Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 203

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I widened my eyes.
He digs deeper, not letting go of the slightly opened lips. His hand was clasped tightly around my waist and gently rubbed over my waist.
A strange sensation penetrated my spine. All the while, his gaze was fixed on me. As if to watch him sleep while stabbing him. It was a gaze that was intense and tenacious.
It was extremely poisonous, but it took some time for the drug to take effect. Even to buy time, I couldn’t separate him.
As if recognizing the difficulty of not being able to take it off, Chaser entwined my hands and grinned. Then he pulled his lips apart for a moment and pressed them deep inside my neck and wrists.
“You……. Heup.”
However, for a moment, our lips met again.
Tick ​​tock. The second hand flows.
I looked at the clock and held back the pleasure that flowed.
Chaser found a spot where I felt and gently rubbed and licked it. So much so that I couldn’t stand it and grabbed his hand and locked him in my hand. Still, he could not dig deep into my lips, and the ribbon on my chest gently loosened.
It was a close kiss, like running over a cliff.
I grabbed his neck and grabbed a handful of Chaser’s back. I stared at him, Chaser smiled and pressed our lips together. His hand didn’t move any more, just holding my waist.
The lips fall slowly.
And tuk, the syringe fell.
In an empty state.
I looked down at the empty syringe and raised my gaze. As I exhaled from the intense kiss, I gasped for breath.
It was Chaser who spoke first.
“Cystamine poison, altapha grass, and curse magic were mixed. I don’t know about the other one. Is this a new poison?”
Chaser whispered softly.
“I’m sure it’s enough for me to listen. Iana.”
The distance was still close as our lips had just separated after a violent kiss. I squeezed my lips shut as the exhalation pressed against my lips.
“I suppose so.”
I casually rubbed my lips with the back of my hand and let out a voice.
“It is said that even three hundred elephants will be defeated, no matter how much you do, you will be knocked down.”
He didn’t even respond to my words. Myy expression became strange.
“It’s toxic. You might die.”
I poked his chest and looked at him indifferently. Chaser grabbed my finger and rolled his eyes.
“If it’s in your hands, it’s okay to die.”
“…… You are crazy.”
I stopped joking and hardened my expression.
“You. You know……. Why did you let it happen?”
He couldn’t have not known. It was a series of incomprehensible events. This man, he’s not the kind of man to be beaten, he’s the one to grab me and pay me back the result with addition.
“So that. You will look after me.”
I could imagine what his face would have been like without seeing it myself. He was looking at me with an incomprehensible look.
“I don’t think you’re going to die like this.”
My tongue slowly wet my lips.
“It wasn’t bad either.”
Chaser lowered his head and placed his head on my shoulder. Even though I was a little tired, I could feel his body slowing down at a glance.
“I don’t think you’re just running away, what do you need?”
Chaser hit exactly my intentions. I suddenly got goosebumps. Immediately, I bit my lip.
“…… The Emperor’s tiara.”
He was still noticing everything.
“Ah. That.”
Chaser’s laughter pierced my ears. It was a lower voice.
“…… Looks like you need it again this time.”
“Again this time?”
Chaser said nothing more.
“It’s in the basement. Do you know where it is?”
“…… I know.”
Chaser smirked. He groaned softly and rubbed his head against my shoulder.
“Take it.”
“You’re just giving it?”
“If you need it. Originally it was yours.”
I couldn’t see his face, but I could tell. Chaser’s voice was slowly getting smaller and lower as if crawling through a cave. It was a voice that sounded like a sleepy one.
Watching him fall asleep quietly without any resistance, I couldn’t help but ask.
He was the man who kept me locked up and tied up all the time.
“Why are you giving it?”
If I find this, I will leave without delay. He won’t be unaware of that fact.
“You did me a favor.”
Chaser whispers.
{Come and put me to sleep.}
I wanted to ask there.
“…… What are you doing?”
Isn’t this your way?
“I love you, Iana.”
But Chaser who answered was already asleep. I pushed his body and gently pushed him onto the sofa.
I turned my back on him, leaving him stunned as if asleep.
My bitten lip tingled, but I didn’t care. I opened the door and walked away.
There was nobody in the hallway. It seemed that all of them had rushed to the city where Jaire was at Chaser’s command. The people who guarded the mansion, especially around my room, were the most talented.
As I ran down the empty hallway, I had a strange feeling. It got bigger and bigger as I went down the stairs going down to the basement.
{I love you, Iana.}
Why is everyone so blind? I’ve never had true love. But there are things I’ve seen.
Love doesn’t just mean sacrificing everything you have. It felt like a taut piano string was pulling me. Do I regret it? No. I would have laid him down the same way if the same moment came. Still, I didn’t want to be in this space anymore. So maybe what was holding my ankle back.
I stopped walking slowly.
It was because I got to the basement. And I saw a small figure standing in front of the basement door.
Because I am a human being, I may have given affection to those around me. Even to the one who snatched me up and to his cute subordinate.
“Long time no see, miss.”
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Without change, the little warlock turned around. In his hand was a long wand, which I could not see very well. I know what that is. It was something he used to cast large-scale magic. For example, when he extended the chain that binds my ankles to the length of the mansion.
“Yes, long time no see.”
We greeted each other warmly as if there was no gap. To be honest, I was the only one who smiled warmly.
“I missed you.”
“What? Do you want to see me die by my master?”
“Hey, you won’t die.”
I shrugged my shoulders.
“I have put your master to sleep.”
Marshmel made a tired expression.
“You dear to do that. To Cheser.”
“Dear? You mean dare.”
“Yes Yes. Dear.”
Both me and Marshmel have a relaxed expression on our faces, but I’m sure we both know. A thick layer of tension beneath the water. Marshmel let out a low sigh. I called such a marshmel.
“So you came to catch me?”
Marshmel shook his head.
“I think I heard such a similar order.”
Then he murmured without looking at me.
“I couldn’t hear the exact order.”
So, it meant that he was going to close his eyes. I don’t know if he was going to let me pass or if he was letting me out.
“Then I need something over there, can you go? I’m busy right now.”
“Miss, you haven’t changed.”
“Of course. How can people change easily?”
As I opened the warehouse door, Marshmel’s wand touched my shoulder.
“Lady, did you receive the letter I sent you?”
“What? I never received anything like that.”
Marshmel frowned slightly. He gently shook his little head.
“Oh no. I’ve asked Marquis Valtaze. This man.”
“That’s why you should have been better.”
I smiled and entered the warehouse. Strict surveillance magic and high-level multi-trap magic were applied to the warehouse, but I was an exception. Because Chaser made Marshmel modify this magic and made me unaffected.
It wasn’t difficult to get the emperor’s tiara out of the warehouse where I knew the way well. When I came out holding the tiara, Marshmel was standing leaning against the long wand.
“You haven’t gone yet?”
“What, what’s with those eyes like seeing a stray dog.”
“No, I didn’t see it that way.”
I smiled and waved what I was holding from my hand.
Seeing the emperor’s tiara, Marshmel’s eyes widened.
“Miss, are you going to enter Kambrakam?”
“What? Yes.”
“You want to go home?”
What is this all of a sudden? I tilted my head, but nodded. And I noticed.
“Did you know Marshmel? About my identity.”
“Somehow, from the beginning, you have been hard on me, even as the Miss. You knew I was fake.”
“I treat everyone that way.”
“Don’t brag.”
Marshmel ran a small hand over his head. It was a complicated and awkward expression.
“It’s black magic that saved a body that had lost its soul.”
So it sounds like he knows. Well, he is Chaser’s closest aide, so it might be strange if he doesn’t know. Of course, I thought that he would have known it all by himself. He was amazing.
“Brother seem to believe in Marshmel.”
“The Master must believe in my desperation. I want to go back to my original body.”
An unsuitable adultness passes by with a face like a small child.
“Yes, I can’t help you, Miss.”
As much as I was attached to him, so was this little warlock. That’s why this mansion is so big and there are no people… It was a lonely place.
“But the Master said, if you’re in danger, I’ll tell you to go to a safe place.”
Marshmel wants to return to his original body, so he can’t betray Chaser.
“It looks like the 2nd Battalion Knights will come to this place? It will move you away from the threat.”
“Yes. Sure.”
I smiled and nodded. I was heartbroken for some reason.
“Thank you.”
After a wide smile, Marshmel’s face disappeared.
When I opened my eyes, I saw a familiar grassy forest. It was the back garden of the mansion.
It was also the place I visited when I first escaped from the mansion a long time ago.
‘Where should I go from here?’
Ricdorian was waiting for every door that could be exited. Time was running out, so I had to get out. With sweaty hands holding the crown from slipping, I lifted up my skirt and tied it up. Then, walking slowly, I untied the things that had adorned my hair. It was done to match Chaser’s taste.
Jewels disappearing through the grass, suddenly I was wearing only one light dress. As I walked, the road split in both directions.
‘Which way should I go?’
As I was thinking, I heard footsteps behind me. The sound of footsteps running in a hurry, at this moment, was never a pleasant sound to me.
“Is it here?”
“Look for it!”
Miss, Miss! I don’t know how they noticed it so quickly, but the 2nd Battalion Knights were looking for me. I looked back with a bewildered look and then quickly looked back at the road. What to do? I think this will be a very important choice. It was when I bit my lip.
A long arrow hit the ground. I almost screamed in surprise, but managed to cover my lips.
“Did you hear a strange noise over there?”
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“It’s an arrow. Crazy! Who shot the arrow? If she gets hurt……. Come on run!”
The sound of footsteps approaching stopped, and soon the sound of moving away was heard.
I then exhaled. At the same time, someone gently grabbed my shoulder.
“That way.”
It was a familiar voice. The main character with a soft voice is…….
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