Novel Name : I Met the Male Lead in Prison

I Met the Male Lead in Prison - Chapter 208

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I could not help but panic. Since when can he choose only such pretty words? This guy? The guy who barked all the time.
Maybe I still haven’t completely recovered from his afterimage as a child. I naturally touched his cheek with a smile.
But as he strode forward for a moment, I was startled and quickly grabbed Ricdorian’s neck. Ricdorian just walked over and put me down on the desk.
Then, without a moment to ask a question, his lips dug into my lips. I blinked in surprise and grabbed the hem of his robe. Then, his hand dipped into my waist in anticipation. I hurriedly put one hand behind my back. While holding out so as not to end up lying down like this, he did not miss a chance and untied the ribbon.
No, wait, it’s too intense from the start…….
Ricdorian lifted his lip for a moment, and slowly stroked his lips with his tongue. His red lips and crimson tongue looked odd.
“You said we could do it anytime, didn’t you?”
…… He’s still missing the idea. I rolled my eyes in embarrassment just before this continued. It’s not that I don’t want to……. The problem was that he and I weren’t the only ones in this room.
“Oh my God, what an eyesore.”
I heard a familiar voice.
“Right, Callisto?”
Because there was Francia, who crossed her arms over Ricdorian’s shoulder and stared at him in an absurd way.
“Should I kill him?”
Kyaang! Kyaaoong!
“You think he’s an eyesore too? Good.”
Francia raised her pouty lips.
“Go, headbutt him.”
She is going to ram that perverted Grand Duke. A murmur. As I watched the reaction of another similarly unusual person, Lenag, I swept my face. That’s probably because, in Lenag’s hand, Azur suddenly showed up in a fairly large form.
I let out a low sigh, covering Ricdorian’s lips with my hand.
This is a mess.
It was a long time later that the noisy parlor room was dealt with. As I was almost unintentionally going to watch the guardian deities of the Roses’ great war, I felt exhausted without doing anything.
I know there was no fatigue in doing movement magic, so this fatigue was due to the scenery in front of me.
– Nyan. What’s wrong, human?
I turned my head and looked to my side.
‘It’s because of you.’
I hit Pudding’s head gently.
– Nyan, what did this body do?
What did you do? This 3-year-old guardian deity was the first to jump in, saying that it was important to not miss the fight over me a while ago. No, this guardian deity and the rose were so similar that they made the first provocation and attacked first. Thanks to that, my only word to summarize the situation five minutes before was ‘a mess’.
{“Everyone fight here, I’ll go to my room.”}
I was just looking at them indifferently but then everyone became quiet at the small words I threw out.
And now this was the situation.
“As you all can see. The Empress’ tiara was brought safely.”
Given the circumstances, the Empress’ tiara was still on my head. As I was about to take it off, Francia jumped up.
“Ack, Sister, don’t take it off! I mean, it suits you well. Totally belongs to Sister!”
Francia spoke loudly with a snort.
“Whether it suits me or not…… I have to return this.”
“Can you use it until you return it?”
“You can do that!”
Francia clapped as she spoke to herself. Then she strode over and even corrected the crooked crown.
“Suits you well.”
“Uh……. thank you.”
How can I say no to such a dazzling eye? Thinking about it, I nodded my head.
“Everyone thinks so, right?”
Then, I turned my head, and saw Lenag’s eyes, and he also opened his lips with a serious face.
“Suits you.”
“Ah, thank…… you?”
Then he heard me and turned his head shyly. I wondered what the situation was. At first, I wanted them to continue the story.
“So, let’s pass this on to the Empress, and achieve our desired goal.”
Our goal is to enter Kambrakam. The Empress’s request for this has been successfully carried out.
“Should I run straight to the imperial palace?”
“You won’t have to, Iana.”
Said Ricdorian, who was silent.
“If it’s a conversation, we can talk right away.”
He said there was this. The imperial family handed him a magic tool so he could communicate at any time. The beads enchanted with communication magic allowed him to talk to the Empress whenever he wanted. With the master of the empire.
‘Come to think of it, he was the Grand Duke.’
It felt anew that Ricdorian’s position was real. First of all, it is late today, so we decided to contact the imperial family immediately tomorrow morning. The Empress seemed to be sleeping earlier than it seemed.
It was late at night when Ricdorian returned to Hernim Castle. From here to Marquisate Valtaize takes four days to a week at a normal speed, so it was proof of how fast he was going. When we were about to finish the matter one by one, including plans for the future,
Something suddenly came to my mind.
“By the way, Lenag. I have one question for you.”
Lenag, who was organizing the map in front of him, raised his head. He had just described the shortest distance to Kambracam a little while ago.
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“What is it? Ask me anything.”
“Ah, it’s nothing. Have you ever received a letter from the warlock of Domulit?”
I said this and added one more word.
“His name is Marshmel.”
Then Lenag flinched. I could guess his face.
{Miss, why didn’t you receive the letter I sent you?}
Marshmel obviously wrote me a letter. From what I heard, it seems that Lenag couldn’t deliver it to me.
{Oh. I’ve asked Marquize Valtaize.}
It’s not something I can’t understand. Lenag thought he was the only one on my side, and Marshmel was Chaser’s closest aide, so he would have been naturally wary. He probably didn’t know about Marshmel’s relationship with me.
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to intercept it.”
Lenag said, bewilderedly. He said that he tried to hand it over after confirming the safety through a separate verification.
“However, the moment I saw Miss Iana’s face, I was so happy that I forgot everything…….”
“No. I didn’t mean to blame you.”
Fortunately, Lenag had the letter with him, and I was able to receive it. Naturally, instead of separating, the meeting continued a little longer. I opened the letter in front of the roses.
[“For the first time in my life, I wrote a letter to the Miss. How ridiculous. It’s the end of the world. The end of the world.”]
I burst into a small laugh at the complaint that replaced the opening greeting. Unlike the crooked childish handwriting, the disproportionately adult-like words were just ridiculous.
But soon the smile faded from my lips.
Perhaps they found this strange, there were calls from Ricdorian and Francia. But I couldn’t take my eyes off the letter.
My hands trembled slightly.
To summarize the contents of the letter……. It was like this.
[“You asked about the powers of the Blue Rose before, right? Miss, let me tell you. There are no records of the Blue Rose anywhere in the Empire.
Except in one place, Domulit.”]
Obviously, the Empress promised that if we brought the Empress’ tiara, she would not only allow us to go to Kambrakam, but she would also allow us to read information about the Blue Rose.
But isn’t this different from those words?
No. Apart from this……. The letter was filled with shocking stories one after another.
[“Miss, until you wake up on that body. How do you think the black magic that made your body come to life was fixed?”]
I don’t know much about magic.
So even if I don’t know much about magic, I can read this letter properly because he wrote it clearly.
[“It’s the power of the Black Rose.
The Black Rose’s brainwashing remains in the Miss’ body. It was trying to fix the black magic.”]
Chaser’s power is brainwashing. Isn’t that the power to control people unconsciously?
[“Didn’t you keep thinking that you wanted to go back to Domulit? If that was the case, it was still in your body.”]
Without realizing it, I gripped the letter tightly.
[“Miss, if you want to get rid of this. And if you want to use the power of the Blue Rose properly. There is only one thing you have to do.”]
The letter was telling me one thing.
[“Find the guardian deity of the blue rose.”]
I put down the letter.
Somehow, I thought it was a little strange to see him sending me so innocently. As I recalled Chaser’s face the last time I saw him, I let out a dejected smile.
Of course, that doesn’t mean it was forced. Like a man who lived his life as a villain, he made the last bastion until the very end.
The guardian deity of the Blue Rose.
{Aren’t you curious about the guardian deity of the blue rose?}
The words written in the letter Chaser sent.
{I’m just waiting for the day I’ll give it back to you.}
The words in his letter overlap with Marshmel’s letter in front of me.
[“To my dear disciple and to my sin. This is my last kindness to you.”]
The little warlock who spent many years with me. My teacher and close friend left a last favor.
[“Remember it. The Rose and the guardian deity are very closely connected. You must have felt it. You just haven’t figured it out yet.”]
As I read this far, the letter fell from my hand. Everyone seemed to be looking at it in surprise, but there was no time to look back.
I hurriedly opened the door to the terrace and grabbed the railing. And I stretched out my upper body as if I was about to fall.
After a while.
A faint sound was heard. Why haven’t I heard of it?
My shoulders trembled.
‘It’s you.’
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The sound of what I thought was faint, changed. A similar voice like singing a song. The sound was getting louder and louder as it was happy to reach me now.
In a very uplifting mood.
This voice was loud, grand, sweet, as if echoing in the water…… Yet very warm. My hand holding the terrace turned white. I knew instinctively. The sound I hear now is the voice of the guardian deity.
Finally, what Chaser said passes by.
{Remember. The Cathedral of Cantala, Iana.}
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