in one of these cities, with the aim of ending crimes.
Lenag and I, who knew the inner workings of Domulit, gave information on which of these cities was important, and Jaire who touched the city directly, and Francia lent Paladins. Chaser knows it’s a trap, but he can’t help but send people away.
Because they were going to touch something that was worth it.
I’ve been thinking about it here. Since we have been enemies for a long time, Hernim and Domulit. They must have known each other’s faults by themselves.
I waited quietly. Actually, there is nothing I can do after I return to the mansion. When I first lived here, there was nothing I could do. I just ate and slept warmly on my back, and sometimes went for a walk outside.
Pudding didn’t come out of me because he was so nervous. If there is something, it has to come out right away.
I also reunited with the little warlock, but we couldn’t talk for long. That’s probably because Chaser, who had a cruel face, was by my side in the room without missing a single moment.
Of course, the cruel face here was not the face I saw, but the face he showed to his subordinates or the little warlock.
When I look back, as always, he was smiling.
I could only guess from the face of the person who had been hesitant.
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Even if I live the same life as before, if I look into it, it sounds like it was different. Chaser never left my side like a determined person.
…… This is helpful.
I was looking for opportunities, so for me, it was better to see him more often than for him to disappear to meet his duties.
‘I didn’t know that he would meet his duties in my room.’
Today, looking at the person sitting at the desk in my room naturally, I clicked my tongue.
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