Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 205

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Lenag’s house was large and elegant. The necessities of each space were properly arranged and in harmony.
Like Hernim, which is large but has a strong feeling of emptiness, this is also large and elegant, but it’s the opposite of Domulit, which has a bloody and tense feeling.
‘It feels like a real home.’
I looked up at the ceiling with a little curious mind.
As you know, Lenag’s occupation is the prison’s manager. As his workplace is a prison, his house should probably be the most bleak, but it felt quite strange that the opposite was actually the case. Rather, it was the most homely feeling among castles and mansions I had ever seen.
After resting in the room he showed me, half a day had passed and it was now evening.
“Did you like the meal?”
I slept for a little while, so dinner was held a bit late.
“Yes. It was very tasty.”
I’m not particularly picky about meals. Nevertheless, I mimicked using a knife in the air, showing that it was delicious.
“I especially liked the grilled food. Oh, the stew too.”
It really was. I could live even by eating things that weren’t quite my favorite, but the ones I ate here were also very delicious. This is a world where magic has developed altogether, so you can eat food hot as if it was freshly made anytime, anywhere.
“I am glad that you liked it.”
Lenag put down the teacup from the other side.
“I’m usually not picky about it, but it was delicious. Really.”
We were having a cup of tea in the parlor after dinner.
“I see. I’m glad the pleasure of making it myself had paid off.”
The next moment I paused at Lenag’s words. I almost forgot the teacup. I quickly set the cup away and raised my head.
“Did you make it yourself?”
As I asked bewilderedly, he only replied calmly.
“Uh…. You are good at cooking.”
Ordinarily, how did noble men know how to cook? No, they don’t. Even if I lack common sense, it was by no means common. My face hardened a little. I think I ate a more valuable meal than I thought.
“I didn’t mean to say that you should be burdened.”
“Ah. No. That’s not it. I think I ate a more valuable meal than I thought.”
I rubbed my cheek with my index finger and rolled my eyes.
“Then I have to say thank you even more. I don’t think anyone is able to eat it.”
“That… That’s right.”
“Because it was a meal for just one person.”
I was speechless and rolled my eyes. Looking at Lenag’s face, it seems that what he said was 100% pure, selfless sincerity. He didn’t even have a face to wish for anything, so I got even more troubled.
I opened my lips as casually as possible.
“I’m just asking, just in case. Did I say that I like a family man before?”
I wondered if this was also what ‘Iana’ left behind. Lenag shook his head.
“You don’t, though. If you like a family man, I’d be happy to….”
“No, no. That’s not what I mean.”
“Do you not like it?”
“No, I was going to say ‘hoo, it’s a good thing’. I didn’t mean to ask like that.”
“I’m sure you’ve never said that before, but… You said something similar.”
Lenag grabbed his chin and nodded his head slightly.
“It was a passing word, so you may not remember it.”
Of course, he paused a moment at those words. So that means … In other words, he started cooking with just one passing word?
“You said a long time ago that delicious food is good.”
“… It’s delicious, because everyone likes it.”
“You also said that you want to try something made by someone you love.”
That seems fine to me too. Coincidentally, I thought that ‘Iana’ and my taste overlapped in some way.
I was speechless and looked over his shoulder. Then, he stroked his face for a long time. A small sigh escaped.
“Thinking about it.”
I grabbed the teacup handle and let it go.
“I have never returned it properly after receiving all the favors.”
“No. I don’t think so.”
Lenag put his hand to his chest.
“It’s a favor that I gave because I liked you.”
This man had a knack for lightening the hearts of other people. And sometimes this makes people’s hearts heavier. Ironically, that is.
“Are we going back tomorrow?”
“For now, we’ll do that.”
Lenag removed his hand from his chest, grabbed the teacup slightly, and set it aside.
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“Oh, and the contact.”
The contact would mean it’s a call to Ricdorian, to Hernim’s side.
“I will try to contact them tomorrow.”
“Ah yes.”
I thought he already did. He hasn’t done it yet? I tilted my head.
Lenag showed some jewels in front of me. Precisely, it was a jewel-encrusted necklace, with the central jewel gleaming as if on fire. He said this is a communication device. It can communicate from far away.
“… this light is continuously shining?”
“Maybe it’s a call from Hernim.”
Lenag said softly.
“I’m getting calls like crazy, but I’m not receiving them.”
“Ahaha, yes.”
I don’t think it’s something to say so softly. I just smiled while thinking about it.
“Since I have already joined hands with the White Rose, he would have expected Miss Iana to be here by now.”
“Um, that’s right.”
“If it wasn’t for that, I would have heard the news that a huge number of soldiers were gathered in front of the Domulit Mansion.”
If I hadn’t been able to get out, it sounds like there would have been a war. I laughed awkwardly. They don’t have to be this unconditional.
“Maybe he might be busy rushing right now.”
Lenag’s long finger tapped the handle of his cup.
“If they don’t know the coordinates, they won’t be able to use movement magic.”
He narrowed his eyes. It was as if he was judging the situation.
“He might be running on horseback.”
Likewise, I had the same thought. If it was Ricdorian, I had a feeling that he would come running somehow. So I didn’t forcefully insist on contacting him. Because I thought I’d see him again tomorrow at the earliest. Maybe he knows too.
Nevertheless, Lenag smiled.
“And by the time the Grand Duke arrives here, I would like to move Miss Iana.”
It was a soft voice like the spring breeze, but the meaning it contained was not.
“… What? Where?”
“To Hernim’s castle.”
“You are mean.”
“Please allow this level of meanness.”
He lowered his head as he lifted the teacup, his face softened.
“I won’t put you at risk.”
“Umm. I think you’ve chosen the wrong target for retaliation…. Aren’t you supposed to do it for me?”
“No. It was a good choice.”
If that’s the case, I don’t have anything to say. I felt sorry for Ricdorian, but for a day or so, I decided to let Lenag’s grumpy attitude slide. Because I owed Lenag a lot.
After drinking tea, we moved from the tea table to the sofa. Since there was no attendant in the room at all, Lenag showed this strange appearance of clearing the table himself.
Perhaps he was comfortable to clean up by himself due to his personality.
He said that he had grown accustomed to it due to the fact that he does not have a separate servant in Kambrakam. I leaned my head on the sofa and closed my eyes after watching him put away the items. I slept for a while as soon as I came here, but I was still tired. It’s because I haven’t slept well while in Domulit.
‘I should have taken the chance.’
Maybe it’s because the tension has been relieved, so the sleepiness keeps pouring out without a hitch.
I think I closed my eyes for a while. How long was it?
It felt like something was moving in front of me. Without realizing it, I opened my eyes. And a hand stopped in front of me. Lenag’s hand was floating in the air.
“Ung, Lenag?”
I rubbed my eyes and straightened my neck. I slept in an uncomfortable position and my neck was stiff. When I opened my eyes again, Lenag was standing there with a lost face, not knowing what to do. His hand was still hovering in the air.
He was probably trying to reach out to me.
Lenag was startled and pulled his hand back. He looked perplexed, as if he didn’t intend to.
“I thought you were sleeping in an uncomfortable position, so I kept calling you…. You didn’t wake up.”
“Ah. Were you trying to wake me up? It’s okay.”
I reached out and patted his arm. Then I tapped the seat next to me. He held his breath and sat down next to me.
I glanced at the elegant figure and opened my mouth.
“I think I said that a while ago.”
I thought for some reason, I might not ever have time to talk so quietly and calmly with Lenag in the future again. So, I had to say what I had to say in this moment.
“Is there anything you want from me?”
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The eyes of different colors crossed in the calming silence. His golden eyes blinked slowly as if embracing the Yellow Rose. He was a calm and neat man, with sharp eyes and even a surprised look.
“I can listen to it now.”
“… anything?”
A man who had been extremely reluctant until a while ago quietly asked back.
“Really, can you listen to anything?”
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